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Nice Portrayal of Porn...
cwatts-223 February 2005
I rented this film initial because I heard that this film handled the adult film industry as it exists, stripping away the fantasy and negative exploitative stigma that many previous films portrayed. I also heard James Woods gave a great performance in this film not to mention the thought that I may get to see some very attractive eye candy. And in all accounts I was right. James Woods does a knock out job in this movie and yes you get to see some very attractive naked girls. Not to mention a male full Monty scene that really goes all the way. I know it sounds like a cheesy two bit soft core film, but the story moves fast and the portrayal of a porn star is shown with insight and strength. The film is really about finding yourself and personal growth. The film did a great job of acknowledging its subject and dealt with it as it is; a business. The lead actress was also very strong, which is unusual for a film like this. The nudity may be sexual in nature but isn't really meant to be erotic. The nudity is used to add to the story and is never used unless it has a purpose. Where many films have attempted this, this movie that no one has seen or heard of, did a great job with handling this subject. Well written and interesting, 4 Stars! If you really want to see a good film that deals with the adult industry as it exists, I highly recommend this film.
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This Is The Story Of Moon, A Porn Star Who Has Her Priorities Straight.
BigHardcoreRed27 January 2005
This Girl's Life is the story of a not so average porn star and her not so average life. She makes it known right off the bat that she has not been abused by her father, uncle or priest and she is not on drugs or any of the other things you hear about your average porn star. In fact, she seems to be a very well adjusted young woman who has about 99% of her priorities in line. This is the story of Moon, played by a positively ravishing Juliette Marquis.

Moon's mother died in a car accident when she was young and takes care of her father who has Parkinson's Disease and is willing to drop anything she is doing if he needs her. She even meets a guy that seems to suit her on a blind date while she struggles with wondering whether or not he was told what she does for a living and if that is in fact, the reason he is there. He turns out to be a decent guy and it seems Moon has everything going in the right direction for her. She just happens to be a porn star.

There are hardly any negative characters in this movie. For the most part, everyone gets along and is likable to the viewer. The character development could have been a bit better. I knew who everyone was but did not know most of the names. Maybe I should pay closer attention but I had to figure out most of the character names from this site. Moon shows no attitude of being a successful porn star and even her boss, Aronson (played by Tomas Arana) was a likable guy. Later in the movie, a friend of Moon's asks her to hit on her boyfriend to see if he would cheat on her if given the opportunity and you get a few unlikeable characters once this happens (good job by Michael Rapaport). This is also where the movie takes a bit of a darker turn, but nothing huge.

Juliette Marquis is a very good actress who has the looks and talent to become the next big thing in Hollywood. I believe she just needs her "big break". I truly hope to see big things come of her.

James Woods was Pops, the Parkison's ridden father, who played that part to a tee. I compare his performance here to Edward Norton's in The Score. Woods proves he is an incredible actor.

All in all, I could give this movie pretty high recommendations. The ending was a bit anti-climatic and I was a little let down by it, but the rest of the movie makes up for it. This is the first movie I have seen by director, Ash, and I will make it a point to see more of his movies. 8/10
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Not as great as the reviews
bushing-118 April 2005
Ebert and Roeper gave this two thumbs up and were very impressed with the lead actress. On that basis I rented the video. This was an interesting film in that it portrayed a likable individual with some good (but often indirect) character development as the porn star. Although there were semi-graphic sexual scenes, they were not gratuitous and were integral to the development of the story.

I found myself generally interested in most of the primary characters. The film presented them with enough depth to make them intriguing. I have not seen any other films depicting the porn industry and its stars that I can think of, so I can't compare it to "the competition." I actually know a few people who have worked in this industry, and felt the characters depicted were consistent with the people I know.

The lead actress did give a credible performance. I was interested in how her life evolved on screen, in the decisions she made, etc. She was also quite attractive which helped maintain the interest.

At the end I found I was questioning myself as to whether I truly enjoyed the film or not. In some ways it exceeded my expectations, but I didn't feel it lived up to E & R's highly positive review.
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Great Movie With a Less-Than-Great Ending
GZahn20 October 2003
In fact, "This Girl's Life" seems to be two movies: first, it works over the relationships of internet pornstar Moon and the world around her - this part is truly great, with very well-constructed characters (specially Moon herself and her ill father, played by James Woods) and cleverly avoiding making judgements about anything; the second, which comes up on the final third of the movie, is clearly weaker, more moralist and somehow desconstructing the characters so wonderfully built on the first part.

All in all, a movie that deserves to be seen... but it's just a shame that the end isn't just a bit less "common"...
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Underrated Movie
claudio_carvalho11 April 2009
The porn star Moon (Juliette Marquis) spends her time working, nursing her widowed father (James Woods) that has Parkinson disease and with her friends Jessie (Kam Heskin) and Martine (Rosario Dawson). Her boss Aronson (*Tomas Arana) gives a new contract to Moon to be signed. Moon has a blind date with Jessie's friend Kip (Kip Pardue) and they feel a great attraction for each other. When Jessie asks Moon to test the fidelity of her boy-friend, Moon decides to offer the service to other customers. But when she meets the dangerous Terry (Michael Rapaport), she reevaluates her life and her relationship with Skip.

"This Girl's Life" is an underrated movie that follows the pattern of Ken Russell's "Whore", with the lead actress talking to the camera like in a documentary. This is the first work that I have seen from the director Ash and the gorgeous actress Juliette Marquis and I liked what I have seen. The story begins with frontal male nude (I do not like to see penis wherever) but in a perfect timing and insertion in the context. James Woods proves again that he is one of the most underrated actor in Hollywood, with an amazing performance of a man with Parkinson disease. But the star of this movie is the unknown and extremely sexy and gorgeous Juliette Marquis that has a magnificent performance in the role of a porn star. Her body is astonishing, her eyes and face are impressively beautiful and she can act with a stunning performance! I am looking forward to have a chance to see her again. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Maiores de 18" ("Greater than 18" literally, meaning "Rated-18")
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A great Woods performance
lastliberal4 June 2007
I like James Woods, and I thought his performance in this film as a father with Parkinson's was outstanding. The lead, Juliette Marquis, is fairly new, and also did a great job. I was really touched watching her stop her life at times to care for her father, ass-wiping and all.

Rosario Dawson made a couple of brief appearances talking about the porn life, and gave some brilliant comments.

This is not really a "porn" movie, but a drama shot in documentary style showing the life of someone in the internet porn business. Even leaving has consequences as Michael Rapaport suspiciously shows up just as she was walking out; and he was not a happy man. I wonder who tipped him off? It was a good story and worth the time.
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This is a 'real' film...
buiger25 January 2007
I liked this film, mainly because of it's "real life" feeling. It plays out almost like a documentary. It is populated by real people who have real problems in real situations. I think Ebert says all about this film in just one phrase: '"This Girl's Life" is an imperfect movie with so many moments of truth that you forgive its stumbles.'

That's about it, this is a very realistic, believable film with a couple of excellent performances by Juliette Marquis and James Woods. The Direction by Ash (who has also written and produced this movie) is also worthy of mention.

Definitely worth watching!
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Better than it has a right to be.
rmax30482312 April 2006
After the success of the inexpensively made trade movie "Boogie Nights," one might expect a series of even cheaper and less skillful ripoffs. The usual trajectory for ripoffs would be more sex and less character.

I suppose in some ways, we wouldn't have "This Girl's Life" if we hadn't had "Boogie Nights," but this film is actually pretty good. If the earlier film was mostly an ensemble effort, this one depends on Juliette Marquis. We see things almost exclusively from her point of view. She's a porn star with a heart of gold and some brains. It sounds like a cliché, but she pulls it off okay. She's not exactly beautiful but she is sexy and exotic and has a nasal voice that sometimes drops into the lower register.

But Marquis gets surprisingly good support from such mainstream players as Rosario Dawson, and adequate support from Cheyenne Silver, a genuine star of sex films who has a fresh-faced attractiveness that suggests she grew up on a farm and fed on nothing but cream and ripe strawberries. Anyone who wants to see what she looks like all over can easily have his curiosity satisfied with a bit of effort.

James Woods is super as Pops, Marquis' father who is stricken with Parksinson's disease. He's a courageous actor, wandering around in public with what seems to be an enormous head and a shrunken flabby body. The only investment of ego on display is his talent.

If "Boogie Nights" showed us that the sex movie industry of the 1970s was like a family, "This Girl's Life" demonstrates that the family is not entirely functional these days. The head of the studio keeps carrying on paternally about how we are all one big -- incestuous -- family, but when he wants one of his girls to do something that she does not want to do, he prompts her to do a line of coke and shoves her roughly against a wall. Spare the rod and spoil the child, you know.

The director has Marquis talk directly to the camera on several occasions, as if this were a reality TV show. She shows us how a microvideocamera works, a "spy camera" like that used in police and FBI stings. And there are times when scenes appear as if shot with one of those tiny cameras, all fuzzy and with horizontal lines. Not sure what the point of that was. And I'm not sure what happens to Pop either. His case seems to be hanging in the air at the end when, after a violent encounter with a man whose life Marquis has just professionally put an end to, she takes off with her naive young monogamous lover.

I assume -- I HOPE -- that she finally got back to taking care of Pops, because his disorder is rather advanced and it would take him an hour to peel a banana.

In any case, the very amateurishness of some of the performances contributes to the documentary feel of the film, but it's a documentary that is emotionally charged.

A surprise, well worth watching.
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a brilliant drama that touches my heart!
movie_312 August 2005
i watched the movie last night at a local film society in my own a member of this society, i was a little bit confused about the movie if it might be full of nudity without any strong story line and acting,i thought it might be any B grade before watching this film, i collected several informations about this film from yeah, i was right. it not that type of movie that i is different like one of my favorite movie "Boogie Nights".

the story line of this movie is about a porn star named "moon"(Juliette marques).from her own point of view, we enter the inner side of porn industry, her relations with so-called modern society, her own father, friends and her values.

the script, music, direction and acting are brilliant.especially i want to mention the character "moon" in which plays a brilliant new comer actress Juliette marques. welcome her to the world cinema.her looking, ways of facial expressions and acting are very normal that could be very plus point for her acting career. and i like James woods also for playing the character "pops".

finally, i also want to give thanks to director ash for making such a brilliant adult drama.

i would like to rate this movie: 8 out of 10.
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Drama with Sex Appeal
mligorio3 November 2008
With her beauty and intelligence it should be easy for Moon (Juliette Marquis) to enjoy a successful career, have plenty of friends and find true love, even if she is burdened by her handicapped father. While her sex appeal is a valuable asset, so many of the men she meets are selfish, dishonest, and abusive. Can we expect them to want anything other than money or sex from a porn star? What begins as Moon's personal narrative of this brief period in her life gradually becomes a psychological drama, providing a cynical and somewhat realistic perspective on the modern sex culture; wanton sex, deception, and sexually transmitted diseases. James Woods (Pops) adds a fair dose of slapstick comedy and vulgar humor.

I gave this movie a 7. Juliette Marquis is above average in both the sex appeal and acting skill categories; a combination that is hard to find. James Woods does an impressive impersonation of a Parkinson's patient, and the supporting actors are good enough to sell what to me is a relatively novel story that is a little too far fetched and biased.

The take home message seems to be that women are honest and hardworking, while men get what they want by lying, cheating and, if need be, through brute force. Overall, women are smarter and more capable but, fortunately for men, they are also caring and compassionate; otherwise, who would be there to wipe a pathetic helpless man's ass? I guess it's not too surprising that this movie is especially popular among teenage girls.
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chmnig9 January 2006
I saw the movie and was a little impressed but not really satisfied. When I first saw the movie I thought it was going to be one of those softcore porn like movies on cinemax. But it really shocked me to find all those hot actors and actresses playing along.James Woods,Isaiah Washington, and especially my favorite Rosario Dawson! The movie is about a famous porn actress named,Moon, who is the main character and narrator of the movie. She tells about her life as a porn star and how it affects her while caring for her ill fated father,James Woods.Not to mention some other problems that begin to develop in the process. After all it wasn't something really to talk about. Just an exciting to see some of the sex scenes.And I just thought it was pretty cool that all the hot stars participated.
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granted Juliette IS hot
movieman_kev1 June 2005
A 'slice of life' of a web-porn star who acts like so has it all together. She juggles a career in porn, caring for her Parkinson stricken father, and later a side job as a sex investigator. Why oh why is this film getting praised?? It's OK, but nothing special. I really do think all the people who absolutely fawn over this film are blinded by Juliette Marquis's beauty (I admit she IS stunning), but that is hardly enough to life this made for cable flick up from the mediocrity of being merely average.. James Woods is pretty much always great, however here he's a bit wasted. And to top it all off it get SO bad towards the end.

My Grade: C

Eye Candy: Sung Hi Lee shows breasts; both Cheyenne Silver and Juliette Marquis shows boobs, bush, and buns

For the ladies: 5 peni (the plural of penis)
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i've seen it
czechlucka116 July 2003
i've seen this movie on Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2003 and i must say it was very good. James Woods did really good job as Moon's father and i was kinda suprised he even played in the movie 'cause it seemed to me as really small indie movie. before the screening the director Ash came and said few words about the movie and after there was debate with him and Juliette Marquis the actress who played Moon. i don't know what else to say then that it was very interesting, funny and sometimes really sweet movie even it was kinda opened in some scenes. in the debate there was question about censors in US 'cause of the nudity but i don't think you can do movie about porn star and have no nudity in it, so if censors will give the movie some harsh rating 'cause of it i think a lot of younger people will miss one of best movies i've seen this year.
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williamwolfe5 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
There's an interesting movie to be made about a woman who chooses to work in the adult film industry, not because she's emotionally damaged, but because she likes the money and community she finds there. But this isn't that movie. The lead actress lacks the charisma and talent needed to carry a movie that focuses almost entirely on her. As a result, the movie seems to drag more and more the longer it lasts. The secondary story involving her father never meshes with the main story, and the brief scenes with the lead character's friends sharing conversation at a table don't reveal anything, other than an off-putting smugness in the dialogue. (These moments involving her father and her friends do raise the question of how this movie managed to get James Woods and Rosario Dawson to sign on.) The scenes where the lead character works as a professional entrapper, for lack of a better term, do nothing other than make her look like a fool. (Nobody other than a silent movie clown could possibly possess the sexual naiveté necessary to be surprised at the bad consequences created by this job. Actually, come to think of it, this sub-plot could have been the basis for a pretty funny Harold Lloyd silent, had the Production Code of the 1920s allowed it.) The biggest failure for a movie that clearly prides itself on being hip and sophisticated is the ending in which the lead character is chastised just as harshly as any 1950s heroine who dared consider sexual independence would have been. It's not necessary to endorse her choice of professions, but it's possible to examine the downside of that choice without adopting the moralistic tone used by the filmmakers.

Sadly, an interesting subject doesn't guarantee an interesting movie, as is shown by this dull and dull-witted drudgery.
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I liked it & James Woods was great!
blackwingedhorse23 August 2004
I liked that the movie was kept real. In other words it wasn't turned Hollywood. Some of those watching with me said it was boring in parts. I didn't think so. I said, "We are watching her life. Is your life exciting 24/7? No, it isn't." Then they changed their minds because they viewed the movie differently than say an action flick. I thought this was one of James Woods best performances. We all found it sad that it was a piece in a smaller film that most won't get to see. He did an excellent job of playing someone with Parkinson's. In the middle of the movie I went online to see if it mentioned anywhere his actually having Parkinson's because I thought he was that good. That's the difference between a good actor and a great actor.
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Very strange movie
Hirsepaul27 April 2005
The plot: An internet porn-star and her relationship with the world. Doesn't sound that bad, but unfortunately the film doesn't exactly know what he wants to be. A drama? Hm, why is the lead character smiling all the time then? A comedy? No, therefore it's too dramatic. And yes, James Woods is really placed wrong here. The movie has no really interesting or even surprising turning points, no good acting or thrilling music. There seems to be only one thing, that keeps some folks go for it, and that's the fact that this story contains the words porn-star, which indicates some nudity (which you can actually see, at least in an uncut version).
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Juliette Marquis Is Impressive In Her First Film
Desertman8429 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This Girl's Life is a film narrative that revolves around the life of Moon,a porn star that was portrayed by Juliette Marquis in her movie debut. James Woods, Michael Rapaport, Rosario Dawson and Kip Pardue play supporting roles.It was written and directed by Ash.

The story examines the world of a young internet porn superstar named Moon.The drama focuses on Moon's relationships with her father,who is suffering from Parkinson's Disease; her best friend; a potential boyfriend; and her porn producer. Told from her, a new guilt-free, voyeuristic sexuality is explored as the young sex star's world slowly unravels as she tests the boundaries of herself and those closest to her.

This is a good movie that tells the truth.Despite of its many flaws,one can still fully appreciate this film as we get to know the human side of a porn superstar with regards to her relationships,trials,tribulations and the other experiences that she has had.Also,it has great performances from James Woods and Juliette Marquis,who was quite impressive considering its her first movie role.
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She's a moron
kettah9917 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
One of the first things she says at the beginning of the movie is she wasn't abused like you usually think people in the sex industry were but it doesn't have to be abuse; a trauma is a trauma regardless of abuse and her mother committed suicide when she was a child that is a major trauma. even the man she's dating points out that she doesn't feel and won't let him in that would be because she suffered from so much pain as a child when her mother committed suicide and she was numb. I was not abused and did not suffer from that big of a trauma as a child and I have no desire to be in the porn industry! I did find the movie very interesting though to see into her life
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Almost challenging
hbbrowning0123 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This film has a lot to recommend it but we better deal with the disappointments first. After a liberated opening and some three dimensional characters it moves, perhaps inevitably for a Hollywood movie, into a rather clichéd final third where every character is in some way made to pay for their involvement in the porn industry and the 'moral message' is invoked - even the initially avuncular internet mogul wearing devil's horns by the conclusion. Given what began as quite a fresh approach to an undoubtedly morally complex industry it would have been nice were we not exposed to such a whitewash at the end.

And this film does have a lot of promise. The supporting cast is solid and Woods acts his sock off as the Parkinsons afflicted father subtly dealing with the awareness that his daughter is supporting him by working in the sex industry. It is the central performance that really carries the film though. Juliette Marquis's Moon is sensitive, erotic, intelligent, warm and alluring. Her voice overs meld surprising well with the action and her straight to camera digressions seem much fresher than they should for such an over-used device. In the end you will begin this film for her and it is her that carries you through to the end.

A shame then that her, and Woods's, outstanding performances are let down by a rushed and simplistic ending.
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A bold, honest movie taking sex head on
Aarkangel13 October 2006
Refreshing for its full-on, unflinching exploration of issues around sexuality. Juliette Marquise is charismatic and well cast, as are most of the characters - the garage guy and the porn boss, for instance. James Woods' role is very exposed and difficult - he has to make himself ugly and without dignity - which he does in a brave way. The treatment of sex - given that it's a film about pornography - is admirably restrained and non-gratuitous. Ash has a very individual outlook not dissimilar from his cousin Sasha Baron Cohen - saying what people think but are afraid to say, asking the questions we want to ask but dare not.
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aaronbees10 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is an intriguing film that takes a sincere, albeit somewhat convoluted, look at one woman's odyssey in the Internet porn world.

It may seem voyeuristic, but I find it dead-on informative in a slice-of-life manner (such as the scene where Moon is judging the potential men to sleep with and commenting on their ... packages -- priceless and funny and sexy all at once). Ultimately it's about human relationships and the kind of relationships Moon (played by Juliette Marquis, who should rightfully be a star someday) wants and needs in her life. Though I'm not sure the payoff by film's end is all that deep, her journey is an interesting, self-reflective one (part of why I like the voice over and talking into the camera technique Ash employs, though that's not a consistent tool).

The lead actress herself is a breath of fresh air and quite natural. I didn't care much for Woods; though he starts well I think he tends to scene steal (same with Rappaport); the relatively no-name actors, I think, added more depth. Where the movie fails is the half-hearted moralistic turn it takes about halfway through the film, though it's honest and necessary to capture the seamier side of the industry. Some of those scenes just feel overdone and tacked on (such as the evil car salesman -- those scenes feel gross and obvious). All that said, Marquis is mesmerizing and displays some real talent and chops; I'm frankly rather amazed she's not a superstar yet. There's solid chemistry between her and her love interest, and I like the subtlety in their relationship; for once, a budding romance that's understated. I think Moon ultimately is realizing she's built up walls to control the world around her, and perhaps that's why she's yearning for s sort of "reincarnation," as she puts it.

Definitely recommended, though some will find it meanders and doesn't add up. Not me, though.
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Female Version of Boogie Nights
gary_denton3 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Has much better acting than Boogie Nights but a weaker plot. In looking at some reviews and comments I notice that a certain maturity seems to be required to appreciate the film as it presents more than one-dimensional characters in a controversial subject area. Many actions can also be interpreted more than one way.

It is the story of Moon, a veteran porn star who is becoming well known after 5 years of movie and Internet fame, and her life which is more than being a porn star.

There are many scenes of the porn industry presented in a matter of fact fashion. Viewers may have different moral or ethical judgments or opinions about character motivations.

James Woods plays Moon's "Pop" suffering from Parkinson's in an excellent portrayal. Other porn stars have guest appearances. Juliette Marquis is excellent and beautiful.

Recommended for mature adult and broad minded viewers.







A theme brought up in the beginning of the movie of the difference between men and women is explored in the later half of the movie as she starts a sexual infidelity investigation service.

The basic question toward the end of the movie is rather she should continue her porn career when a boyfriend and the other career opportunity offer alternatives.
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Love & Hate
patrick_ok30 May 2006
Movies that are loved and hated always have two things in common: 1. For the ones who like it it's really really great and 2. You're interested in which side you'll be on when the credits roll. Well, I can be happy I've watched This Girl's Life because I love it. Really, I haven't seen a movie like this since 2005's Serenity, and with that and Lost in Translation it's become one of my top favorites. The thing is: It seems, no it feels authentic & natural, so freakin' natural that you stop thinking and start to perceive it intuitively... The downside of this is that you won't notice some flaws, but who cares: Emotion and dramaturgy "could be" shallow, but as of me I was so full of excitement (not only because of the women), I don't know if it was joy or sadness or what else, it made me cry. And I don't cry a lot on movies, neither Titanic which left me absolutely cold, or anything. Let's switch the topic to porn: Despite of it being a movie about porn, erotic scenes are loads and levels more erotic than you see in pr0n. Porn's pumping "erotic"-level most of the time would be like, -10, whereas This Girl's Life is at 8 of 10, seriously, great subtle stuff. Especially the scenes without any real sex are heavy weight. With regard to that there's a nice running gag too, with Pops "disturbing" always at the worst moments.

With regard to thought, one big thing I don't understand is why a lot of people think of it being very evaluative in the end, stating the good ol' cliché "porn's industry's no good". I got that impression too but after thinking - :) - the movie was but observing and commenting, choosing some more "negative" stuff to show, which isn't that surprising because of it being a movie with turning points and all. I don't wanna spoil you here, so I leave it to you to find out or not.

On top of it all, it's got some great bonuses: Top notch beauties ;) and some memorable easy quotes you might not have heard up to now.

"women need a reason to cheat. men need a reason not to." true, true, true...
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A Surprisingly Interesting Movie
writerasfilmcritic24 March 2006
I thought this movie would probably be the turkey of the three that I rented one evening. Instead, it was the best one. The sex was not overdone or gratuitous, and certain of the characters were nicely drawn out. I wasn't all that impressed with James Woods, but then again, I seldom am. Before any movie that he's in is over, I'm tired of the guy, even if he started out as interesting. An exception was the flick where he played the newspaper editor with Clint Eastwood as the washed-up reporter. As I recall, he didn't begin to wallow in himself like he usually does. In this movie, the scene at his birthday party where he goes on and on about "taking a s***" was the one that turned me off. I mean, how many times do you have to say that to try and shock the pretty girls, Woods? I give him a chance because he went to medical school before turning to acting, so he ain't dumb, but I just don't like him much.

The standout performance in this movie was clearly from Michael Rappaport as the car dealer. God, what a creep and what a frigging psycho! He was so weird and so convincing that he didn't seem to be acting at all. It was bad enough the first time Moon encountered him. You could just tell that sick freak was gonna turn ugly on her the way he was grabbing her and slobbering all over her with that disgusting tongue of his. She should have made her escape QUICKLY, not dawdling around like that, which is why he caught up with her. She was lucky to get away, and then he showed up again, obviously ready to kill her. He must be a nut in real life. He was just too violent and scary to be acting. You know how some of those guys with red hair can be. Yup, you're one hell of an actor, Michael, you frigging nutjob!

I liked the way the porn producer turned out to be a real scumbag. He was always pretending to be so nice and so concerned about his girls, unless they refused to do what he wanted, like making that black girl pull a train with 20 guys. When Moon refused to renew her contract, he issued a thinly-veiled threat against her, too. It probably wasn't a coincidence that the car dealer found and attacked her right outside his studio a few moments after she quit.

I found the comments about the movie and the porn industry made by Rosario Dawson to be very interesting. It is uncommon for a woman to be both beautiful and so intelligent and articulate, while intelligent actresses are extremely rare.
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god awful amateurish waste of a w...nk
mastershaman4 August 2005
Subject matter: old and tired. Execution: a film student or my Grannie could have done better! In the hands of a skilled director and some actors, not models (!) to play the leading roles, this could have been something interesting. This is one of those things that will be looked upon with some curiosity and interest in some backwater village in a hut on a bootleg DVD somewhere in Siberia: ahem! so this is how people live in corrupt LA?

How do these people get to make films? ASH. Now that's an artistic name... the director that is, basically who has no idea about how to create drama and story thrust. How does he get to make this film with all that money and people involved? Pretty girls in a film dealing with adult biz in and around LA - how numbingly boring! How do these people get to have James Woods (who was the only person worth watching in this film, playing a man with Parkinson's), Rosario Dawson in this film? It's the usual march of the models, who can't act and really wear on you with their seductive, prerehearsed, phony, pouting lips, self-conscious moves, trying to be serious actors crap. Give me a break! Shot on HD (read: digital video) which is not a bad thing in itself, but in the hands of an unskilled DP it looks like something ripped from a bad cable reality show.

Story? What story? This girl's life. Who gives a beep! A humongous w..nk for all involved.

There is really not much to say for this film except, avoid it and watch something else worthwhile watching.
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