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Elena Anaya: Aleera



  • Aleera : Anna, my love. It is your blood that shall keep me beautiful. What do you think of that?

    [laughs triumphantly, then screams as Anna catches a silver stake and impales her through the chest] 

    Anna Valerious : I think if you're going to kill somebody, kill them! Don't stand around talking about it!

  • Count Vladislaus Dracula : There, there, my lovelies. Do not worry, I shall find another bride.

    [Dracula's brides are appalled] 

    Verona : What?

    Verona : Have you no heart?

    Count Vladislaus Dracula : No! I have no heart, I feel no love. Nor fear, nor joy, nor sorrow. I am hollow... and I will live forever.

    Aleera : Oh, my lord...

    Verona : It is not so bad.

    [Dracula's mood changes on a dime, and he begins to laugh] 

    Count Vladislaus Dracula : I'm at war with the world! And every living soul in it! But soon... the final battle will begin.

    Aleera : Do we mean so little to you?

    [said before Verona asks if Dracula has no heart] 

  • Aleera : Don't play coy with me, Princess, you're just like all the other pretty little ancestors in your family. Saying you want to destroy my master, but I know what lurks in your lusting heart.

    Anna Valerious : I hope you have a heart, Aleera, because someday I'm going to drive a stake through it.

  • [drinking a freshly-killed man's blood from a glass] 

    Aleera : Thirty years old... perfectly aged.

  • Aleera : Tch, tch, tch, so much trouble to my Master, so much trouble.

  • Aleera : Did I scare you?

    Carl : No.

    Aleera : Then maybe I need to try... a little harder.

  • Aleera : I want first bite!

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