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A fantastic gaming experience
Kunzai27 February 2003
Brilliant game!

I'm a big fan of both the books and the movies, and now this game! It is fun to play, and challenging yet not too challenging. The graphics are spectacular, and the live action movie shots make you feel like you're really there with the characters. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes Lord of the Rings!

Also, the title is a little misleading; the game doesn't take place just during the Two Towers plot, in fact you play out scenes from the first film as well, and the very first scene you play is actually as Isildur fighting with the last alliance of elves and men. Both scary and breathtaking when CGI Sauron turns into the live action version of himself!

Based entirely on the film, unlike the Fellowship of the Ring game, this game perfectly blends gaming with film footage, and is a joy to play. It is never boring, and each new level advances you significantly through the story.

As for the characters, Aragorn is the main one here; you can only play him to fight the Nazgul at Weathertop (they are scary, but it's great when you set them all on fire!) and he is the most well-rounded character to play, having especially good fighting skills. Gimli is great with his axe, and can chop enemies down to size in one go, but he's not so great with the running. Legolas is your best bet if you're good with shooting and evading, but he isn't very strong in combat. Although all the characters available to a level can win that level, sometimes certain characters are suited better to each.

All in all a fantastic gaming experience, definately one of the better games out there on the shelves.
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Cool game
stanclimbfll27 March 2003
I have this game for the Gameboy Advance, and I enjoy it immensly. You can play as either Aragorn, Frodo, Gandalf, Legolas, or Eowyn. I like playing Legolas because it is easy with a bow. I think playing as Frodo and Eowyn is the most difficult, but I have finished the game as all four characters many times, and I still have not gotten bored. This game rocks!
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Fun Game, and Good Companion to the Film...
fearfulofspiders24 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings films, and have recently began reading Tolkien's work. Along with that, I have been playing what games are available for The Lord of the Rings, and as of 2002, The Two Towers has been the first to be enjoyable -- unlike the ridiculous version of the The Fellowship of the Ring that was released by a different company other than EA Games.

The gameplay is very simple, and depending on the difficulty level, a gamer may find easy-to-forgive flaws, and some added bonuses for dedicated playing. The levels require a degree of strategy, as some levels -- primarily the final battle at Helm's Deep and the trek through Fangorn Forest -- may prove the use of an online walk-through.

As a companion piece to The Two Towers (and a little of The Fellowship of the Ring), this game is very good at maintaining the atmosphere and settings of the films. The characters (though with more ninja-like moves) are nicely detailed, and with varying combat moves, there's a lot to enjoy.

Overall, while definitely not up to some of the more hardcore gamers' tastes, as movie-games tend to be easier than the average RPG, The Two Towers is a nice welcome to those with a PlayStation 2, Xbox, or Gamecube.
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Almost less fun than watching the over-rated movies
davideo-231 March 2003
STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

It's a shame to have to write a lousy review for my first ever reviewed video game on this site,but here it is.It opens with an unnecessary and dead boring prologue about how the rings were forged and how Lord Sauron poured all his venom and hatred into the ring he got handed,which you can't skip past no matter how many bloody times you hit the START button.When it eventually gets into gameplay mode,it's in the middle of a heated battle.With loads of people fighting.Boy,that makes it really easy to tell who it is you're supposed to be playing ,doesn't it?When you eventually find your game play character,battle is certainly very frenetic,and this was almost certainly the game makers intention.Well,fantastic guys,but,er,slight problem.It really starts to wear your thumbs out after a while.Long before the level's finished,in fact.And the same can be said for the next level,where you are required to relentlessly attack figures in long dark coats (or 'foul beings',as,er,Aragon calls them) ,with the intention of supposedly pushing them backward into a mini campfire thingie.I was unable to get past this level,because my thumbs just kunner' take no more.But it just remains to be said that,despite quite impressive graphics,unlike Blade 2,in this instance the translation to game has helped a disliked film become no less disliked,and,in this case,made me no less a 'ringophile' than I was before.**
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I have a question
srenie18 May 2006
I have seen this movie probably a thousand times,,no joke...I have to say this was one of the most incredible movies I have ever seen,,will go down as a true classic...I have one question though, in "The Two Towers", when Sam and Frodo are talking, Sam asks Frodo : "do you know who you sound like?" ,,it is the scene when Sam is calling Smeigle names and Frodo gets upset with him,,,I may have missed it but who does he sound like???? Is it Smeigle??? A huge thumbs up for all who were involved in the making. I probably watch the whole series four times a month. To make it worse, even though I can speak along with the actors and actresses, I find something different or something I've missed every time I watch it. CONGRATS TO ALL INVOLVED!!!!!!
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