Catch That Kid (2004) Poster

Max Thieriot: Gus



  • Gus : You know what happens if we get caught, right? We go to jail forever. Like, until we're 21.

  • Gus : [Getting bank floor plans]  It's just that, last time, I got a 'c' on my essay cuz I didn't have any visual aids, and my stepdad, well, well he, he gets a little...

    [Shows her the scar on his arm from the burn. The secretary starts to walk away, he smiles to himself, the secretary looks back, and he frowns again] 

  • Gus : Wait a minute. If we're in prison, then our parents can't ground us, right?

  • Gus : [Maddy is risking her life free-climbing]  Maddy, we never even got to kiss!

  • Maddy : [In safe]  Hey, Gus! 250 grand, comin' at ya!

    [Throws down bags] 

    Gus : [Steps out of the way]  Nope. It's down here.

  • Gus : Don't worry. They won't let "Bad Chad" carry a weapon. He's an intern!

    Brad : Trainee, butt-munch!

    [hits him] 

    Gus : Oh, I'm sorry! He's training to be a butt-munch!

  • Maddy : Do you really think we could get the money?

    Austin : Of course. I mean, Maddy's like, the best climber in the whole state.

    Gus : And Austin's like some freak-of-nature computer genius.

    Maddy : And Gus is...

    [Gus sticks a light in his mouth and burps. They all laugh] 

    Maddy : Gus is disgusting!

  • Gus : [He has rigged his go-kart with NOS]  It works! I'm a genius! But now how am I gonna stop? Maybe I'm not a genius! AAAHHH!

  • Gus : [He and Austin are mad at Maddy, and have refused to help her]  This whole bank idea sucks!

  • Gus : Another door? How do you open this one? Open sesame!

  • Maddy : [They are on a walkway suspended high off the ground]  Whoa.

    Gus : Maddy, we are so grounded!

  • Gus : Maddy, my parents grounded me for a week when I left my bike outside. Imagine what they'll do now!

  • Gus : [Maddy is doing something dangerous]  Austin, maybe she'd listen to you.

    Austin : That would be a first.

  • Gus : [the rottweilers have cornered them]  You got this, Austin?

    Austin : [a beat]  RUN!

    [They all take off] 

    Gus : 'Run'? That's all you had for us is 'run'?

  • Austin : [about to jump on Austin's cart]  On three! One... two...


    Gus : What happened to 'three'?

  • Gus : [a helicopter appears, shining a spotlight on them]  Oh, great! Now we have a spotlight!

  • Gus : Here it goes! Operation 'Jacks'!

    [Presses a button, jacks fly out of his cart, popping the tires on the cop cars] 

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