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Another stupid "chacking" movie...
g00rek24 April 2003
Well there is not much to say about this movie - it's just another of those stupid computer movies written by people who cannot tell a difference between a monitor and a printer. The only thing that made me watch the movie was a gossip, that the director hired some "linux-hacker guys" as consultants. Yeah you could see this - there is just ONE moment in the movie when they mention "sendmail" and other words which might be used when talking about hacking sites. The rest is a classic crap - flashing huge ERROR signs (of course with a loud buzz), specially prepared websites looking totally unnatural and other stuff which looks totally unprofesional even for somebody who isn't a hacker himself.

The plot is absurd - making gargantuan transactions with stolen money isn't noticed by anyone (hiring the biggest building in Poland, which actually isn't for hire). Well it could work if the film was a comedy. But it isn't.

And the motto "Can't buy me love" has been used in zillions of movies. Well - watch it only if you want to laugh from "hackers" using interent explorer for hacking.... :)
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Linda is the ONLY Reason to Watch This Movie
mesadallas31 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is just plain awful.Everything from the plot to the acting is absurd. There is only one reason why anyone should even waste their time watching this film, and that is a very brief appearance by Boguslaw Linda. He is in this movie for three scenes amounting to a grand total of about five minutes, and they are the only good five minutes associated with this movie.

Linda plays an apartment maintenance man who bears a striking resemblance to the great Polish actor Boguslaw Linda. In one of the scenes, he explains why looking like Boguslaw Linda has been nothing but a curse. This scene lasts only about two minutes, but it is one of the funniest two minutes I've ever watched. I replayed this particular scene five times and laughed non-stop each time. Admittedly, in order to appreciate the full humor, you must be both a Linda fan and aware of the tough guy, macho roles he so often plays.

It just goes to show how great Linda is- even when the movie is a total bomb, Linda always shines. If you're a Linda fan, this scene is not to be missed. Unfortunately, I can't say that about the rest of the film. I recommend that you fast forward to this particular scene and skip the rest of the flick. It's too bad you can't give star ratings to scenes-this one really does deserve ten.
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