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History-making in its own way
Canada81326 November 2003
This show, while on the surface may seem like just another overseas wrestling show, is somewhat history making in that it features Americans such as Ric Flair, 2 Cold Scorpio, the Steiner Brothers, the Road Warriors, and Scott Norton stepping foot on North Korean soil. Think about that. There have probably been fewer than 100 Americans to have been allowed into North Korea over the last 53 years since the Korean War, and a high percentage of them have been professional wrestlers. Presidents have not been there, statesmen and politicians have not been there, even athletes from more "reputable" sports such as basketball, baseball, or soccer have not been there, but 2 Cold Scorpio has been to North Korea. Kind of amazing, isn't it?
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Unique wrestling PPV
cjclouse19 December 2018
A pretty unique par per view to say and one event that has never been shown on WWE network and a known for showing people in the iron curtain in north korea the magic of pro wrestling.
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Interesting PPV because of the Korea, but only 3 matches entertained me
amanwhorocks3 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Mike Tenay, finally.

1. Too Cold Scorpio Vs. Chris Benoit - Very well chosen opener. Quite short match won Benoit. 7/10

2. Tokimitsu Ishizawa Vs Yuji Nagata - Classic chain match - arm-bars, holds, etc. 6.5/10

3. El Samurai/Tadao Yasuda Vs. Masa Chono/Hiro Saito - Nothing special occurred, usual tag match. Chono's team won. 6/10

4. Bull Nakano/Akira Hokuto Vs. Manami Toyota/Mariko Yoshida - Full of action, I like it. 7/10

5. IWGP World Title Match: Scott Norton Vs. Champ-Shinya Hashimoto - Kinda slow match, ended with draw. 6/10

6. Road Warrior Hawk Vs. Tado Yasuda - Short sloppy match. 5.5/10

7. Steiner Brothers Vs. Hiroshi Hase/Kensuke Sasaki - Decent match with nice suplexes by the Steiners! Camera missed the finishing move, blah. 8/10

8. Ric Flair Vs. Antonio Inoki - Inoki Won. 6/10
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