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Delightful and Drop Humorous! Heck, I'm With Her!
dinnerbuddy20 September 2005
Unfortunately, this show was not picked up. I am probably one of the few that found it entertaining and overly humorous. I'm With Her is based upon the director's own relationship with Brooke Shields. When I found out that the show wasn't picked up for the second season... well, I was somewhat upset. It has a wonderful plot, gets you out of your chair, it's drop HILARIOUS, and the acting is wonderful. Being a huge fan of the ever-famous Gilmore G girls, "Christopher" (in terms of GG fanatics)-or in the show, his name is Patrick - is just an average-ordinary school teacher getting bit by the love bug of the famous actress "Alex". The two most hilarious of the whole concept is definitely Cherie and Stevie... who are obviously perfect for one another. The headcase, man hat er, sister of Alex - Cherie and the surferdude best friend, Stevie. What could be better? The two make the show funny and slightly unbelievable, but hey! That's what makes a good comedy, doesn't it? The whole plot may not seem to be all that I'm racking it up to be, but I love it. The last episode made me cry, and the first episode made me laugh. I'm attached to it, and so far, so forth - I'm disappointed it didn't make the second season. I thought it was fairly well acted and intensely humorous. It depends what kind of person you are. If you like idiotic, funny, unbelievable plot - hey, this show's for you. But if you're looking for something more surreal and more drama - watch The Real World.
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Darling New Comedy with a Brilliant Cast
ImHeaded4Hollywood10 September 2003
This last weekend I was able to go to the ABC Primetime Preview Weekend. I was able to be one of the first few people to view the pilot of this show. My friends and I were part of the 'preview audience' you always hear about. I found this show to be so appealing in more ways than one. Of course it is just darling, based on the true love story of one of my favorite actresses, but it has that certain spark and charm that doesn't come along so often anymore.

Teri Polo and David Sutcliffe are darling as the leads, your heart actually flutters and breaks along with thiers, where Rhea Seehorn and Danny Comden are hilarious as the sister and best friend of the two.

As far as script/plot goes - it seemed pretty flawless. Hardly any over the top cheezy or dull moments. I can't wait to see more of this show and follow the hilarious journey they have set up for their audiences.

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This is a great romantic comedy.
me_I_me17 January 2006
I'm With Her is a light romantic comedy that will have you laughing start to finish with every episode you watch. The quirky twists and jokes will keep you on your toes and is a great mood lifter for those rainy days. I'm With Her follows the romantic journey of Alex Young a successful movie star and Patrick Owen a public high school teacher as they try to make their relationship work.

The chemistry between Alex Young played by Teri Polo and Patrick Owen played by David Sutcliffe will leave you with a warm bubbly feeling in your stomach. The delightful antics of Patrick's best friend Stevie Hanson played by Danny Comden will have you rolling in stitches. Rhea Seehorn who plays Alex Young's sister Cheri Baldzikowski is both a source of light comic relief with her sarcastic wit and sour comments she is bound to keep you entertained for hours of fun.
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Great show!
Enchorde3 October 2004
Celebrity actress Alex Young runs into English teacher Patrick Owen and her dog bite him. This is how the relationship starts out, but they soon find out that a relationship between a celebrity and a "normal" person can have some (comic) problems...

This is a great show. It actually manages to be funny and make jokes about a relationship without becoming embarrassing or lame. What make it great is good writers that manages to keep a funny story going and the cast and characters. Teri Polo is great as Alex Young, David Sutcliff just as good as Patrick Owen. But the best are Rhea Seehorn as Alex's sister Cheri and Danny Comden as Patrick's friend Stevie. They add a unique air of comedy. Sure, they are dependent of the main characters but it is they that raise the level above good to great. The humor in the show also dares to be a little mean without being disrespectful, which is rare.

So, I hear that the show has been canceled after only one season (with a most unsatisfying ending). First I hope I heard wrong, but I don't think so. Then I can only hope that anyone with the power to make a new decision changes his/her mind and gives this show another chance. It really deserves it! It really had something going...

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And She's With Stupid
Bolesroor7 July 2004
This is probably one of the better situation comedies on the air today. Can an average guy find love with a beautiful movie star? How the hell should I know?

But seriously, this is a decent show with some likable actors. Teri Polo is sweet (although not always funny) and the lead guy... well, he's forgettable. I'm not thrilled with the best friends who are unfortunately written as pure cliches. (Cherie eats Haagen-Dazs and whines about loser men, Stevie is looking to Score and starts every sentence with the word "Dude")

One thing this show can lose is the LaughMaster 3000 laugh-track machine. It's too much, it's too loud, and it only serves to underscore the worst of the writing instead of the best. Let them breathe...
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It's a great show
jprice-423 September 2003
The program is about a high school teacher who meets a famous actress and falls in love.

It can be seen on ABC-TV Tuesdays 8:30/7:30 Central (right after "8 Simple Rules") and has a wonderful cast.

It's a great show.

I give it 5 out of 5.
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One of the best new comedies this fall
bob.c4 November 2003
The show makes me laugh. I wish the directors knew that they could do with a lot less canned laughter. And I wondered what kind of razor Patrick uses. His facial hair always seems to be the same length. This has got to be one of the best new comedies this year. I hope it doesn't get cut, I'd sure like to see where they are going with it. I'll give it an 8 whether or not Patrick shaves.
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I'm in
Secretsauce200024 September 2003
Just saw the pilot last night and I thought it was great. This show has all the right ingredients: a love story at the heart of the show and some hilarious comedy

played by the best friend and sister. When Stevie licks the phone, I nearly wet my pants. Count me in!!!
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An absolute ABC classic!
Catherine_Grace_Zeh14 August 2008
"I'M WITH HER," in my opinion, is an absolute ABC classic! I haven't seen every episode, but I still enjoyed it. It's hard to say which episode was my favorite. However, I think it was always funny when a mishap occurred. I always laughed at that. In addition, I really loved the theme song. Despite the fact that it was a short-lived series, it was nice that all of the main characters had stayed with the show throughout its entire run. It seems that no one stays with a show throughout its entire run. Everyone always gave a good performance, the production design was spectacular, the costumes were well-designed, and the writing was always very strong. In conclusion, I hope someone brings it back on the air for fans of the show to see.
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weak relationship chemistry
SnoopyStyle28 August 2013
Alexandra Young (Teri Polo) is a famous movie star. Her dog bites regular guy Patrick Owen (David Sutcliffe). They fall head over heals for each other, and have to deal with all the repercussions. All of a sudden, he's a star in his students' eyes. Cheri Young (Rhea Seehorn) is her smart-mouthed sister/assistant.

The show is not that special. The relationship's chemistry is relatively weak. They basically fall too quickly and developed little heat. The best is Seehorn. She's really funny. This lasted only one season and wasn't renewed. It wasn't that surprising.
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You weren't for long
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews1 November 2009
Patrick Owen(played by David Sutcliffe, who I can't claim to have seen in anything else, but he does fine here), a teacher in high school, meets a Hollywood name - the fictional Alex Young(Teri Polo, charming as always) - in a coffee shop, and they start having a relationship. However, can he handle the pressure that comes with dating an A-list actress? It's really too bad this didn't last longer. The cast is pretty good, and play off each other well, if a lot of the characters are kind of one-note and predictable. This has reasonable humor, as well, if they repeat the same type of jokes a little much. It does go for the occasional risqué bit, and most of it centers on, obviously, the glamorous life of being, or being with, a big celebrity. The acting is average or slightly above. Plots aren't bad, and this does manage to squeeze in most of the usual sit-com stories, and in just the one season that it got. This has a couple of cool guest stars. While not perfect, this has its moments and is certainly a cute romantic comedy. I recommend this to any fans of such. 6/10
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Naive but funny.
insomniac_rod4 February 2007
Another sitcom wandering in the graveyard of short term sitcoms. It lasted only for one season but it had potential to last for more, believe me. The premise of the show was pretty good and easy to get hooked in. The problems of a charming Hollywood star trying to have a normal life. Well you don't get that very often in a sitcom. Teri Polo is a huge star that tries to have a normal boyfriend, experience casual situations, live normal, etc. But her fame and fortune keep her away from a normal life.

The situations were funny but naive at some points. The jokes were very funny but lacked of an edge and more raunchy humor. There were minimal sex related jokes or double sense but still, this show was tender.

Teri Polo was perfectly cast as Alex Young. She's charming, beautiful, elegant. David Sutcliffe was very convincing as the teacher who had the relationship with the major t.v. star. Rhea Seehorn is an unconventional but sexy beauty and delivered a funny and hysterical performance. Danny Comden was very funny as Patrick's obsessed with money friend. He wanted the fame his best friend didn't care about.

Overall this was an entertaining show that suited perfect for an audience who does not cares that much about sex jokes or scatological humor.
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Secretsauce200013 October 2003
I think this show is great. I especially like the supporting cast of Stevie and Cheri. The two of them are hilarious. While I do enjoy the relationship between Patrick and Alex, I really hope the writers are going to start to write more for Stevie and Cheri. I think they are the most colorful part of the show.
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It was good in the beginning
critical-escapist31 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I started watching this show from the start. I loved the supporting characters, Stevie and Cheryl. I wasn't really focused on the two main characters (Alex and Patrick). The plot is up there, on top of this page, so there's not need to explain it. It's your typical romance/comedy on television. I loved this show until, well, Alex and Patrick started having sex, which I found extremely disturbing. It was a sweet show that sort of become stupid. Their plot lines drowned to sexual things besides sweet things and I was really expecting sweet! That bothered me and I wasn't surprised how it didn't come back for a season 2. I liked the actors and the things they started with, but no show's perfect.
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