Hard Ground (TV Movie 2003) Poster

(2003 TV Movie)

David Figlioli: Billy Bucklin


  • [McKay refuses to join Billy after his gang has killed the men guarding the wagon in which they were being transported to prison] 

    Billy Bucklin : What about you?

    John McKay : I'll see you in hell, Billy.

    Billy Bucklin : Hell's bound to be a better place than Yuma prison.

  • Billy Bucklin : Gold buys things. This time it's goin' to buy power. Billy Bucklin, Numero Uno. I'll have an army, not just some celebrated gunsels lookin' for beans and booze.

    Floyd : Ha! I bet you this Jesus Navarro, he's got some idea about who's goin' to be Numero Uno.

    Billy Bucklin : Floyd, I told you before - I give the orders and I do the thinkin', so sit light in your saddle and don't bruise your brain.

  • Billy Bucklin : Meantime, you boys fort up at Smithson's old homestead. Sit tight.

    Floyd : I ain't likin' this one bit.

    Billy Bucklin : Likin' and doin' it are two different things, Secundo.

  • General Navarro : Colonel Bucklin - that has a good sound to it, no?

    Billy Bucklin : General sounds better.

  • [Billy and his gang ambush General Navarro's men] 

    Floyd : I thought you and he were going to be partners, Billy.

    Billy Bucklin : I did it for you, Floyd. With Navarro in the saddle and me ridin' beside him, that'd make you Number Three. You couldn't be my Secundo anymore. We can't have that, can we?

  • Billy Bucklin : Bucklin's Legion is now open. Line 'em up and sign 'em up. C'mon, boys!

    Floyd : Step right up, gents, and make your mark! C'mon, draw your pay. How much ya payin', Billy?

    Billy Bucklin : Twenty dollar gold pieces and a fair share of the spoils!

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