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Sex & Nudity

  • There is some suggestive dialogue exchanged between the various characters, as well as suggestive gestures and acts such as kissing.
  • A female character is frequently depicted in suggestive attire, and players can find magazines and posters hidden in the environment with images of women in bikini attire posing.
  • One of the 'R' button options in a cutscene is to zoom in on a female character's bra, exposing cleavage.
  • The main villain tells a female character that she could "entertain" him until the rain stops, with the context implying sex.
  • The main villain grabs the protagonist's crotch twice to verify his identity, as the latter had disguised himself as a person who was strongly implied to be a gay lover. The villain is likewise shown to be bisexual.
  • An optional radio conversation will also have the female character comment on the magazine weapon should the player have it in their possession in their (confiscated) backpack upon escaping prison, also referring to it sarcastically as a "fine piece of literature", to the protagonist's embarrassment.

Violence & Gore

  • Players are encouraged to avoid combat whenever possible, either by taking out guards without being spotted or figuring out a way to pass by them unnoticed.
  • It is also possible to take out guards without killing them, as players can knock them unconscious with close-quarters combat or stun grenades, or put them to sleep with tranquilizer weapons. However, the player also has a number of lethal weapons and tactics at their disposal.
  • Enemies can be shot with a variety of guns in different parts of the body, with varying reactions. Enemies shot in the leg or arm will have a harder time using their wounded limb; enemies shot non-fatally in the chest will limp; enemies shot in the head or groin will die instantly.
  • When enemies are shot, they will splatter blood on their surroundings, and blood stains will appear on their uniforms. At close range, players can use a knife to stab enemies, or take them captive and slit their throats, snap their necks, or use them as human shields so the player can shoot their comrades with a handgun. It is possible to turn off the blood displays in the game from the options menu.
  • Even if the player does not engage in combat, in-game cutscenes depict characters being shot and stabbed, and one part of the game features characters being tortured. The player must also heal his own wounds, with descriptions and occasionally short cutscenes displaying Snake treating his own burns, cuts, gunshot wounds and broken bones.


  • Uses words like "damn" and "hell." "Bitch" is used once or twice. "Whore" is used only once. Also, one of the characters, Sigint, uses a few words relating to fecal matter to describe his nightmare (exactly one use of "Crap", three uses of "Turd" and two uses of "Shit" [three counting his bad use of an analogy to describe planning a way to escape.].)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Snake always carries a cigar, although it has a medicinal use (removing leeches) and is described as dangerous and habit forming; equipping it steadily drains the player's life.
  • The player can find and use a number of medicinal drugs and plants to heal themselves.
  • The player can eat mushrooms to recover stamina; most are ordinary mushrooms, but some are poisonous and one particular type will cause the player to pass out if they eat it.
  • In one scene Snake encounters a character who is severely drunk.
  • One radio conversation has them briefly talking about hangovers and drinking alcohol, to which one of the characters jokes that she is drinking on duty. The main character, upon the realization of it being a joke, laments that he needs a drink of alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a part where Snake has to come to terms with all the people he has killed, and the ways he used to kill them (for example is he slit a person's throat, they will be in the area with their throat slit screaming). The more people he has killed, the more ghostly figures appear in front of him.
  • The villains in the game are violent and unpredictable. Some of the bosses have an intimidating and frightening appearance.
  • The ending is emotional.
  • Suggested MPAA rating-R for Violence including a brutal torture sequence and some sexuality


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • In the ending of the game, EVA and Snake kiss passionately and then the camera goes off, sex is implied.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • After Snake is caught and beaten up by Volgin, prior to Snake's torture scene, Sokolov is heard being tortured by Volgin, and after a few strikes and punches to Sokolov, a huge electrical discharge can be heard in the background, and following a few more additional strikes to Sokolov, it's implied that Volgin killed Sokolov, although it is not shown on-screen due to the screen being black, rather mainly heard. Tatyana can be heard crying in the background, witnessing the monstrous act Volgin committed.
  • In the torture scene, Snake is tied up and is punched and electrocuted constantly by Volgin, with Snake showing sheer signs of agony every time he is electrocuted. At one point during the Torture Scene, The Boss comes in and Volgin suggests her to cut his eyes out. The Boss then approaches Snake with a knife and as she is nearing the knife towards Snake's eye, she is stopped by Tatyana at the last second. Unfortunately, at the end, Ocelot notices suspicion that Tatyana is the supposed spy, so he taunts her by juggling revolvers, in which as he's about the fire the one loaded, Snake throws himself in front of Tatyana and ends up getting his eye shot out.
  • Blood is splattered all over the walls where the torture is taking place.
  • When Snake is exposed to Volgin after he figures out that he's Raikov in disguise, he proceeds to beat up Snake for "hurting Ivan" (referring to when Snake shoves Major Raikov into a locker after stealing his uniform) and knocks him out after a fury of electrical punches, ending with one huge punch. The atmosphere and the overall beatdown may be considered frightening and disturbing to some.
  • The Boss' death is depressing.

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