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My Guilty Pleasure
psh3424 January 2005
I know, I know. This is a teenybop, sickly sweet movie. But I can't help it. It is my biggest guilty pleasure. I have seen this movie over 10 times and am now buying the DVD.

In a world were most movies are so full of sex and/or have Chasing Liberty. Sure you can guess the end within the first 10 minutes, but so what?!? Mandy Moore is just adorable and Matthew Goode is just...hum...really great eye candy!!! He is just too cute for words!

The music in this movie is pretty techno and I really enjoyed the scenes in the concert and at the Love Parade. Keep looking for the CD of the soundtrack to come out.

Anyhow, I am sure 98 of 100 people will say don't waste your time, but I disagree. I just love this movie.
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Bleach-215 January 2004
I found this movie to be fun and enjoyable to just go see with the girls, but if you're looking at this movie as if was supposed to be more, you'll be disappointed. It was entertaining and fun, and I highly recommend it. Just remember that not all movies have to be intellectually stimulating, they are there to entertain you, and this one does just that.
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Brainless, but cute and entertaining
meganduck23 May 2004
This film, it is true, requires little brainpower. It is, however, light and fun fare, particularly for teenagers. Moore is adequate but not stellar as the President's whiny daughter. My biggest complaint with the movie is that her repeated comments about wanting "freedom" get old very quickly, and she comes off as a spoiled brat, but that's more the fault of the writing, not Moore. Matthew Goode in his breakout performance is far more charming, showing off a relaxed, witty presence that make his character well worth watching (and if his performance isn't enough, his looks should be!). The sub-love-story of Moore's two bodyguards, Weiss and Morales, is also funny and at times more interesting than the lead characters themselves. The scenery easily makes up for the lack of depth. All in all, it's a cute and entertaining film and at times is outright funny. Worth watching and even buying, for times when you're not in mood for heavy drama!

"I...want to swim the Danube!" "Actually, it's the Vltava." "Who says they want to swim naked in the Vltava? Nobody says that." "That's because Vltava is Polish for 'unhealthy bacteria level'!"
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A Wonderfully Cute Romantic Comedy!
amelie200423 August 2004
I really loved this film. I will freely admit that I have a penchant for romantic comedies, but I have seen my share of bad ones and this is definitely a must-see for fans of the genre. It works because it has a far-fetched storyline that allows for the two main characters to frolic around Europe with two secret service agents on their tails. It also works because of the beautiful backdrop of Europe as the setting for this fairy tale romance. The locations the director chose are stunning- mainly Prague and Venice. Gorgeous! The romantic glow of Europe makes the movie so much more romantic. It's not hard to believe that Anna and Ben fall in love while taking a moonlit gondola ride. I also really enjoyed the story line of the two secret service agents who are trying to find Anna- Weiss and Morales- in many ways their romance is even more enjoyable storyline than that of the main characters. The music used in the film works very well, too. Mandy Moore and Matthew Goode are new actors but they have palpable chemistry and both work perfectly in their roles. For a romantic comedy I'd have to say... 9/10
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Should Have Done Better
silver_lightning1726 January 2004
While this was not DEEP material by any standards, no romantic comedy is! This is probably the first romantic comedy to come out since "How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days" that I've really really enjoyed. And probably the first comedy of any kind that has made me actually laugh out loud in the theater. Mandy Moore is much more than a pretty face and voice, she CAN act. And Matthew Goode was is great with dry humor, and a decent actor. The scenery was gorgeous, the story humorous, the actors pulled if off well...this movie should have done so much better.
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entertaining "brain fluff" chicky flick
mtwilliams23923 February 2008
I am a sucker for a good, sappy, romantic comedy. I have always liked Mandy Moore (especially in "A Walk to Remember") and I thought she was pretty good in this.

Nothing that will make you think which is nice if you're looking for a fun girly movie.

My only complaints are that the movie dragged a bit long for this type of movie... could've cut out some of the chase scenes. But I liked the different places they went, those are such beautiful areas of the world and the movie reminded me of my trip to Europe when I was in college.

If you're looking for something deep or an epic romance, this is not for you. But if you want something good to watch on a night home alone or with girlfriends, this is a great pick.
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I Adored this movie
it was generally Mandy Moore and her ability to absorb the character she is playing without letting herself get in the way, (like the way i find Jennifer Love and Gwyneth Paltrow let certain elements of themselves come out). I first discovered Mandy in how to deal which i absolutely love! I loved Halleys character and the way Mandy creates the shyness so well. But in Chasing Liberty, It was the sense of adventure and the passion between Anna and Ben that drew me in. The concert where the Roots are playing, the opera movie, the big dash for the train scene and the music, Venice and the gondolier, walking across Europe, bungee jumping and the love parade shows excitement and fun, urging the audience to see the world. the other scenes of stripping and the "spoilt little rich girl" acts were just added humor and cliché. And yes, Matthew goode did very well in playing the hero/hottie/antagonist. i don't know if its Mandy or just a coincidence that i love her 'chick flick' movies, but Chasing Liberty is a movie i could watch over and over.
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starlasunlight5 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I don't care I love this film. Mandy is definitely an actress that eases when the cameras rolling. She fits into every scene,every character so well in every film she's been in so far.

Anna is the presidents daughter and is the one that is a tad rebellious. Her friend Gabrielle cuts and dyes her hair and then she runs off on a bike with Ben (m.Goode). She's making her way to Berlin to the Love Parade. On her way she has some fun. She strips...twice. She meets Spider from Coronation St who has no money..only stickers.

If there are any English people reading this please tell me that one of the security men in the house is an ex actor from Sky One's DREAM TEAM? Made me laugh.

It's a good rom-com-chick-flick with a good heart. Go rent.
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Totally adorable
sylvia-b321 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I've just seen this movie for the first time and I loved it. While it wasn't overtaxing, it was adorable. Matthew Goode and Mandy Moore had lovely chemistry together and their relationship was so lovely; equally as cute was the subplot concerning Morales and Weiss's romance and Mark Harmon as the President and the Agents in sunglasses were hysterical. While it didn't stretch my brain, it did brighten up my evening and there should be more made like this.

Matthew Goode was excellent in the role - despite the stiff British accent - and he has a excellent future ahead of him while it's one of Mandy Moore's more likable roles.
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Mandy Moore carries the movie on her back.
insomniac_rod15 November 2007
Entertaining teen flick about the daughter of the President of the USA. This girl is not spoiled or snobby, no, so there's not the typical cliché. The problem with her is that she can't enjoy her liberty at full because all of the events that surround her father's "Job".

Everything changes for her when she travels to Europe and decides to escape to chase her liberty. She there meets one of her father's private investigators and there a typical movie romance starts. But the events of the movie are really entertaining and also suggest a message for those girls who are chasing their liberty or whatever.

I caught this movie on HBO about two years ago and I enjoyed it pretty much mainly because of Mandy Moore's unique on-screen charisma and her beauty. Also, the story has enough elements to be considered as entertaining and funny.

I recommend this movie for those who can enjoy light humor and some clichés from teen flicks.
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At least Mandy Moore has a great smile!
TheMovieMark14 June 2004
"So Stephanie's at a wrestling event," said Amber, my 16-year-old sister, "and you're watching 'Chasing Liberty.' What's wrong with this picture?"

It's a good question, and it's one I'm scared to answer. Stephanie's coworkers had an extra (and FREE) ticket to WWE's Raw and asked if she wanted to go. Much to my chagrin (because I faced the very scary prospect of watching the screening of "Chasing Liberty" by myself) she wanted to go. So I said, "Have a good time!" and proceeded to beg my sister to go to the movie screening. Thankfully, she did. However, that doesn't change the fact that I've now seen more Romantic Comedies within the last year than I have in my previous 27 years combined. I am not turning into a girl, I am NOT turning into a girl, I AM NOT TURNING INTO A GIRL!

And you know, I'd love to be all macho and talk about how horrible this movie is all while flexing my biceps and muscle-bouncing my pecs, but I have to admit that the movie *swallows manly pride* isn't awful. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't a great movie in any way, but I happen to think that Mandy Moore has a likable screen presence. Plus, I think she's cute and therefore that helped me sit through this. Because, you know, I'm a guy and um, macho guys can watch a girly movie as long as a cute girl is in it! Yeah!

My main problem with the movie is the lame dialogue. "Do you think they'll shoot me if I kiss you?" "No, but I will if you don't." Yeah, how about you just shoot *me* and sort it out later. It's also annoying how Mandy Moore drops little pump-fisting tidbits of you-can-do-it "wisdom" throughout the movie. "The things that you're scared of are usually the most worthwhile." And I heard that a stitch in time saves nine.

Not surprisingly, this is a pretty predictable movie. Mandy Moore rebels. Matthew Goode helps her escape. It turns out that Matthew is working for the secret service. He doesn't tell Mandy. They fall in love. Cheesy pop songs fill the air. Mandy finds out Matthew lied and storms off. And well, do I really need to tell you how it ends? No, I didn't think so.

Speaking of the cheesy pop songs, man, things started off so well with Mandy dancing around to Tom Petty's "American Girl." But aside from a Chris Isaak song later in the movie, the rest were pure Velveeta. It's a standard formula for these types of movies: "Uh-oh, we've had 10 minutes of lame dialogue, we need 20 seconds of a sappy love song. STAT!"

If Mandy Moore hadn't been in this movie, then there really wouldn't have been anything to hold my interest. That's not to say the rest of the cast is bad, they just don't do a lot for me. Matthew Goode is all right I suppose. I'll admit that he's better than your typical teenage movie pretty boy, but what's up with his perpetual expression of confusion? He just walked around most the time with a vacant stare and would often look off to the side as if he was trying to find a way to escape his surroundings. I found myself doing the same thing a couple of times, but Mandy Moore would suck me right back into the movie. Oh, and note to the producers: escaping from the secret service on a moped doesn't help anybody's tough guy image.

Jeremy Piven and Annabella Sciorra are quarreling Secret Service Agents who do the best they can with the cheesy material they're given, and Mark Harmon fails to turn the cinematic world on its ear with his Presidential portrayal. He wasn't bad, but you could've put just about anybody in the role and gotten the same effect.

The movie runs a little too long. I think 90 minutes would suffice. This thing is almost 2 hours long, and there's just really no need.


This is a Romantic Comedy that contains a predictable romance plot and is only occasionally funny. It's worth a matinee price at best, and I'd really recommend saving it for a rental. Better yet, just catch it when it eventually airs on TV.

If you're a teenage girl, a Mandy Moore fan, or someone who loves cute romantic comedies no matter how cheesy or predictable they are, then you'll probably enjoy this. If you're a guy, then please don't see this alone. If your significant other wants to see it, then make sure and tell her that she "owes you" and then quietly enjoy watching Mandy Moore for a couple of hours.
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Enjoyable comedy & beautiful landscapes
the-movie-guy7 January 2004
Mandy Moore plays Anna Foster, the 18 year-old daughter of the President of the United States (Mark Harmon). She has a dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without an army of Secret Service agents around her at all times. The movie begins with Anna going on a first date, and the Secret Service agents ruining it. On a trip to Europe, Anna ditches the Secret Service agents and meets Ben (Matthew Goode). Anna thinks she is finally free to live like other teenagers, and she sets out to tour Europe with Ben, with whom she falls in love. This is a lighthearted, enjoyable comedy. The story is thin, but the landscapes of Europe are beautiful. (Warner Brothers Pictures, Run Time 2:00, Rated PG-13) 4/10
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A run-of-the-mill teen movie with beautiful scenery
freakezette24 January 2004
I'm not going to say I went to this movie with any expectations, I'm not that foolish. I knew it was for 13 year old girls, and if I had to write down what the major plot points would be before I actually saw the movie, I think I would have had a pretty accurate list.

What drove me to the theater was Mandy Moore, She gave a surprising good performance in "A Walk to Remember", and you have to admire a pop princess who chooses to dye her hair brown.

Unfortunately, and I think this is more writing than Mandy's acting, her character Anna Foster is not very likable at all. She's going through the typical Disney princess "I want to see how the other side lives" phase, but her rebellion strangely includes wanting to drink as much as possible, making out with strange boys, and the need to go to the "Love Festival." A tad risque for the target audience if you ask me.

Anna's love interest, Ben (Matthew Goode) is a little more likable, and though his character succumbs to bad lines, Matthew's crooked smile and overall charisma shines through, and I hope to see him in more (and better) films.

Jeremy Piven and Annabella Sciorra play Anna's bodyguards who have to chase Anna around Europe, and oddly enough, their scenes and interactions with each other are way more entertaining and interesting than what's going on with Anna and Ben.

The highlight of the movie is the Beautiful locations of Prague, Venice, and Germany. If I got nothing else from the movie, it was probably a deepened desire to travel around Europe.

A number of people have made the obvious comparison between this movie and Roman Holiday (which is an excellent film, and one of my favorites), and I'm going to go a step farther and say this flick was like a combo of two Disney TV Movies from 1998, "My Date with the Presidents Daughter" and "Sabrina (the teenage witch) goes to Rome." One had the beautiful European scenery, and the other had, well, the Presidents daughter rebelling while dragging along a guy. The thing that makes these two movies superior to Chasing Liberty is that they were free.
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Chasing Liberty
saltunian1 February 2005
I am adding my comment as I was disappointed in the only one listed, mainly because it didn't give credit to the two real actors, Mandy Moore and Mathew Goode, and to the locations used. I am not sure who Stark Sands is, and I saw the movie a couple of times. But Martin Hancock as McGruff will definitely make you smile. I was enchanted by Prague and Venice, as presented in this movie while the two actors gave credibility to the two very improbable characters. I hope we will see Mathew Goode in many more movies in US. This one is a charming light movie and the chemistry between the actors makes it a pleasure to watch. For those who love to travel or did so as youngsters, or never did but wish they could have, this is a movie to warm your hearts.
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Even better than I'd hoped
m_l_w12 January 2004
I've read several reviews of Chasing Liberty and it seems you'll either love it or hate it. Personally, I loved it. Sure, it's a bit clichéd and predictable at parts, but it's still fabulous. Some are even comparing it to Roman Holiday - a classic and one of my all time favorite movies.

I actually went to see this movie on opening day then found myself back in the theater for it again just two days later. I thought Mandy Moore did quite a good job acting (except for one scene near the beginning that seemed a little overdone) and Matthew Goode was fabulous in this role (and I'm not just saying that because I happened to notice his extremely good looks...of course I won't deny it may have influenced my opinion just a smidge). The chemistry between the two actors on screen was excellent, there's a great mix of comedy, romance and drama throughout, plus brilliantly chosen songs to go along with every part of the movie.

All this, plus many other positive aspects, leads me to believe that despite the less than shining reviews it has gotten, this is still the perfect feel-good and completely romantic chick flick I've seen in awhile and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for something fun and easy to watch.
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agentquill1914 January 2004
Though I'm not a Mandy Moore fan, I did enjoy the movie. Matthew Goode was wonderful and really cute and HOT! Hope to see him in more movies

Jeremy Piven and Annabella Sciorra were adorable as the Secret Service agents trying to find Mandy. The premise was predictable and Mandy's acting wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either. She has a decent career ahead of her.

It was a sweet movie, exactly what you'd expect it to be, but entertaining for a couple of hours.
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One of my favorite movie
ismailje20 April 2018
I have watched this movie, i don't know how many times, but each time i felt that watching it first time. The pair of Matthew and mandy for this movie is perfect, both have played their part very well. The music, especially base songs are great, soon i will watch this movie again.
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Wonderful Romantic movie
adesunandar8 April 2018
I have watched it over 10 times and still got the feeling. Mandy moore is really adorable and good acting and Matthew goode is really handsome and cute... his eyes really make me jealoussy.

the music at concert and puccini is really lovable.

over All I like this movie so much
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Almost but no Cigar!
cjandvj-125 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Chasing Liberty is not merely a coming of age story that pays homage to Roman Holiday. It is not a teen flick. It is a double love story that is perfect for any aged romantic! There is first love and forever love. The casting director earns a perfect 10 for this one! Matthew Goode is a wonderful surprise. He brings an aura to the screen reminiscent of the leading men of the Old Hollywood when they were young - his height, his look, and his voice remind you of a young Cary Grant/Gregory Peck combo. The music is well chosen for both the European geography and energy of the film. The postcards add a fun element visually to the summer vacation scrapbook theme. There is one nagging flaw to this film. Anyone who has the DVD knows the editor cut the guts out of one scene - where Agent Calder secures the bike (one sees most or all of the hacked scene on the DVD as a deleted scene). But there is an ever bigger scene that is missing entirely from the movie. A blatant hole in the continuity of the film. The viewer listens to President Foster as he delivers a speech to his only child, his daughter about Agent Calder and yet the viewer is left guessing - did the President meet and speak with Agent Calder? How does the President know anything about Agent Calder's passions? How and when does Agent Calder win the President's approval? Matthew Goode makes a remark on the commentary there was a scene that was never filmed between the himself and Mark Harmon, who plays President Foster. That must be the missing scene and the director's decision to not do that scene compromises the last two scenes of the movie and degrades the entire movie. If that scene was in, the movie would be a 10. Without it, and with the hacked bike scene, it losses a point It actually should have lost at least 2 points but the actors performances bring it up a notch to a 9!
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Another teen movie that adds nothing new to the genre
christian12313 November 2004
Pop singer Mandy Moore plays Anna Foster, the 18-year-old daughter of the President in this romantic comedy set in Europe, as she tries to ditch her Secret Service handlers to enjoy a bit of fun and romance with her new boyfriend (Matthew Goode).

It's pretty obvious that not a lot of thought went into this film. The whole thing is pretty generic and predictable. It's all been done before and it's all been done much better. I really only watched Chasing Liberty because my girlfriend wanted to watch it. We both ended up not liking it. The whole film was just very dull and pointless. I know its just a harmless chick flick but that doesn't mean it should be so lifeless. Most of the film is just Mandy Moore running around Europe with two security guards watching after her. The subplot with the two security guards is the only interesting aspect this film has to offer, Unfortunately, the subplot doesn't take up much screen time.

The acting is just as generic as the script. Mandy Moor is a decent actress but here she's completely dull. Her acting is so unconvincing and wooden though she does appear to be having fun and this helps a little. Mark Harmon plays her father and he gives a bland performance. The only person to give a good performance is Jeremy Piven. He plays one of the security guards and he's the only thing keeping the film together. Director Andy Cadiff moves things at a really slow pace and he will put the audience to sleep fast. He usually just directs fluff like Growing Pains so that's not much of a surprise.

I think the worst part about the movie is the music. It's so corny and annoying. If no one was talking then some cheesy song would be playing. It's almost like they wanted to punish their audience with all the bad music and acting. Surprisingly, the running time is only 105 minutes. Of course, it feels much longer and a lot of this stuff could have been edited. Also, I don't think teens will really like this movie because it's probably too long for them. It's not mature enough for an adult audience so the only people that will like this film are fans of Mandy Moore. Make that only die hard fans of Mandy Moore. In the end, this generic teen film is worth skipping. Rating 3/10
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Best film
leftyguns22 March 2005
Of all of the films that I have seen recently"Chasing Liberty" has to have been the best. Mandy Moore was stunning, as were her co-stars in particular Jeremy Piven, and Annabella Sciorra as the secret service agents assigned to her. This film is the story of the daughter of the President of the United States she's witty , beautiful, intelligent , sociable, what many would consider an ideal woman/girl. she wants freedom to go out on dates, and experience life , like any other teenager. This is the problem now. the daughter of a president cannot just get up and go, and plans are made by both her and her father the president( without each one knowing what the other is doing). Plans are set in motion during a trip to Prague. With the assistance of the daughter of a French Ambassador she eludes her escorts and sets out on an odyssey thought Europe, accompanied by a mysterious stranger. What happens next is too much , and too interesting to give away.

This film contains a subplot that is as interesting as the main feature itself, this subplot involves her main Secret service Escorts, played by Jeremy Piven , As Agent Weiss, and Annabella Sciorra as Agent Morales. They realize their mutual attraction for each other while tracking the first daughter through Europe. The chemistry that develops between them is something that makes this film sort of a "film within a film".

This film is number one on the must see list.
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Well made movie
tmnichols24 January 2005
Very charming with a simple yet elegant tale. It shares some of the world class charm of some of Europe's most beautiful places with a warm tale of people falling in love. Mandy Moore does an excellent job of portraying her role as a frustrated daughter of a president...that's a tough role to play. Her partner does a great job of maintaining the proper perspective between keeping it cool and freaking out. I thought the admission of love she asks of him after the bungee jumping could have been done a bit better but other than that, it kept my attention. Of course, Mandy taking her clothes off three times helps, too. The other characters (the super spies) falling in love works well.
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Bland, generic teen romance
CuriosityKilledShawn27 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to Mandy Moore, I loved A Walk to Remember and Saved but I'm afraid there's nothing new or interesting about Chasing Liberty. A girl who just happens to be the President's daughter (one of those safe, non-mass-murdering, non-greed-driven, non-corrupt President's that only exist in movies) escapes her parents clutches to go off on an unrestricted journey of self-discovery yadda yadda yadda.

But here's the catch, the man she's travelling with is working for her dad. Gee, do you think she'll be heartbroken when she finds out? How utterly predictable. The romance blossoming between the two agents tailing her (Annabella Sciorra and the great Jeremy Piven) is more interesting but hardly brilliance.

Her journey across Europe isn't even that interesting and she meets nothing more than assortment of stereotypes along the way. If a Euro-travelogue movie is what your after than go for European Vacation.

The movie is presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen with Dolby 5.1 sound and a bunch of extras I so do not care for. Sorry Mandy, I am unimpressed this time.
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Is Anyone This Stupid?
UACW12 October 2006
There's a sequel planned. It's called 'Chasing the Liberties' and it will star Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. They'll be the twin daughters of the US president and see all their dreams crushed on a double date in town. Then the entire family will fly to the Czech Republic and the 'Liberties' will escape, running into two mysterious 23 year olds named Benuno and Bendue.

People aren't really this stupid. The studios want to believe they are and if they keep hammering away at preteen pea brains, maybe people will eventually succumb.

This is a preteen girl flick. You can know because it starts with lots of close-ups of MM putting on lipstick and mascara and then segues to shots of her trying on different kits for her Big Date. As MM has absolutely no innate charm, beauty, or sophistication, it can't be meant for red blooded males. It HAS to be a preteen girl flick.

You travel to four supposedly big hotspots on the Eurorail tour. Wow, what sophistication. And if seeing MM wander around these magnificent places isn't enough to jar your senses, wait to see how she acts (clue: there's no acting - it's just a succession of postcard shots with the cameras moving around) and hear what she says on the audio commentary (if you can last that long).

MM is an ambassador for the US all right: in her wee nutshell size brain she epitomises everything everyone hates about the US and everything that's wrong with that country and people of her incredible ilk.

Go see French Kiss instead.

PS. The answer to the title riddle is 'yes, one - MM'.
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Are we to overlook how bad it is because it is geared towards kids?
Mr_Vai12 May 2005
This is one of those age-old questions. You see a film that is horridly written and acted. The characters are poorly developed and as shallow as the kiddie pool. The story involves just a number of helicopter shots of the characters having fun in foreign cities, while bad music plays. It literally looks like one of those Brady Bunch television shows when they go out and shoot on location. You know, the music is playing while Marcia tries on a goofy hat and the sisters look on in laughter. BUT, fans will say, oh you, it was a sweet movie made for young people. What kind of young people? Stupid young people? I'm sorry, a bad movie is a bad movie, period. I am giving it a 1, I'm sure that my 1 will be balanced by the numerous stup...erhhh...young people that will be giving it a 10.
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