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Maybe likable for young girls
rbverhoef3 May 2005
'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen' comes as a disappointment from Lindsay Lohan after the very funny 'Freaky Friday' and 'Mean Girls'. Here she plays Mary, naming herself Lola, a girl who leaves New York, the city she loves, and moves to New Jersey with her mother and two little sisters. At her new school she becomes friends with Ella (Alison Pill), mainly because they both like the same rock band, Sid Arthur. Lola is a nice person but lies too much because she wants to be liked. She seems very sure of herself, but we understand that is only on the surface. Since the school is where most of the story takes place we need a villain, another good looking girl named Carla (Mega Fox). Parts of the story involve the bad Sid Arthur breaking up, a last concert they will give in New York and Lola and Ella trying to get in. Carla will be there since her father is the lawyer that represents Sid Arthur. Other parts involve a school play where Lola is cast for the leading role and Carla only for a small supporting role.

I am not sure why this film was made, but I guess to show Lohan dancing, singing, being arrogant, learning her lesson, have a happy ending, do some more dancing and some more singing. It felt more like a Hilary Duff film and I was not surprised to learn the part of Lola was in fact offered to her first. No offense to Duff, but Lohan is a much better actress and has proved that in films with scripts so much more intelligent than this one. This one fits in a line with Duff films like 'A Cinderella Story' or 'Raise Your Voice', films where you can enjoy the good looking lady but nothing else. I hope Lohan's next film will have the wit of a 'Mean Girls' again. I even have hard time believing young teenage girls will enjoy this one. There are some moments for them to be funny I guess, but most of the time it is not. Not for male adults, not for teenage girls.

I like Lindsay Lohan, a lot actually, therefore I was able to finish this film. She does the best she can, basically proving she is too good for material like this. Without her I would have hated this film completely. Since most people will not like Lohan as much as I do I can honestly say you will probably hate this film too.
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Entertaining and light hearted
lankedy1 September 2004
I myself am a teenager and took my 10 year old sister to see this movie. I won't say much as to not ruin the movie for those who have not seen it but i will give my opinion on the mood of the film and such.

If you want to see this, don't expect a deep and meaningful (or realistic) outlook on highschool life because it is your everyday teen/highschool comedy with the over-used storyline of new girl vs popular girl then new girl gets the guy and brings popular girl down.

On a better note, Lohan's character, "Lola" was an entertaining one and i enjoyed watching her over-exaggerated perspective of things. I must admit that the set up of Lola's room and the way their family lived and the clothes Lola wore were inspiring. I don't know if this is going to be the case for everyone (haha) but i know that point of the movie made it all worthwhile for me.

I'd recommend taking a younger sister/cousin/friend between about 6-12. Remember, sometimes we need a silly movie!
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Lindsay Lohan is the only good part
christian12314 November 2004
Lindsay Lohan plays Lola, a hip Greenwich Village teenager who moves to a new school in a Jersey suburb, where she faces Carla Santini, a girl claiming to be the most popular girl at her school, a title that Lola must have no matter what. After trying to nab the lead role in the school play, the competition between the two girls culminates at a sold-out concert by Lola's favorite band that Carla conveniently has tickets to see.

The previews made the film seem boring and for the most part it is. There's not really a story and it's hard to tell what the real intentions of the film are. There were a bunch of little stories but none of them really went anywhere. I know this film is directed towards teenage girls but they deserve better films than this. The movie was just so lame and unfunny. The whole clumsy girl act is really getting old and it wasn't really funny to begin with anyways. They were trying really hard for laughs and it just wasn't working. There were just a few small chuckles and that's it. The only reason why someone should watch this is because of Lindsay Lohan. She actually gives an entertaining performance and she saves the film from being really bad.

Sarah Sugarman does a terrible job at directing. She doesn't have one clear idea for a story, just a bunch of random scenes put together. It was pretty much just Lindsay Lohan running around all over the place. Lohan doesn't really get support from the rest of the cast since they all decide to phone in their performances. The film is also very unrealistic and it sends a bad message out to kids. For example, two thirteen (or fourteen) year old girls wouldn't go to a concert in New York and depend on a scalper to give them tickets. Then they have this scene where the two girls are in the bedroom of Sid Arthur having a pillow fight while there's a party (thrown by a rock star) going on downstairs. It was just completely stupid and unrealistic. The ending is also pretty bad since it randomly ends with Lohan kissing Sam even though they hardly focused on this romantic subplot. This film was just an uneven, unfunny mess. In the end, Lindsay Lohan is the only reason to watch this and it's really just for die hard fans. Rating 3/10
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Not funny and slightly annoying
SnoopyStyle3 August 2014
Mary Elizabeth Steppe (Lindsay Lohan) is moving out of NYC kicking and whining into Dellwood, New Jersey. She lives with her mother Karen (Glenne Headly) and her younger twin sisters. She idolizes rock band Sidarthur insisting everyone should call her Lola. She makes quick friend with outsider and fellow Sidarthur fan Ella Gerard (Alison Pill). She also makes quick enemy with mean girl Carla Santini (Megan Fox). They compete for the lead in school adaptation of Pygmalion and Lola gets the lead. Leader of Sidarthur Stu Wolf (Adam Garcia) is leaving the band and there is a farewell concert/party in the city. Carla's father is their lawyer and has connections. Lola lies about her connections. Lola and Ella sneak out to NYC and have themselves a crazy adventure.

This is all very superficial. Even as it calls out the superficiality of it all, it does so superficially. It's not smart enough to dig any deeper. It's all flashy, cutesy, and has the silly imagined sequences. It's a glitter-filled view of teen girl drama done badly. Everything is over-dramatized by Lola as indicated by the title which gets a little bit tiresome. It's just not that funny and slightly annoying.
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Fluff And Nonsense
movieratings0325 May 2006
CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN ** A lot of fluff and nonsense. It's about a spirited teen who moves from New York City to a dull suburb in New Jersey and faces difficulty when she enters into a new school. One of her pupils has the Most Popular Girl title that she strives to have (after all, she IS a Drama Queen!), so she takes the lead role in a school play to attain the title. The shallow screenplay is so full of holes one wonders how it managed to hold its own at the box office. Production designer Leslie MacDonald and costume designer David C. Robinson have a field day making this rather trivial production visually rich.
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I really thought the movie could have been better.
cadfile26 February 2004
"Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" is the story of Lola Cep, played by Lindsey Lohan, trying to fit into a new town and school after moving from New York. She wants to be an actress and she creates dramatic stories about her life and like some teen aged girls she gets over dramatic about the events happening around her. It is all part of her attempt to be more interesting.

I really thought the movie could have been better.

Lohan does a great job playing the "drama queen" and for the most part her character is believable.

Her new friend Ella, played by Alison Pill, is the nice rich girl while Carla, played by Megan Fox, is the nasty bitch rich girl and Lola's main nemesis.

I was in drama club in high school and those scenes did seem believable as the group is preparing for the school musical. In fact, one year, we had a freshman girl beat our the senior girl for the lead in our school play. That caused a lot of issues just like those shown in the film. Carol Kane's Miss Baggoli was a bit too loopy but my drama directors could be strange.

The problem was the story.

The main theme of the movie, as I saw it, was Lola building this fantasy world for her life, having it crash down as lie built upon lie does eventually, then comes redemption and she becomes a better person for it in the end. Lola learns she can be interesting just being herself.

That is a nice film in itself. Unfortunately, the filmmakers couldn't leave it alone and added an unneeded big city adventure for Lola and Ella. It is understandable since we need someway to have Lola's interesting fake life uncovered but it led to an unbelievable situation when she meets her rock star obsession. I kept expecting her and Ella to get into one zany scrape after another, but that didn't happen. If you are going to waste film shooting in the big city at least have something major happen.

The other issue was one of theme.

If the theme is that lying to make oneself interesting will bring retribution - in this case Lola's humiliation in front of her classmates, then the ending of the film didn't fit the theme. I guess it was just Disney's way of getting a happy ending but the stories Lola created were so huge it was not believable that she got what she wanted in the end. She turns out to be really no better than Carla, who gets what she wants because she thinks she deserves it.

Lola was far too lucky. A little realism would have been nice.

Lindsey Lohan showed a spark that could lead her to better roles. I really think that she could be a big star a few years from now. She shined in this movie and was by far the best part of it, bad script and all. I think years from now people will be saying "Hilary who?"

Personally I thought the most interesting supporting character was Calum Cep, Lola's dad, played by Tom McCamus. Those of us who watch sci-fi shows produced in Canada may know McCamus from his role as Mason Eckhart on the "Mutant X" television series.
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What a terrible, TERRIBLE movie.
PurplePanther29 May 2005
This is the saddest excuse for a film I have ever seen! What a piece of crap! This film has no plot at all. It can't decide if it's about a school play, two girls wanting to meet a rock star, or a teenager overcoming her urge to lie compulsively. I would have been more entertained watching a dog take a dump. This movie is utter garbage and should never see the light of day again. First off, the main character seems to be more of an antagonist than the real antagonist is. How is an audience member supposed to sympathize with a selfish, obsessive, ignorant liar? Lola goes throughout the movie doing nothing but complaining and lying while her only friend puts up with it. Carla, her enemy, is more likable than her. And that's the truth. The romantic interest is barely in the movie at all. It's like "Hey, you were in this movie for like ten minutes, right? What's your name again? Let's end the movie with us kissing". It's was idiotic. This is a comedy that isn't. Please do not waste your time or your money, this film is movie vomit.
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People are waiting to sparkle... I mean, puke
mooveeguy31 August 2004
This film is the embodiment of everything I hate. Loathe, hate, abhor, detest, and despise. It gives us the perspective of a vapid teenage girl we're supposed to like, pitted against the mean-spiritedness of her even more vapid, less likable, tormentor. An hour and a half of whining and cat-fighting is tidied up at film's end with a gesture as shallow as the fountain into which one of the characters falls. What could have been a good satire turns out to be a warm, fuzzy hug toward every grating detail of spoiled-brat life that should have been its target. The performances are almost uniformly terrible (Lohan should have played the rich snob, for starters), and the film's rock-musical adaptation of PYGMALION (yes, you read that correctly) is one of the more painful things I've ever had to sit through. This is the rare film that can be described as literally headache-inducing. It gives me new appreciation for THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE, which is a bad film, but whose star now looks like a beacon of modesty and talent compared to Lohan in this make-me-a-star-now vehicle. (1/10) (* out of ****) (Grade: F)
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Rokol9 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I wasn't really impressed by this movie; it's pretty much your standard teenage film. The plot revolves around a girl from New York City who moves to somewhere in Jersey and then attempts a new school. She is fan of a band who breaks up and they give a final concert with an after party.

Now without many spoilers I will summon up the plot for you real quick. Desperate to go to the concert she and her friend try all the teenage clichés and so many things we have seen before to get in. She finally meets her idol, the singer of the band and comments him on his alcohol addiction. We can all predict the outcome of the film from a mile away. There is also a subplot with a High School play. Where is trying to get the lead part.

The acting isn't impressive but I have seen worse. Lindsey Lohan played better in Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. Which were also better movies by the way.

In the end this is just another Disney high school movie, where popularity stands central and predictability is inevitable. Some people might enjoy this, but for the majority of the moviegoers this is a major let down. Grade 4/10
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Worth the Wait
v0dchey22 February 2004
Critics trashed the movie; but, then again, critics are probably mostly 40-year-old men, and I can see how people like that would not appreciate this film.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, all together, was a well-put film that truly entertained me (and just about everyone else in the theatre). No, I'm not a "tween," I'm a teen who appreciates well-written, well-cast, and well-acted films. This comedy had its moments that tickled my funny bone, and Lindsay Lohan (Lola) shined through brilliantly. While her performances constantly amaze me, I was baffled by how truly talented she was in this film; she captured her character like no other actress could. Besides being humorous, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen also managed to make me tear a little bit, as Lola's and Ella's friendship was shown. The story develops perfectly, and the cast is presented just as well.

All in all, I give this move a 9/10 (the small cartoon bits threw me off just a little)
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Strange and Unique....not in a good way
Writers_BlockUK23 January 2005
I watched this after seeing Lindsey Lohan in the better than average "Freaky Friday" and the brilliant "Mean Girls". my expectations were fairly high as i see Lindsey Lohan as the next big thing. But i was disappointed at this film OK, so it's a Disney film, so i couldn't expect a Mean Girls style of humour, or a Solid easy storyline, like that of Freaky Friday. but i at least expected a little more passion in the movie. The storyline was drab and very slim. there wasn't much to go apart from the Lola (Lindsey Lohan) characters dream of being a starlet. The plot was so weak, that absolutely anything could of happen, which isn't really a good thing. The acting, especially from Lindsey, was very amateurish. Linsey's character was so OTT that it looked as though she had ignored the director and decided to improvise her role. Alison Pill's role (Ella) was boring and lifeless, and i could see that she was upstaged by an over excited Lindsey. the sub characters were poorly written, especially the love interest Sam (Eli Marienthal), who is brilliant in "Tucker" and "American Pie", who is wasted and underused and also completely pointless to help push the story forwards. the only saving grace in characters was Adam Garcia as the drunken Rocker Stu. is utterly superb playing a drunken White stripes meets Keith Richards character. he lifts the film at one point. But He can't save this Turkey of a film. I would recommend this film to Lindsey Lohan fan's who like her music more than her acting and 10 year old girls.
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One of Lindsay's weaker films...
dovercourtnews11 April 2013
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen looks like a very over-produced film (every scene features loud bright colours, neon lights, heavy costume design..etc)and the scene where Lola and Carla (Megan Fox) are sitting in the auditorium features heavy blurring, thereby making the scene a tad jarring. I did think that Lohan, Garcia and Kane gave solid performances even if the latter two didn't get as much screen time.

The film is far from the worst ever made, but it is definitely one of Lohan's weaker films, especially compared to the likes of "Freaky Friday" and "Mean girls". I don't think the film is terrible per say just a little boring and very predictable. It was clearly a good children's book, just not compelling enough a story for filming. One for younger girls I'm afraid.
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Hindsight irony
djm206 June 2010
This is an OK teen flick and Lohan carries it decently enough on her talented shoulders. She is a movie star in the best of Hollywood traditions: multi-talented, photogenic (the Marilyn Monroe scene is striking) and underneath all that surface, a complicated personal life. The irony is not at all lost when Lohan's character, who finally gets her moments alone with the worshiped rock star, discovers that he is a drunk, says so out loud in repulsion. One wonders if a young teen boy, finding Lohan alone and inebriated in a bar booth would not make the same observation.

The saddest thing about these young, talented stars who sparkle so brightly in their youth and then set towards a trajectory that can only have them fall hard to the earth, is that it happens with such regularity and predictability. They take their talent and success for granted and, when it is lost, it usually is lost for good.

I hope Lohan finds a fan who is as honest with her and, as in this movie, as with the rock star, is touched and recovers her balance and stability and we, as audience, gain the benefits that her promise demonstrated in these bubble gum movies.
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Strangely Satisfying Cotton Candy Fluff
jenc9916 September 2004
I am a 31 year old mom on maternity leave who feels like she has seen every movie both new and old available on satellite in the last 3 months, and I have a 'confession' of my own to make: 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen' was one of the best movies I have seen during this past summer*. No, it's not high drama. No, there's no big stars (although after one viewing, we can all agree that Miss Lohan will be). But there is something strangely satisfying about this cotton candy fluff of a movie.

Of course, as mentioned, there's Lohan, a true triple threat: she can dance, she can sing, and, yes, she *can* act. Hey, do you see anyone else in her peer group not only pulling off this role, but SHINING in it--the girl practically GLOWS--the way Lohan does?! She's perfectly charming, but not syrup-y sick-y sweet, as I can imagine this character would have become in the hands of Mandy Moore or Hilary Duff. No, there's some kind of an 'edge' there with Lohan; nothing you can quite put your finger on, just 'star' power, I guess (and the 'killer bod', as we said back in my day, doesn't hurt either of course).

But it's not just Lohan. Every detail of the movie is 'flufftacular,' from the casting (notables: the 'dork' sidekick best friend, the cutie-patootie guy friend/crush, the rich-bitch popular girl, the wacky drama teacher) to the costumes (the high school girl's version of Sarah Jessica Parker's if-only-I-had-the-guts-to-wear-that wardrobe) to the soundtrack (Atomic Kitten, Simple Plan, Lillix, Wakefield, and tracks by Lohan herself that I guarantee you'll be humming). The movie is a sensory overload of eye and ear candy.

So, sure 'Confessions...' is 100% cotton candy fluff. But when fluff is done 100% spot-on, well, sorry all you movie 'snobs' out there, but, MMM,MMMMMM, it's fluff that eats like a meal!

* Just FYI, other stuff I've enjoyed this summer, in no particular order: Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and 2; 28 Days Later; Fubar; Laws of Attraction; The Butterfly Effect; Cabaret; 50 First Dates; Eurotrip; Mystic River; Girl with a Pearl Earring.
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A Touching, Funny Film with a Nice Message
mailtoluke11 December 2004
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is about nothing, and yes, it is about everything. The familiar dilemma of juggling one's dreams with the realities of school, family and self-esteem is there - but it is first & foremost about friendship, portrayed in a wonderful, natural way by Alison Pill (Ella) and Lindsay Lohan (Lola/Marie). The friendship portrayed by these two lead actors are as real as any I've seen on screen. I especially look forward to seeing Alison Pill (Pieces of April) in more first-run movies.

The movie has a fine cast, and first-rate performances in the supporting roles - Glenne Headley as the single mother, is understated but a steady, anchoring presence in the entire movie. Megan Fox is the stylish school queen-bee whose role is much more complex than on first impression. Carol Kane is hilarious as the overwrought drama teacher.

Because the script is based on a popular novel, the movie rewards the viewer who listens carefully as it has densely humorous script. There are subtle lines and touches which can be missed. One example of the original nature of this movie is the way the budding 'romantic interest' of Lola is treated as a true subplot. This movie is about friendship, not romance.

The director, Sara Sugarman, deserves a lot of the credit for adapting the book to the screen with imagination and playful flourishes which reflect the mindset of the lead character and don't get in the way of the movie. The characters come across as real people, with real lives. There is an overall loving attention to detail in editing, production design and the several subplots all have meaning and contribute to each other without contrivance.

This is an accomplished movie with a nice message which succeeds at many different levels. While under-appreciated during its original theatrical run, I predict it will stand the test of time.
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this movie teaches young girls...
MLDinTN20 January 2005
to lie and sneak around to get what they want. That is basically what Lola does and urges Ella to do in order to get to do things that her mom won't let her. I didn't think it was very cute, and it makes all the pretty girls at school out to be b*itches, and that includes Lohan's character, Lola. She really wasn't that nice and felt she had to brag to be popular in school. And it wasn't very funny. It felt very childish, almost like the target audience was 7 year old girls. You could definitely tell it was a Disney film. And to be aimed for young kids, they have Lola looking to be with a much older guy, and they have him drunk most of the time he's in the film. And they have Lola and her friend running around NY city be themselves. Those aren't exactly the things you want to show your 7 year old is the proper thing to do.

FINAL VERDICT: Not very good. Don't watch it if you are over 10.
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Somebody Needs to Confess
jimmylee-125 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Here's another one for my secondary category of movies: the movies you watch when you just had your teeth drilled so you can't laugh out loud or think too hard because of the Tylenol with codeine the dentist thankfully prescribed. Wait; even then, this movie would be stupid.

OK, credit to the writers taking the flip side to the nerd-in-the-new-school story. Lindsay Lohen, apparently applying herself to this one, manages to play the drama queen with flair, if not gusto (perhaps offering some insight into her personal psyche). Glenne Headly, who I'm ashamed to say I haven't noticed since Disney's overblown Dick Tracy, did a great job as the long-suffering, seen-it-all, mom, perfect for the movie. Allison Pill was great as Ella, although I'm not sure the character she played would have ever really stood up to Lola, regardless of circumstances. It was good to see Carol Kane on the screen - and Adam Garcia; up until HBO, I'm not sure we saw enough of him.

But even the cast members can't save this movie. The scenario is so very unlikely. Silly self-centered new girl changes name at school (really, how many high school teachers would cater to that whim?) and creates rivalry with reigning popular queen (like any new girl takes that first step. Even the biggest idiot on the planet professes undying love and Best Friends Forever with the most popular girl in school to get into the best parties). Meanwhile, artistic mommy continues to remain true to herself, selling enough pottery so each child can have a room in their home in the 'burbs (the suburbs are just riotous with successful potters). Daddy is a famous dog cartoonist, but apparently pays no alimony. Daughter pretends Daddy is dead instead of using Daddy's famous standing to gain in popularity (right, as if the normal new-to-town girl wouldn't be flashing the dog on day two).

Then, rock band leader meets silly spoiled girl (like that's going to happen) at the band's party (ditto) and, after a 15-minute drunken conversation, is persuaded to give up alcohol forever instead of swearing off teenage girls forever (the natural impulse after this movie). Current snobbish popularity queen is put in her place forever (OK, news flash: that NEVER happens in real life. Only with a great deal of luck will you see her at the 25-year reunion and hear that she has divorced the football quarterback and been stuck living with her parents in your backwater home town. Usually she's become a fitness instructor to the stars and is engaged to a fabulously wealthy stunt man while you've spent 10 years trying to get rid of stubborn belly fat) and our heroine is benevolent forever (she was a bit mercurial before, but I'm sure she'll have real focus now) from her new throne.

I thankfully watched this on one of the premium channels, so when the girls misplaced their tickets for The Concert, I could at least change the channel rather than endure their amazing stupidity further. If my nieces behaved this way, I would have to send them to a remedial school for elementary purse carrying.

Maybe this movie was great for teenage girls, but I found it to be silly set to a good soundtrack. (Just goes to show how close you can come to saving a really crummy flick with good music. John Belushi was right.) It was the soundtrack that kept me watching, not the acting or the storyline - the story was just embarrassing.
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Lindsay Lohan Carries Drama Queen
CitizenCaine22 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Lindsay Lohan is back as Lola, a self-obsessed teen girl masquerading as a sophisticated Bohemian type. Glenne Headly, as Lola's mother Karen, is responsible for moving her budding teenage actress daughter Lola from the trendy, exciting New York City to Dellwood, New Jersey. Notice how close Dellwood is to dull. Lola and her new friend Ella, played by Alison Pill, are busy trying to dethrone teen hottie Megan Fox at the local high school. Along the way, they have the typical teenage girl drama and get to go to a cool after hours band party of Lola's favorite band. In true teen girl fashion, important lessons are learned about friendship and being popular. While the movie is very typical for its genre and not particularly inspired, Lindsay Lohan brings energy and her unique brand of charm and talent to it. Several known actors appear in lesser roles: Sheila McCarthy and Tom McCamus among them. The film is made watchable by Lindsay Lohan only; she also sings several songs, including the title track. **1/2 of 4 stars.
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A typical Disney High School Teen Flick!
walshie2k427 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Let just say from a non-biased point of view this film was nothing special. From start to finish it remained a typical Disney Teen Movie, the main role of Lola is played by Lindsay Lohan. It has to be said Lohan does not do a bad job of acting in this simple box standard teen flick. Many parts of the film are rather unrealistic and although this relates to the tilte - 'Drama Queen' maybe the film is a little far fetched. A good example of this is when Lola is talking to Ella about the death of her father, the story is told in I would say Lizzy Maguire style with all the cartoons etc. These cartoons are totally over the top and stand out like a sore thumb as this style is never used in the film again. The whole aspect of a girl with a dream moving from New York City the dream city with the lights, sparkle and Broadway to a small basic town in New Jersey. Although this small basic town seems to have large malls, a high school able to put on a show that you would expect to see on Broadway and more Apple Laptops than NYU. Some scenes in the film are extremely dragged out for example the scene in which Lola and Ella follow Stu Wolf. I personally found it long and boring. A highlight of the film is Lohans rendition of 'That Girl' which takes part at the end of the High School show. Also the performance from Allison Phill is excellent and at times moving showing the girl who was 'brave enough to be different' because of Lolas influence. Over all the film is a typical high school teen flick. I should not imagen it has made a significant promotion or change in Lohan's career or that of any actor involved. I would advise if you are a fan of Lohan's or like this type of Disney Teen flick I would go see the film, otherwise catch it on cable sometime. Notthing special.
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"Confessions" is like a stale 90-minute sitcom
ll-world20 February 2004
Coming off an extremely successful performance in the summer hit Freaky Friday, Lindsay Lohan does her best to save the flat and unimpressive script of Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

Lohan stars as Lola, a teenage Manhattan girl whose dream is to become a famous actress. However, when she moves to a suburban New Jersey town she realizes that her chances of being famous are pretty much zero.

Competing for popularity in her new school with Carla (Megan Fox), she stumbles through life in an almost-klutzy yet largely unfunny way.

The entire movie is like a 90-minute sitcom -- it packs a few laughs but there is never a genuinely funny scene. The humour is based on clumsiness and stupidity rather than wit. In other words, it's comprised of people making fools out of themselves.

There is also a huge gap between the beginning and the end of the movie. There are so many happenings in between it's easy to lose track of the whole point of the film.

Also, many of the characters exist simply for the sake of existing. For example, the roles of Andrew, Lola's father and twin sisters don't serve a lot of purpose to the actual story. It wouldn't hurt if one or more of those characters were cut from the story, to save us some time and grief. Their roles are so tiny they're not really worth mentioning at all.

The ending is pretty cliche-ish as well. Like a lot of Disney movies, it preaches friendship, change for the better, love, etc. However, Confessions does a pretty bad job of it. It's pretty obvious that these are the lessons the movie is supposed to teach; they make it so obvious there is no explanation needed. An explanation IS added, however, in an attempt to simplify things further. But all this does is to add more unnecessary time to the overall product.

Confessions does have some positive points though. The music isn't too bad, even though they may have overused the "Uh-Oh" song by putting it in three different scenes. The acting in general by Lindsay Lohan and her co-stars is extremely good, but it's not enough to save this stinker.

BOTTOM LINE: 1.5 stars out of 4
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Pygmalion hip hop style
jotix1003 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This film, directed by Sara Sugarman, and coming from the Walt Disney people, is clearly targeted for teen agers, as the familiar themes are at center stage. While the film doesn't break new ground, it's easy to see why young viewers would be attracted to it. Dyan Feldon wrote the book in which the movie is based, and Gail Parent, a woman who knows how to write comedy, adapted it for the screen.

The film best asset is Lindsay Lohan, who plays the main character, Lola. She has been taken from her Manhattan environment to suburban New Jersey and is enrolled in the Dellwood High School, where she sticks out as a sore thumb. In order to appear arty and with it, Mary Elizabeth Cep becomes just plain Lola. In her mind, the new name gives her a sophistication the other kids don't have. In her deception, Lola makes everyone believe her father has died in a car crash, when in reality, he is well and living in Manhattan.

She becomes friendly with Ella, a shy and smart girl, who under Lola's influence begins to lighten up. Ella is a girl with high moral principals, something that the movies don't like to emphasize too much. Lola, on the other hand, is not a bad girl, but she is clearly living in a world of make believe.

When Ms. Baggoli, the drama teacher begins casting for the school production of "Pygmalion", she decides to "update it" by staging the material in hip hop and Lola, who is competing against the favorite Carla, wins the role of Eliza. We only get to see a small part of the play itself. After watching it, a new star, Lola, is born.

The film capitalizes on Lindsay Lohan's talent. Ms. Lohan is a charismatic young actress who excels in these types of roles. Adam Garcia, Alison Pill, Megan Fox, play some of the teen agers in Lola's life. The great Carol Kane is wonderful as Ms. Baggoli, the music teacher. She is perfect as this drama teacher in suburbia.

While most comments in this forum seem to be critical of the film, it is light and predictable, but Sara Sugarman, its director appears to know how to tell this story with a light touch.
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One of the worst movies of 2004
uglygelly26 July 2004
This long titled movie is the type of annoyance that should've gone straight to video because it was so bad. I couldn't believe how bad Lindsay Lohan was in this after she made some good efforts in movies such as "The Parent Trap", "Freaky Friday", and my current favorite, "Mean Girls". "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" is one of her lamer efforts, and so far it's the worst movie I've seen this year.

While watching this garbage, I asked myself. "What the hell is this movie about?" It's about nothing. There's no conflict at all or anything that will keep the audience guessing. Its utter nonsense and its about a girl named Lola that moves to New York, goes to a new school, tries to get the lead role in her school play while finding out that her favorite band is breaking up. No conflict=no fun. This was a pretty selfish movie that didn't even try to make it appeal for all ages and genders; all it cared about was its target audience, which is young preteen girls. The supporting actors showed no signs of a promising career and they made these characters even more obnoxious because these type of people don't exist. Everything is depicted in a very lazy and fake way.

These type of movies are not suppose to be boring, they're suppose to be fun for anyone. I've recommended many movies that might not appeal to men like A Little Princess and Mean Girls but 'Drama Queen' is NOT for us. There wasn't one moment in where I was laughing. I didn't like how the director depicted the streets of New York as if they were happy and vibrant by adding neon colored trash bags and some other redundant material. There were many off-putting plot-holes that young girls might not become aware of but anyone who's seen many movies will of course notice many flaws in this. My little sister liked this movie and she has seen it 3 times now. She's crazy, I guess it was because of all the bright colors and costumes worn by Lindsay Lohan and maybe she liked the musical finale as well, which was the worst part of the movie, in my opinion. I don't recommend this to anyone, not even little girls. There are better movies than this on the Disney Channel and that's saying that this movie is infact TERRIBLE because movies on the Disney channel are often bad as well, but not as bad as this.

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fun film
tanyaqua22 July 2006
Lindsey Lohan has made lots of good films so I wanted to see this one. I'm an actress still stuck in small pieces and she act, dance and sing, so green with envy. Its a light and fluffy affair like a soufflé and with about as much sugar. The story of a girl relocated to the new city of New Jersey and finding her New York attitude out of place gives this some cultural weight however this is a common theme of films aimed at teenage girls. Has every American teenager moved to a new state and fond herself competing for attention as the most popular girl? Or is it only the glamorous, pretty ones who have to go through this ritual and everyone in the cinema is screaming "I did that, that's me!" The directing is a let down. The script to isn't good. Lola and her friend end up at a party to annoy the most popular girl at the school because she sees Lola as a rival and an outsider. Lindsey does what is required of her as pretty, glossy and inoffensive. Among the cast who should be kept an eye on, is Megan Fox. I first heard about her in connection to 'Two and half Men' via an actor in the UK called Stephen Armourae who meets lots of people as he is a theatre journalist and an artist-designer. He wrote about her in a review ignoring most of the rest of the program, so I knew there must be something a bit special about her. Usually when he sees someone he likes they reappear in a portrait at sometime. Often from scenes they have been in. The best part of the film is Lola's exaggerated response to circumstances which many teenagers can identify with. Try to overlook Sarah Sugarman's bad directing which is like a pop video director did it. Badly constructed series of scenes with no thread. Then you may enjoy this. Unless you hate Lohan.
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The title had so much potential...
themarina13 August 2004
And then the movie happened. I have a soft spot for quirky teenage geared movies and this looked like another I would thoroughly enjoy but, no luck.

The movie follows "Lola", played by Lindsay Lohan, a quirky, overactive imagination teenager who is transplanted from New York to New Jersey. The story and character had lots of potential but most of it was lost on a mediocre story line that only took baby attempts at using the potentially hilarious characters. As talented as she may be, Lohan had no chance to rescue this movie.

Disappointing, this movie left lots to be desired and much story potential to be developed. I would not be surprised if there's a spin off in a year or so.

5/10 It is a good watch for the pre-teen in the family!
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Foxy Megan wasted
RavenGlamDVDCollector23 November 2015
Kids want more!

Lindsay Lohan has major media attention, without being real star material. She'd make a sidekick, sure, but lead girl? I've seen her in both MEAN GIRLS where she was outclassed by Rachel McAdams all the way, and GEORGIA RULES, where the actress playing her mother, Felicity Huffman, stole the show, for freaking crying shame! Hot teen foxes MUST do better, Lindsay-love.

In this movie, the brighter star is relegated to playing the bad girl. Megan Fox could blow Lindsay Lohan out of the water at any time, but she had to sit on the sideline portraying a cardboard bad girl, Carla Santini. Megan, in this negative part, as the unlikeable rival, nevertheless managed to attract more attention and made Lindsay seem bland by comparison. And as for Alison Pill, that one barely scrapes by. I do not see what the fuss about Lindsay Lohan really is about. I saw amongst the trivia that the part was originally offered to Hilary Duff. That one's cute, she would have made a much better lead actress, with Lindsay in the supporting Ella role. But I suppose Hilary was off on a rock tour.

Movie itself is kinda drab and one big yawn and Walt Disney is really in the doldrums judging by the junk they advertise on the DVD which does succeed to make CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRANA QUEEN look like a sparkling Ferris wheel. Okay, so I am an old guy and this stuff is marketed at kids but this is the Twenty-First Century so Disney wake up! The kids are advanced and they move past these milk-teeth fodder long before they're out of nappies, dummies and prams. Kids want more!

As for this movie, the entire theme is a storm in a teacup, high school play, gmf! That is of course not the point, because for a high-school girl these things would be, like, super-super- important, but the movie is kind of a storm in a teacup itself. As the opposition is such a one-sided badly scripted character, it's not if there ever was much challenge. So the victory is that less sweet. There is no real crisis, other than that the kids think Lola is a fake. The script needed more Z I N G and both Megan and Lindsay could easily have upped it a whole buncha notches while still staying in the Disney all-ages fun-for-the-whole-family realm.
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