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Cancelled Too Soon
williebobo958 January 2004
I liked this show. I'm in the music industry and it was a semi realistic portrayal of it. It was basically a Hip Hop soap opera or "Hip Hopra". It was not given enough time to materialize and I was surprised that UPN cancelled it. Especially since it produced Eve and Rock Me Baby,both HORRIBLE shows and lets not forget The Mullets.

Platinum had the hot Erick Sermon track "Just Like Music" with those hot Marvin Gay samples as it's theme song.
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A Great Rap Industry Drama
FilmWatcha7 May 2003
Platinum is a great show. And rap isn't just a theme to add to a music industry show. The people, the records, and the brutal way of handling work is directly linked to the rap theme. And them the family theme is also very powerful, and is the things the brothers who own the company have to deal with. They have real problems, like company debt and such. It's not at all sterotypical black people, but real people trying to make it in the rap world.
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A Shortlived, But Actually Quite Good
SozeTheKeyser10 June 2007
You rarely see "black-shows" that aren't sitcoms. Platinum is one of these rare but good non-sitcoms. It evolves around a rap record company, and portrays the difficulties of working with troublesome acts, cutthroat competing companies, and everything else you associate with the rap industry.

You might argue that e.g. it's only realistic in a rap-video that every woman is full-bodied vixen, and not in real life. But forgive it its faults here and there and don't let it ruin the entire picture, because it doesn't fall for relying on stereotypes to make the characters interesting and recognizable or use of overly shallow plots garnished with hip hop glitter of which you've grown use to from watching music videos.

In my opinion it's really a shame this show didn't get extended. It was quite entertaining, and would have made for great TV, would it have continued and been allowed to add thicker plots and full bodied side-stories.
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