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MPAA Rated R for strong graphic violence, language and brief sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • When Shosanna meets Goebbels, he introduces his French translator. There is an unexpected flash to Goebbels and the translator having sex. Goebbels is braying like a horse. No nudity is seen, although it is implied the translator is nude
  • Besides the random flash that's mentioned above (which is very quick), there's really nothing at all.
  • Some mild references

Violence & Gore

  • Inside a jail cell, two nazi soldiers are shot by machine guns with blood spurts. Another nazi is shot and blown offscreen. One has his throat slit, we see his neck open and lots of blood spilling out.
  • Several nazis are shot up inside a car by machine guns, blood splatters all over the windshield.
  • Very frequent, when it appears it is usually extremely graphic, in-your-face, and often very disturbing. Examples include; throat slittings, scalpings, gunshots and other very gruesome moments. All the violence is extremely realistic, with no exaggerated blood spurts. However it is all disturbingly satisfying because most of the people getting killed are nazis.
  • An entire family is repeatedly shot to death while hiding under the floor. We don't see their bodies. A girl survives and runs away covered in blood crying
  • Several dead men are scalped by other men wielding large knives. These images are short, but graphic in detail.
  • A man beats a Nazi to death with a baseball bat until his head explodes. Although we see this from a distance it is very graphic. Afterwards a man is fatally shot in the back.
  • There is a brief scene where a man is shown being whipped. His back is bloody. In an earlier flashback, the same man is seen murdering Nazis by stabbing them to death, strangling them with a wire, and suffocating them. Very Graphic and Bloody.
  • A shootout occurs in a bar. Two men are shot at point blank range in the groin, blood spurts are visible. Many people die afterwards from gunshots and stabbings in this scene. Very bloody and fairly intense.
  • A character strangles another character to death. Very graphic.
  • A woman is shot in the leg, but survives. However, she is later interrogated by another man inserting his finger into the bloody bullet hole on her leg. There is lots of blood in this scene
  • A man is shot and killed, later his head is scalped, we see the bloody top of the mans skull. A man cuts a deep swastika into the forehead of a man, who yells in agony, blood can be seen streaming down from his forehead. This scene is extremely disturbing and graphic.
  • In another scene a woman shoots a guy in the back several times. the man then shoots her in the chest several times, we see lots of blood spurt out of her body and some is thrown onto the camera lens. Both end up being dead with bloody holes in their body and there is lots blood on the floor. A bloody and disturbing scene.


  • Some strong language
  • 22 uses of "fuck". 7 uses of "shit", 5 uses of "ass", 2 uses of "son of a bitch", 1 use of "bitch" and slut'. Also 5 uses "damn", 6 uses of "God damn", 3 uses of "hell", 4 uses of the word "negro", 2 uses of "balls", 4 uses of "bastards."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drinking and smoking throughout. Tobacco use indicates the time period.
  • A man inhales tobacco in a few scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Strong threat and gore
  • Many graphic scenes, but nothing the viewers (who aren't fainthearted) can take seriously within the context of the film.
  • There is a lot of bloody brutal violence.
  • Colonel Landa may be funny or frightening for some, depending on the viewer. The atitudes taken by the Basterds (like scalping or the swastika in the forehead) can be seen as intense and horrible, but it has a comedic tone. In one scene, he laughs hysterically, and the laugh is scary and sinister, but also quite funny, which sums up the character as a whole.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Dozens of people are trapped in a burning building and die from burning and being shot at close range with multiple blood spurts. Hitler is shot multiple times in the face until his face literally begins to shred apart. Very graphic but somehow unrealistic. At the end two men with dynamite tied to their legs explode, along with the the whole building and everyone else inside.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the very last scene of the film, Lt. Aldo Raine carves a swastika in Colonel Landa's forehead. You see him carving it in, and hear his screams. Probably the most disturbing and hard to watch scene.
  • Hitler is shot in a comedic way in the film, which may be intense for some viewers.

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