Van Helsing (2004) Poster


Robbie Coltrane: Mr. Hyde


  • Van Helsing : Now, my superiors would like for me to take you alive, so that they might extricate your better half.

    Mr. Hyde : [laughing]  I'll bet they bloody would.

    Van Helsing : Personally, I'd rather just kill you and call it a day. But let's make it your decision, shall we?

    Mr. Hyde : [pretends to think]  Hmm, do let's.

    [attacks him] 

  • Van Helsing : Dr. Jekyll, you're wanted by the Knights of the Holy Order...

    Mr. Hyde : It's Mr. Hyde, now!

    Van Helsing : for the murder of twelve men, six women, four...

    Mr. Hyde : [laughing]  Four children, three goats, and a rather nasty massacre of poultry!

  • Van Helsing : I missed you in London.

    Mr. Hyde : No, you bloody did not!

    [shows Van Helsing a bullet wound] 

    Mr. Hyde : You got me good.

  • Mr. Hyde : You're a big one. You'll be hard to digest.

    Van Helsing : I'd hate to be such a nuisance.

  • Mr. Hyde : So, you're the great Van Helsing.

    Van Helsing : And you're a deranged psychopath.

    Mr. Hyde : We all have our little problems.

  • Mr. Hyde : [landing on the ceiling next to a knocked out Van Helsing]  Aaaah! Paris...

    [walks to Van Helsing who is lying on the floor and picks him up with a chuckle. Then he walks to the border of Notre Dame's ceiling] 

    Mr. Hyde : [laughing]  I... I think you will find the view over here to be rather spectacular.

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