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Lick the Lightswitch: "Wonderfalls" is a delightful, if short-lived, romp and the most unpredictable show in recent memory
liquidcelluloid-117 April 2005
Network: Fox; Genre: Comedy, Fantasy; Content Rating: TV-14 (for strong language and strong sexual content); Available: on DVD; Classification: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Season Reviewed: Complete Series (1 season)

Jaye Tyler is a loner living in Niagara Falls who, after graduating college, has fallen into a care-free comfortable rut living in a trailer park and working as a retail clerk in the Falls souvenir shop of Wonderfalls – that is until the souvenirs, and anything in the world with an anamorphic face, starts talking to her, insisting she do things in cryptic single sentence messages or there will be dire consequences (or at least lack of sleep). When followed, the resulting ping-pong effect appears to be the work of a divine plan, but soon Jaye becomes smitten with a local bartender and the figurines are telling her to do things that go against every fiber of her being. A reluctant savior, Jaye's hand is forced into the lives of others and befuddles her family in a fight that may not just cost her comfortable life and a budding romance - but her sanity.

Byran Fuller just may be the most talented and most unlucky writer in the business today. After getting hosed by Showtime and MGM in an ownership dispute with his modern masterwork "Dead Like Me", Fuller now teams up with Todd Holland ("Malcolm in the Middle") for "Wonderfalls". Being on Fox it was naturally canceled after 4 episodes (another blip in Entertainment President Gail Berman's holocaust on scripted television). Don't look at it as a short-live series, look at it as a failed pilot that mistakenly got on the air somehow; because cute, quirky, completely insane TV shows like this rarely get made in the first place. The network gatekeepers usually make sure of that.

What is so fresh and invigorating about "Wonderfalls" is that it plays like a catalog of things that everyone (and common sense) says that you aren't supposed to even try in a TV show - only done extremely well. Plot points feature an exorcism (which I lambasted in Fox's disaster "The Pitts"), psychotic female stalkers, lengthy film homages and an on-paper unlikable, increasingly morally ambiguous heroine. Even gutsier, the tone and visual style fluctuates with each episode as the show plays with different genres. The episode themes vary from a non-linear crime & mystery, a psycho thriller, a "Scooby Doo" caper, a classic romantic comedy and a high school drama. The shows are paced brilliantly, filling the hour full and throwing one creative twist after another at the audience ever few minutes. The show is giddy over itself, eager to get to the next wacky twist. If nothing else, "Wonderfalls" certainly takes the prize as the most unpredictable show in memory.

Fuller's talent, aside from writing some hysterical dialog banter, is giving real weight to each character. A product of the medium, the amount of detail put into Jaye's family and friends here simply could not be done as well in the time span of a movie. That is what keeps the show grounded in reality as the plot lines unapologetically sling-shot out of orbit and into the realm of the surreal, absurd and impossible. The "Wonderfalls" show-runners also re-create the sleek, speed-up visual style that "Dead" used so effectively.

Fuller keeps in the tradition of Georgia Lass giving us complex and cliché-resistant heroines. The affect and credibility of the entire series rests on the back of Caroline Dhavernas' Jaye, who picks up this monumental task effortlessly. She wears the many varied emotions of the series across her face and jumps through the script's many required hoops. She juggles the show's dramatic weight, the fear and confusion of Jaye's power, the giddy joy of playing a girl not afraid to anger the audience and a gift for physical comedy. Jaye is cartoonish but never over the top. Like Linda Cardallini in "Freaks and Geeks", a joy in "Wonderfalls" is just watching Dhavernas hilarious expressions. It is a terrific performance.

The entire cast is note-perfect in ways to numerous to mention. But to only pick one, Katie Finneran stands out, delightful and consistently hilarious as Jaye's in-the-closet, cut-throat lawyer sister Sharon.

"Wonderfalls" also could be an answer to CBS's similarly themed drama "Joan of Arcadia". While I like "Joan" quite a bit, "Wonderfalls" magnifies its tiny flaws while taking everything about it to the next level. Where "Joan" drifts off into side stories about Joan's family, "Wonderfalls" remains crisp and focused. Where "Joan" is dark, brooding and melodramatic, "Wonderfalls" is light, colorful and vibrant. The dramatic moments are played subtly, but with a heart firmly on its sleeve.

"Wonderfalls" works within the parameters of network television and transforms everything that is so often botched into something beautiful. As the show drives toward its all-to-short ending (all the episodes seeing the light of day on DVD), the series' final act evolves into an arresting "will-they-or-won't-they" love story set-up in the first half (as a dead-on Tracey/Hepburn quick-banter relationship). While the notion of getting the audience to root for two characters getting together by the end is as old as dirt and "Friends", it is rarely done as well and as honest as this one. It is satisfying and touching in a way I did not expect.

"Wonderfalls" may be the best show you've never seen. I will not soon forget it. And simply hearing a description won't do it justice. It is a delightful, candy coated television treat. An authentic expression of generation-Y looking for its place in the world and not ready when it finds them. "Wonderfalls" is another triumph for the ingeniously creative Fuller, who seems to be the only person in the world trying to put a spark in TV. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

* * * * / 4
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vegemite-toast2 November 2004
Fresh, intelligent, insightful and hysterically funny, Wonderfalls is a show you'll come back to time and again.

The series has oft been criticised as a cheap Joan of Arcadia carbon copy, but Wonderfalls is by far the superior of the two.

Whereas JoA has a painful tendency of falling into a soppy family drama -- tears and revelations and tight embraces and fluffy bunnies -- Wonderfalls is constantly slick and on top of it. It, too, has its share of emotional moments, but never dwells on the soap; rather, biting back with its trademark humour.

To give an example -- Jaye and Eric share a lovely moment standing at the top of the falls, where Jaye has the chance to scatter a deceased character's ashes (very cutely, in a souvenir barrel). It's a sweet moment, and as the barrel plummets into the foam, Jaye turns -- to find herself face-to-face with a cop, who promptly fines her $250 for littering.

Caroline Dhavernas is perfect for the starring role of Jaye Tyler, an underachiever whose expectation-free reputation belies her true intelligence. Jaye doesn't like people in general, revels in the role of the bitch, when suddenly she's forced to do good by the nagging of toy animals. In following these cryptic messages and helping others, Jaye herself begins to develop a warmer sense of compassion and a sharper understanding of those around her, while still retaining her delightfully badass attitude.

Dhavernas steals our hearts in a way Joan of Arcadia's Amber Tamblyn has never been able to manage.

It is sad that Wonderfalls -- by far the better of the two shows in every aspect -- was the one to get the axe, but at least we can console ourselves with the promised DVD release later this year/early 2005.
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An absolute must see
joescripts4 February 2005
Okay, so you're saying to yourself, there's nothing good on TV. Well, there was something - Wonderfalls. And it got canceled by the dark forces known as Fox. Fortunately, it's now available on DVD! Jaye Tyler is your not-so-average girl next door. She holds a degree from Brown University, but instead decided to work at a souvenir shop at picturesque Niagara Falls. Her reason? She wanted to live an expectation-free life. She's rude to the customers, a total bitch to her lesbian sister and frowns at everything good about the world, and yet, she's the most likable character you'll ever meet. Her 'sodes started when inanimate objects started talking to her, telling her in cryptic messages to do spontaneous things without a reason. She has no choice but do as they say or they'll bug the hell out of her by singing her ears off.

One simple act will lead to a series events that at the end makes sense to her and the person she's unknowingly helped.

This show had the rare combination of great writing, acting and directing. This is evident by the great on screen chemistry. Watch just one episode and I guarantee you'll be hooked and wanting more.
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"Touched By a Crazy Person"
davidemartin18 March 2004
I have not laughed so hard at a TV show in weeks. Especially since I didn't expect this to be a comedy. I figured at best it would be a slightly quirkier version of TRU CALLING and JOAN OF ARCADIA, but I had no idea how quirky!

This is not the life-or-death struggle of TRU or the adolescent angst meets philosophical growth of JOAN. It's definitely more light-hearted. But then, Jaye isn't dealing with a god, just a headstrong Indian maiden who's shacking up with a god under Niagara / Horseshoe Falls.

The dialogue is hysterical. As I'm typing, I'm rewatching the pilot. Discussing Jaye's suddenly odd behavior, her sister suggests "I think we should put her down." Her brother agrees "It is just like going to sleep."

Or when she notices the bartender's cell phone is ringing in his back pocket--- "Your ass is ringing." Bartender: "My ass rings a lot." Jaye: "Have you ever thought of setting it on vibrate? Bartender: "I'm not sure I'm secure enough with my manhood to do that." Jaye: "So, why do you have an ass if you don't answer it?"

Caroline Dhavernas is great. She's got the subtle comic skills to pull off a role that could so easily have been a burlesque. Her reactions to the inanimate objects' demands are priceless, as is her portrayal of Jaye's incredible boredom at her mind-numbing job.

The rest of the cast-- well, we haven't seen much of them but I'm impressed. William Sadler was great and he only had five or so lines. And Diana Scarwid as Mom is great at casually tossing off lines like "I don't want her talking to my therapist. She might give him ideas!" Katie Finneran as sister Sharon is much more engaging than Dru's sister or Joan's brothers.

The visuals are neatly done. The animated lampshade, the flashbacks, the talking knicknacks.... I love the use of a 3D Viewmaster as a motif for changing scenes!

One odd note-- this seems to be hiding it's Canadian setting. Jaye mentions in the narration "the greater Buffalo New York area." And of course American quarters get extreme closeups a few times. But the Wonderfalls shop is definitely on the Canadian side. You can't see Horseshoe Falls from the NY side.
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This was actually TV worth watching!!
waterwolfie21 March 2005
This show is actually TV worth watching. If you get a chance, either rent or buy the series and watch it closely. It's intelligent, witty, and emotional with a touch of the mysterious and unexplained.

It's amazing how lame reality TV shows continue to get ratings when a show like this that's really worth something can get canceled after only 4 episodes. This demonstrates what is truly wrong with television and the media today.

Just watch the show! If you're not impressed with it you can always go back to your bug-eating, worm-slurping, jump-out-of-a-helicopter-into-a-pile-of-manure reality show. If you are impressed with it, them join the club and help get this show back on TV.

Thank you for your support.

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The Curse of Fox
fortey21 March 2004
So, here we have another impressive, interesting show, that's thankfully interesting and not some sort of godawful reality mess...but it's on Fox. You know Fox, right? That network renowned for giving amazing shows a chance, then never advertising them, airing them out of order or preempting them for some tripe like American Idle, changing their place int he schedule from week to week and finally cancelling them cuz "Gee Wally, these ratings aren't so good."

I can only conclude that there are two seperate entities at work over at Fox. One likes to take these new shows and give them a place to live and grow, to go beyond the normal, dare I say crap, we see on TV. And the other entity is the one who gets to control the show once it's signed on. It's the thing that says "You're on here, opposite Monday Night Football...no wait, at 3AM on Tuesdays...no wait, Fridays at 9!" This entity is of substandard intelligence and may very well be Rupert Murdoch. But I digress.

Wonderfalls is another rare hit for Fox, if only they take the time to promote it, give it a good timeslot and keep it around long enough for it to develop a fanbase. Failing that, brace yourself for more godawful and pointless reality TV. We shall see.
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Yet Another Great Show Killed By FOX Network.
KoshNaranek25 April 2004
I first caught "Wonderfalls" on March 18th, with the encore showing of the pilot, and was immediately hooked. The next three episodes were Must-See TV for me. Great show! Great cast (especially the lead, Caroline Dhavernas)! Great writing! However, like other great shows on FOX (notably BRIMSTONE and KEEN EDDIE), "Wonderfalls" was doomed. They air it in impossible timeslots (Friday night slot of death, or across from "C.S.I." and "The Apprentice"), and then wonder why it doesn't get great ratings. DOH!

Well, like others have said before me, FOX can go to Hell. Producers, PLEASE do not take cool, new shows to FOX. I sure as Hell won't be watching there.
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Another great series gone before its time!
pens90915 April 2004
This series caught my imagination with the very first episode and I was hooked. It quickly moved to #1 on my TiVo and I became emotionally invested in the characters.

But FOX struck its evil axe again and killed another great series. Now what are we left with? Repeats of their latest reality brain drain "The Swan". Fantastic. JUST what I wanted.

I can only hope some other channel sees the potential of this show - if nothing else, just to see the rest of the season.

RIP Wonderfalls, Firefly, Dark Angel, John Doe ....
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Best show that nobody ever watched!
tommymacman2 March 2006
I love TV, if you can make me laugh and think at the same time, that's even better. This show did that. The great (timeless) story of a modern day Joan Of Ark. The use of fairly unknown stars. The perfect social commentary on the young adults of today. The awesome comedic timing made this show one of my favs (I bought the DVD the day hit hit the shelf). And I'd never thought that I would say this, but I have never related to a character as much as I did to Jaye. I too am a twenty-something, who happens to be a proud card carrying member of Gen Why? I too have been educated, but I work at a dead end job with no real need to excel or stand out. I too have been known to be a little cold towards the general public. But once again, Fox canned it, and took away another comedy that was to smart to be a comedy (Arrested Development). Upside is, there are the DVD's. If you have never seen it, check it out, and if you have, watch it again.
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Wonderful Wonderfalls!!
Dan-12117 December 2004
Witty, whimsical and wonderful!! These are some of the words that best describe this show. I absolutely love it!! Caroline Dhavernas is just perfect for the part of the slacker reluctant protagonist. Her character is sarcastic yet adorable at the same time. The supporting cast is equally great as well. Katie Finneran's character seems straight-laced but at the same time so unexpectedly hilarious. Tyron Leitso is just so charming. It is such a pity that this series was canceled so soon. Anyway, I am savoring every minute of every episode as they are being shown here. My favorite episode is 'Cocktail Bunny'. The 'licking the light switch' scene was just the best!!
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The Lion, the Monkey and the Creamer
Gypsybelle17 December 2005
What the heck was Fox thinking? OK what do the network execs ever think? Do they think? Did they ever listen and lick the light switch? Sheesh... Wonderfalls was one of the most fun series Fox has ever had on the air..and they AXED IT without giving it a chance! Obviously they are NOT as in tune with their viewers as Jaye Tyler was with her inanimate objects! Check the other many viewer comments here on IMDb.COM and you will see the truth. There are so many reviews here and I haven't read all of them, but out of those I did see, NONE of them were negative. Amazing! This fabulously quirky show was so much better than the one it was 'up against' - Joan of Arcadia. That show was B.O.R.I.N.G. All of the characters and the acting on Wonderfalls was so much better - not to leave out the great script writing and plot development! The dialog and scenarios were hilarious! Perhaps this show was more original than the producers at Fox could fathom? I was so let down when it was unduly canceled...I had a void...wanted more! Crazy you say? Maybe...but it was one show that was so enjoyable that I looked forward to each episode knowing that I would definitely be entertained. I was so happy to get the DVD set and even my skeptical husband ended up looking forward to watching each episode. The strange part here is he always assumed that Wonderfalls was a 'chick show' and wouldn't watch it when it was live. He ended up really liking it when I 'forced' him to watch the first episode on DVD...he insisted on watching the rest of the shows! Fox failed this show by lack of true marketing and shifting of time slots! Fox has done that with so many other great shows. Where's the justice? Fox needs to lick the dang light switch and get with it! Bring back Entertainment and get rid of the idiotic 'reality' shows you want to shove in our faces.
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Powers that be - Please bring this one back!!!
mking530327 December 2005
I caught this show on a cable network this year and was totally intrigued. It was amazing! Quirky! Fun. You never knew where it was going to go.

Well, I saw the boxed set of DVDs when I was Christmas shopping so I bought myself a gift! It was my best present this year. I sat down and watched the last 7 episodes, some of which had never aired which tied up some loose ends.

I really can't believe they took this one off the air! The characters were funny but totally believable, and frequently the interactions between the characters veered into those little spaces that are a bit uncomfortable for us to touch.

If you can find the set, pick it up. If you are a producer for a non-Fox network, pick them up! You won't be disappointed. I sure wasn't.
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10/10 * Amazing Show with Character
snowdreams1818 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This series is about a college-graduate girl, Jaye, who has chosen to live in a trailer park and work at a gift shop in her hometown. Her family is pretty eccentric and become increasingly more involved in her life (her father is a doctor, mother an author, sister a lawyer, and brother a student studying religion). Her best friend, Mahandra, provides for her a way to sort things out and the new bartender, Eric, despite his complicated situation, quickly catches her eye--even though she may not admit it even to herself.

Jaye was pretty self-centered but becomes increasingly more aware of others when inanimate animal figures suddenly become animate and tell her to do things, which she always eventually does--at first to avoid their singing, which keeps her up all night, and then because she sees the good effects her "forced" actions bring. She debates if God or Satan is speaking to her and thus also debates her sanity, but can't bring herself to ignore the animals' biddings. What the animals say are never as straight-forward as they initially seem and there's no way one could guess their true meaning (unless he/she's seen the episode already) so they always keep you guessing--not to mention laughing! The dialog of the characters on this show is excellent and there's also a lot of inner conflict in the different characters regarding religion, sanity, and identity.

All the actors in this show portrayed their characters to a "T" and interact so well together! I can't imagine a better selection.
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Yes, it was canceled. Get it on DVD
loonduck9110 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Honestly, canceled shows get a bad reputation. Why was this canceled? Oh, it must have been bad. Well now what should I watch? Oh, I know! Maybe Simon thinks that a singer is bad this week! Wonderfalls began airing on a horrible time slot, so after two weeks they moved it, but since all the TV media still said it was in it's old time slot no one knew when to watch it, and the ratings were bad, so it got canceled. Wonderfalls is a very good show with a very strange premise. A woman named Jaye Tyler, who has a college degree but works at a store called (what else) Wonderfalls, and lives in a trailer park, mostly because she just doesn't like people in general starts hearing voices that come from various animals that shouldn't be talking. A wax lion. A quarter. A stuffed animal called a lovesick a--. She doesn't know why these animals tell her to do things, but whenever she doesn't, bad things happen, and whenever she does, good things do, often turning out in ways that are not what you expect, and in situations that seem to go from bad to worse, but really are better than how it would have turned out if Jaye hadn't interfered. Here's the thing: The clues are things like "Save him from her," and "Don't give her money back." THEY MAKE NO Sense, and leave Jaye to figure out what they are on her own. This isn't helped by Jaye's overprotective and suspicious family, her Lesbian sister, her also smart alek friend, and a new crush on a bartender that is in fact already married and moved from New Jersey to Niagra when he caught his wife with a bellhop. Also, Jaye actually doesn't care about helping people. SHE JUST WANTS TO BE LEFT ALONE! The show has a fresh modern voice through the main character Jaye, who sees everything as it is, even when it isn't. And the show is a dramedy, which means that even though it is designed to make you laugh, and the situations are impossible, it is supported with clever, uncliched writing, a talented cast, and characters you can really feel for. The show was canceled after 4 episodes (with an aggravating preview for next week) to be replaced immediately with repeats of a reality show that lasted for one season. It is however available on DVD. The effects are mediocre after 3 years, but other than that it has stood the test of time. All of the plots wrap up after the 13 made episodes, so you can sort of think of it as a very long movie with incredibly convenient breaks. All in all, Wonderfalls is a very clever high quality show that is definitely worth your time.
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Wonderfalls deserves more!
anabuttt31 December 2005
I would love to see someone pick up Wonderfalls again. I saw the four they showed in California, and now I've seen the series thanks to Netflix, but I want more! I loved the way the storyline appeared to be headed in an obvious direction, but right when I expected the foreseeable outcome, the whole story would jump into a zany twist that thrilled me and kept me entertained through all thirteen episodes. The show aired on FOX, and as I don't normally watch FOX (except for the Simpsons). I only heard about Wonderfalls through a freak channel surfing moment. I talked about the show with others, and all except one had never heard of it; and they weren't happy that after I got them turned on to the show, it immediately disappeared.

Please someone bring this cast back together and continue the show!
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Another great show lost to TPTB!
shobhnaguerin9 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Wonderfalls is probably one of the best shows to have come out of the US in the last decade, and of course doesn't it fit that while Dawson's Creek ran on for ages and ages, this show would get the axe within half a season? Anyone who appreciates good humour, smart story lines, and possibly the crispiest, most dedicating acting ever, must give this show (which is now out on DVD!) a try. You will not be disappointed.

For me personally, the reason this show stands out is because the actors, though hardly big names (except William Sadler for you Roswell fans), do not disappoint a single time. Tracie Thoms, in her pre-Rent days, is absolutely brilliant as Jaye's best friend Mahandra, and the development of her storyline with a certain brother was perhaps my favourite bit of the whole show.

For some people, the concept of the show is hard to buy, and perhaps even silly. But there is something very grounding about the wax animals talking to Jaye, something very normal about it all. You'll only get it when you watch it!
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Want a quirky, well done single season show?
imdb-1791813 November 2007
Want a quirky, well done single season show? This is it.

Twists and wrinkles that keep one guessing about light situations that sometimes enter the level of serious philosophy.

The actors were all unknown to me, but surely work together to make the relationships work. Writing is straight forward and well timed dialog. Scenes are simple and well set. Each episode is complete, but the series MUST be seen in order to keep the basic relationships clear and meaningful.

I suggest this series for all ages. The main characters are in their twenties, but the parents who are interesting in that they have three grownup kids that still hang near home.

Worked for this 58 year old male.
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Great show .
This was a fantastic show . It was quite funny and clever ,and it have hilarious moments as much as dramatic and touching parts . The story focus in Jaye Tyler , a cynical girl that is unhappy with all in her life : her work ,her relationship with her family ,and almost all about her . Suddenly ,one day , inanimate start to talk to her ,saying cryptic comments .At first she believes that she became crazy ,but soon she realizes that the advices given by the things start to help her , and soon in that way she starts to help people , and starts to be closer with her family . The performances are pretty good , and the characters are very likable . From the same creators of "Malcolm in the Middle " , we have here a interesting original show that it's very enjoyable and unpredictable . Excellent .
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einTeufel2 December 2005
I had been waiting to comment on the show until we had finished watching the whole series, and last night we finally watched the last episode. Why'd it take us so long you ask? Because we wanted to drag those few 13 episodes out as long as we could. The show, is nothing short of comedic genius on a sarcastically bent level. The premise of the show is that inanimate objects begin to talk to Jaye (our protagonist). What initially starts from a Wax Lion giving a random command for Jaye to do something, starts a chain of events that evolves into bigger picture result that benefits somebody in the greater pattern of life.

The show is hilarious and brilliantly acted. Sadly, it was never given the chance to build a TV audience, as is the problem with network programming... and yet, how much crap is still on the air? Seriously, I've said it before, why is Two and a Half Men still on the air--no wait, let me rephrase the question... why is Two and a Half Men still in the top Ten?!?!?!? But thankfully, like with many shows that are axed before their time, its found new life on DVD. And even though there are only 13 episodes in total, nearly all of the story arcs reach a very satisfying conclusion at the end of the series, which makes the show almost play out like an extended mini-series.

Do yourself a favor, America. Seriously. Go out and buy Wonderfalls... if you can't buy it, rent it! Watch it. You won't be sorry!
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Wonderful Show WHY did they axe it?!!
michaelgrantham28 October 2005
I am stunned that Fox chose to axe Wonderfalls after just one series. I read that they didn't give it a chance by continually changing it's scheduling and missing weeks etc. I picked up on the series on Sky one (who seemed to do the same thing - I could never figure out when it was next on) so finally bought the DVD from the States.

Wonderfalls is an excellent, gentle, quirky comedy, with a great performance from Caroline Dhavernas in the lead role as Jaye Tyler, a somewhat disaffected graduate, in a dysfunctional family, to whom inanimate objects start to speak and give her advice. This leads her into all kinds of comical situations.

From Caroline to the whole of the rest of the cast, faultless performances are given. It isn't laugh out loud mostly, but engaging and humorous. There are one or two really hilarious moments though.

Caroline, I hope you go on making shows and films as good as this one - you have a real talent for comedy.

Fox - you must be mad for killing such an excellent show. Think again!
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I love this show
patchesm2716 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I would like to see someone make a movie for this series. This would be a way of tying up the lose ends that fox left when they made the mistake of canceling the show. I would love to know what happens when Sharon comes out to her parents, whether by accident or on purpose. I would like to see what happens to the relationship between Mahondra and Aaron. What happens when her parents first find out about Jay's ability to hear inanimate objects. This series definitely went down way before it's time. I am however happy that they released the series DVD's. My favorite episode is the one where she believes that Heidi is going to kill Eric. The part where the monkey tells her to lick the light switch just slays me.
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Spectacularly Charismatic Female Lead in Miraculous Series
rockyfrisco8 April 2005
I don't watch television. The fact that this incredible series was axed by the idiots at Fox is indicative of why I don't watch television. I heard about this series and the Fox series "Firefly" from friends and bought both DVD sets. It's my honest opinion that these two series are the best television I have ever seen. I would have watched these if I had known about them while they were still on the air. I find it very interesting that the two shows had Tim Minear and Jewel Staite in common. Now, "Firefly" will be the major motion picture, "Serenity." I can only hope somebody with vision and intelligence will do the same for "Wonderfalls." As I wrote to the executives at Fox, it's my honest opinion that if the top five layers of management at Fox were to all be assassinated, it would raise the collective human intelligence by about ten percent.
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Sadly, cancelled, but available on DVD
jeremyemmet1 June 2005
I had never heard of this show before its release on DVD earlier this year. I was inspired to rent all thirteen episodes because the series co-creator/writer Bryan Fuller had created/written the pilot for Dead Like Me, which I considered one of the most entertaining television pilots ever. Wonderfalls opens in much the same way, with a young, brooding, female slacker narrating the beginning of a supernatural experience. This time around, however, Bryan Fuller was able to be a part of the entire series' creative run (he left the production team of Dead Like Me after a few episodes for reasons I do not know).

The entire series benefits from a talented cast and crew. Clever direction, judicious use of special effects and CGI (so as not to overshadow the characters or story... or, I'm sure, budget), excellent comedic timing and a bold and innovative storyline sucked me right into everything.

The central character of Jaye (her parents and siblings are named Karen, Sharon, Darren and Aaron... further singling her as the "odd woman out") is a 24 year-old slacker who works in a souvenir shop in Niagara Falls, New York (although the series was clearly shot in Niagara Falls, Ontario... the prettier side of the river). Jaye is played by Caroline Dhavernas, a French-Canadian actress who Katie Finneran describes as "The Britney Spears of Canada". I confess I'd never heard of her. Her work in Wonderfalls under director Todd Holland is both sympathetic and hysterical, and I've begun checking out her other projects.

The series also features William Sadler, who had been without regular television work since the cancellation of Roswell. Here, he is fantastic as Jaye's conservative but open-minded father.

Not only do I highly recommend the series (available only on DVD that I'm aware of), but I'll be keeping an eye out for whatever new project Bryan Fuller decides to undertake.
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Terrific show, really grows on you.....
technoid-110 April 2004
This is a fun, quirky show which will continue to grow on you. Similar to That 70's show, Monk, Malcolm in the Middle, Seinfeld, Friends etc. Hopefully it'll get another chance at life on FX to give them another hit along with "The Shield". It's offbeat but in an ENJOYABLE way. Like Joan of Arcadia but GOOD, instead of "close but no cigar".

Lousy promotion made me miss most episodes because I assumed it WAS like Joan of Arcadia, instead of WAY BETTER. The lead actress is perfect for the part and the DAD is good too. The show is well written with the concept/plots and the lead actress right in sync. Sort of how you just enjoy watching Friends, or Seinfeld, even repeats because the ensemble makes it an enjoyable time.

FOX made a BIG mistake not giving this show more of a chance. They acted like the other Networks but FOX got where they are now by being BETTER and SMARTER than the other networks. Who else would have believed in and stuck with the Simpson's - think about pitching THAT to typical network bureaucrats!
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Warms the heart, tickles the brain.
imgod2u19 December 2007
After all of these years, this show is still a favorite of mine. The DVD is probably the most watched material I have anytime I feel witty and whimsical. It's a modern day The Importance of Being Earnest. There are simply so many reasons that this show resonates with me (and I suspect others). The witty dialog, the clever plot-lines, the social commentary (Jen Why?), the absolutely adorable acting and the little hidden details here and there that tickles the inner nerd when noticed.

I feel that it's impossible to express my adoration for this show in words that would convey it properly. To those who have not seen it, even if you don't watch TV, this little gem is something that you should not pass up.
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