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Evil vs Evil - awesome slasher movie about Freddy and Jason my all time favorite decent horror film!
ivo-cobra824 October 2016
Evil vs Evil two favorite slasher icons goes on each other Freddy vs Jason an epic battle fight. It is one of my personal favorite horror movies. Two titans of terror enter into a horrifying and gruesome showdown -- Winner kills all! This is the last good film and underrated gem in the horror genre franchise and it is my favorite slasher film I love it to death! This the last good Freddy and Jason film in which both the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises were both rebooted. This is the last Freddy movie in which Robert Englund performed the last time his character Freddy Krueger. I watched making off this film in 2003 and I saw an interview with Robert Englund reprising his role as Freddy for this film.

I know Robert is old so his stuntman was doing the stunts for him. I rented VHS Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare in the video store that summer in 2003 because I am the biggest Freddy fan I always loved Freddy Krueger in all his movies except part 5 and the remake I still own Part 5 on DVD and Blu-ray collection. I am getting this movie on Blu-ray after new year that it is missing in my collection. I am a fan of Jason Voorhees the best movie that I really love to death is Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986) the best one in the franchise apart from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Friday the 13th Part III, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood and the original movie of course I love them so much to death.

Plot: The two biggest icons of the slasher genre finally meet in "Freddy vs. Jason" in a frightening showdown in hell! Banished there for eternity, Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) devises a plan to manipulate Jason into continuing his work, hacking up the teenagers of Elm Street. All goes well at first until Jason realizes he's been duped by 'the dream master' and is none too pleased. Coaxed by surviving teenagers Will (Jason Ritter), Lori (Monica Keena), and Kia (Kelly Rowland), Jason and Freddy descend up Crystal Lake for a battle royale!

I love this movie and cast did an excellent job. Chinese director Ronny Yu directed perfectly this short horror flick that I absolutely loved it. Robert Englund was excellent in his last role as horror icon Freddy. Ken Kirzinger as Jason Voorhees did a wonderful job. Ken even played Rusty Nail in Joy Ride 3, honestly he did a wonderful job and I like him. Monica Keena as Lori Campbell was great heroine in this movie and she was a great sole survivor. There was also Brendan Fletcher in this movie I remember him from Anatomy of a Hate Crime (2000), as Mark Davis a prisoner who escaped from jail and Jason Ritter as Will Rollins they both did great. Kelly Rowland as Kia Waterson was also good.

This movie is not like any old crossover. The link between Freddy and Jason is really amazing and the whole concept of Freddy vs Jason is really cool. A great movie overall. This is no ordinary clash between to classic characters. At first it might seem that Freddy and Jason are working together but you are sorely mistaken, this quickly turns into a fight to the death. These enemies fight and travel all the way from Elm Street to Crystal Lake. If you like Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th or any horror/thriller for that matter then this movie is definitely for you. It is possibly one of the best horrors I've seen.

I am a huge fan of Friday the 13th for the reason it's more gory classic horror movie franchise than jump and A Nightmare on Elm Street. So this made for the one of the best movies ever with the perfect mix of gore and jumpiness. Have a spare pair on underwear when you watch:) Things I love about this movie: Freddy cuts Jason's fingers off, gouges his eyes out, and then proceeds to whack the hell out of him with his Own machete bad-ass scene! Even though, not "completely" a Freddy movie, this one still deserves to be in the A Nightmare Elm Street favorite horror movies franchise. I enjoyed it. And I don't care what anyone says, Freddy kicked the living **** out of Jason.

I liked the practical special Effects and special FX makeup for Freddy and Jason they were pretty good and I love them.

The rest of the cast and the director does a really great job.

Overall: I am giving a 10/10 -- an outstanding score, this is the final Freddy movie in the franchise that I consider the last good Freddy movie. Here we got a killer from Camp Crystal Lake and a killer who haunts in your dreams. But they made Freddy loose his powers and he needed the kids to be afraid so he could be strong again while feeding on their fear, but how can he do that when he's not that effective in his nightmares? Of course! Jason! I love this movie to death!
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Nearly perfect.
jedwardrust23 November 2018
Don't take it seriously. Just a fun ride. Enjoy it
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The Ultimate Battle Between Evil And, Um Well, Evil
Smells_Like_Cheese11 November 2003
Man, I felt like this was a presidential campaign. :) Who would you vote for in this awesome battle? Me? Freddy all the way, man! I'll give you that Jason's bigger, but he's such a Mama's Boy, Freddy is just down right mean. But this movie was so incredibly awesome and such a treat to horror fans.

If you are a fan of the Friday the 13th series, this had so many tributes to the originality, sex, drugs, alcohol, stupid teens, and cliché bad acting. We had our slutty girl, the smart but always sexy girl who's a virgin, the funny stereotype black girl, a geek, a stoner, the sensitive boyfriend, and two of the coolest boogeymen of all horror cinema.

The plot, at first I had questioned how they'd do it. I mean, we got a killer from Camp Crystal Lake and a killer who haunts your dreams. But they made Freddy loose his powers and he needed the kids to be afraid so he could be strong again while feeding on their fear, but how can he do that when he's not that effective in his nightmares? Of course! Jason! Jason is like his bubble wrap, he assumes Jason will probably go away or he'll be easy to throw away after the job is done. But he surprises Freddy by staying and for the ultimate battle of who's victims are who.

This was just such a blast to watch. Classic horror cliché's and the best battle of the ultimate boogeymen were just too cool. The ending is a cliff hanger, but you have too many votes going towards both sides. We could never decide who is the best at the gore... Freddy! :D Sorry, I just needed to say that. But I think all horror fans will enjoy the battle scenes and the gore. It's just a great tribute to our favorite killers!

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For a mute murderer, Jason Voorhees sure felt like the hero of this piece
DarthBill31 March 2004
Freddy's dead and he can't get the old killing spree going again, so he wakes up Jason Voorhees to scare the kids into wetting their pants so Freddy can feed off of their fear. But like the sorcerer's apprentice, Jason, once turned on cannot be turned off, so Freddy faces off with Jason for the right to be the #1 serial killer while a bunch of busty idiot girls look on. And as we all know, after the endless line of sequels, by this entry the killers' are our friends so really you're rooting for them and not the idiot teenagers.

Of the teens, Jason Ritter is the only one who seems to know how to act (shame about his dad, John Ritter). Monica Keena is cute but she needs to lose the implants. What is Kelly Rowland doing in here? Robert Englund's as funny as ever, and Ken Kirzinger is a capable Jason. I still don't see why New Line Cinema didn't want to bring back Kane Hodder though. They say they wanted to take Jason in a new direction, but they DID NOT take Jason in a new direction. Jason's still the same hulking mute murderer he's always been, just a tad taller and bigger than before (and somehow he's got both of his eyes back). I don't see a big difference between Kane, Ken and all the rest, but Kane has professed great fondness and dedication to role of Jason, so I feel that if Kane was willing to play the part again (and it's hard to find people who are willing to be all painted up in gory make up mind you) then New Line should have accepted his services. It did feel that they were trying to make Jason out to be the more sympathetic of the two killers, but that doesn't change the fact that Jason killed the bulk of the film's teens.

Well, anyway, you get the usual dose of sex, drugs, violence, rock & roll and below par acting. So truly turn off your brain and enjoy the mayhem.
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Chop Chop Chop, Slash Slash Slash!
movies2u26 August 2003
Freddy Vs. Jason (2003)

To start off, I think that any fan of any series of movies will come back for the next sequel and the next and the next etc., no matter what kind of garabage is placed in front of them. Freddy Vs. Jason wasn't complete garabage, it was okay. Freddy Krueger is now powerless since the children of Elm St. are taking a certain drug to stop their dreams, so he consults Jason Voorhees to kill the children until Freddy has power to kill again, but Jason goes on a rampage and won't stop killing in what results in a final battle of evil vs. evil. Ronny Yu, director of The Bride Of Chucky makes a neat direction in this movie, and his certain style of filmmaking added a touch that none of the Elm Street of Friday the 13th films had before. Of course, Robert Englund returns as Freddy, but Kane Hodder (who has played Jason in most of the films) is replaced by another actor. Kelly Rowland and Monica Keena pretty much lead this movie. I also noticed Katharine Isabelle from 2002's TV movie "Carrie". I have to say that fans of either series will be pleased, but other horror goers may not. Also, do not, I repeat do not watch this if you have a weak stomach. It's about one of the goriest movies I've ever seen. Bottom Line: Fans will be pleased, others will not. 7/10.
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This is a enjoyable Guilty Pleasure Slasher film.
hu6751 July 2005
Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) is been dead for years in the Real World and the Dream World. Since Freddy is literally in hell and forgotten in the real world. Freddy has a plan to bring back Crystal Lake Serial Killer-Jason Voorhees (Ken Kirzinger) to life in the real world. Freddy thinks by bringing Jason back to life to bring fear on Elm Street and Making Teenagers remember in Freddy again. Since Jason is a instant killing machine, Jason isn't willing to step aside. Now with a terrified town in the middle, Freddy has to find a way to kill Jason by going in his dreams before Jason takes Elm Street over. A Scared Teenager (Monica Keena) finds a way to bring Freddy to Reality from her dreams. So Freddy and Jason enter into a horrific and bloody showdown.

Directed by Ronny Yu (Bride with White Hair, Bride of Chucky, Formula 51) made an entertaining Spin-Off to the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Friday the 13th" Series. Englund, who played Freddy Krueger for the 8th time seems that he had a blast making this film. Kirzinger replaced Kane Hodder. Which Hodder originally played Jason in the last four films. Kirzinger is good as the new Jason. Sean S. Cunnigham, who produced and directed the original "Friday the 13th" is back producing this silly but larger than life epic. The film also stars-Jason Ritter (Which Jason's father-The late John Ritter worked with Yu in Bride of Chucky), Kelly Rowland (R & B singer from the group-Destiny's Child), Lochlyn Murno (Scary Movie), Chris Marquette (The Girl Next Door) and Katherine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps Trilogy).

DVD has an sharp anamorphic Widescreen (2.35:1) transfer (also in Pan & Scan) and an superb-Dolby Digital 5.1 Expanded Surround Sound. DVD has an ingraining Commentary Track by the director and actors:Englund and Kirzinger. Disc Two has Deleted Scenes with/without Commentary, Many Behind the Scenes Featurettes, Music Video, Hidden Features, DVD-ROM Content and more.

The Canadian Blu-ray version has an sharp anamorphic Widescreen 1080P High Definition (2.35:1) transfer and an superb DTS HD 5.1 Surround Sound. Sadly the Canadian Blu-ray movie has no special features.

The book from "Crystal Lake Memories", the complete history of "Friday the 13th". The Book has interviews with Robert Shaye, Robert Englund, Producer:Sean S. Cunningham (The House Series, Deep Star Six, Friday the 13th), Director Adam Marcus (Jason Goes to Hell:The Final Friday), Screenwriter:Lewis Abernathy, Screenwriter:Roland D. Moore, Screenwriter David J. Schow (Leatherface:The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, The Crow, The Hills Run Red), Screenwriter:Ethan Reiff, Screenwriter:Cyrus Voris, Producer:Noel Cunningham, Screenwriter:Mark Verheiden, Co-Screenwriter:Mark Swift, Co-Screenwriter:Damian Shannon, Production Executive:Stokley Chaffin, Director:Ronny Yu (Bride of Chucky, Formula 51), Executive Producer:Doug Curtis, Casting Director:Matthew Barry, Actor:Christopher Marquette (Alpha Dog, The Girl Next Door), Actor:Kyle Labine, Actor:Brendan Fletcher (88 Minutes), Actor:Jesse Hutch, Actress:Kelly Rowland (One of the singers from Destiny's Child), Actress:Monica Keena (While You Were Sleeping), Actor:Jason Ritter (Son of the late John Ritter), Actor & Stuntman:Kane Hodder (Who played Jason Voorhess in Friday the 13th Part 7, 8, 9 and 10), Development Executive:Jeff Katz, Make-Up Effects Supervisor:Greg Nicotero (Alexandre Aja's The Hills Have Eyes, George A. Romero's Land of the Dead, Planet Terror), Director:John Carl Buechler (Friday the 13th Part 7:The New Blood), Actor & Stuntman:Ken Kirzinger, Make-Up Effects Supervisor:William Terezakis and President of Production:Toby Emmerich.

The film has an strong music score by Greame Revell (The Crow, Dark City, Pitch Black) that pays tribute to the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Friday the 13th". This film ended being a Box Office Smash for the Studio:New Line Cinema. Extremely Entertaining for the Fans of Freddy and Jason. Watch for New Line Topper:Robert Shaye as the Principal in a Cameo, which He's one of the Executive Producers of the film. Great gory fun all the way. Super 35. Written by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon (They both wrote the watchable but highly flawed remake of "Friday the 13th"). (****/*****).
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kosmasp2 April 2007
The movie itself is alright. It's exactly what it says! Freddy vs. Jason. And while we might never see my favorite movie be made (Ash vs. Freddy vs. Jason), there might be another movie around the corner, maybe involving M. Myers.

But back to this film. It delivers what it promises, the battle of the titans. Wrapped up in a nice story. And while all is good, I can't stop wondering, if there wasn't any way to make more of that particular premise ... The movie is fine, but it's just not excellent.

And one thing is for sure: Kelly Rowland plays one of the most annoying characters that I have seen in a long time. Now either she is a good actress and played that really well ... or she is a bad actress and that showed on screen (I personally think it's the latter).

A nice teen horror movie, with two of the most recognised horror characters out there!
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A dream come true! (EXCLAMATION MARK)
Superunknovvn28 November 2003
I think I had never felt like this before when I walked into the cinema. It was an absolute dream come true for me. I had prepared over a year for this film, this once in a lifetime-event. I had chased every picture, every piece of scoop I could find about this movie on the internet. It was very painful when "Freddy Vs. Jason" was finally released in June in the U.S. and I still had to wait until November until the film saw its theatrical release in Vienna where I live. Yesterday, the big day had come. Is there a way that a movie that's been so hyped by myself can still live up to my expectations? Abso-friggin-lutely!

WOW! "Freddy vs. Jason" is unbelievable. What sounds like a loony's idea (to be honest, die hard-Freddy & Jason-fans like myself are mostly loonies) was made into a kick-ass flick for a wide audience. Bring along your kids, bring along your grandparents and enjoy the roller coaster ride that is "Freddy vs. Jason".

When I heard that Ronny Yu was going to be the director for this project I checked out two of his previous movies ("51st State" & "Bride of Chucky") and wasn't exactly blown away. These movies were okay but nowhere near as good as I wanted "Freddy vs. Jason" to be. Well, I have to apologize to Mr. Yu. Not only did he revive both franchises like no one would have expected it to be possible, he also managed to COMBINE the two and not make it absolutely ridiculous.

Of course, the horror that made the original "A Nightmare On Elm Street" so scary and the first "Friday The 13th" so, hmm... dark is gone by now, but it has been gone for more than ten years. Get over it, people! A movie called "Freddy vs. Jason" HAS TO BE campy. No wonder the dialog is incredibly bad at times ("Freddy is afraid of fire, Jason is afraid of water... how can we use that?"), no wonder the actors are no Academy Award winners. The right things are deliberately hammed up and self-ironic (like a boobie-goddess playing the main character, who is supposed to be a 14 year old virgin. Come on, nobody is really supposed to take that seriously!)

Let's get to the main attraction, Freddy & Jason. I have to admit I was rooting for Freddy. I adored this character since he first scared the crap out of me as a child. I had trouble falling asleep for days and although I don't find Freddy scary anymore I still love his story, his attitude and his one-liners. "Freddy vs. Jason" did him justice and that's also and mostly due to the great Robert Englund. I was down on the floor laughing my ass off as this man put up yet another great show with merciless jokes and dark comedy. Let's hope he never retires. As for Jason, he's better than ever. Sure, it would have been nice to have long time-Jason-actor Kane Hodder in this movie, but Ken Kirzinger did a very good job. Ronny Yu wasn't afraid of showing gore and Jason got some pretty original kills. (Just why is he afraid of water all of a sudden?)

Another plus for Ronny Yu is the use of colors. Preview pics of "Freddy vs. Jason" showed that this movie was going to be very colorful, which made me skeptic at first. Nightmare 4 & 5 had been red, green and blue all over and it looked very cheap and comic like. Not so with "Freddy vs. Jason". The colors look atmospheric here. The rain looked a little fake but that's probably just me.

The story is simple, which is good compared to the far fetched rejected drafts that are spread across the Internet. Maybe there were a little too many subplots in the final version, which made the movie slow in the middle. I could have done without the character that was like a copy of Kevin Smith's Jay, too. Apart from these little flaws there's no need to be nitpicky.

The box office success of "Freddy vs. Jason" was just as exciting as the film itself. It helped bring back classic 80's horror. Studios considered and made sequels/remakes to movies such as "The Texas Chainsaw Massacres" & "Halloween" again. The commercial success of "Freddy vs. Jason" also proved that there's still enough life in both of these characters to justify more sequels. Freddy was killed off way too soon anyway. Only 6 sequels? Come on, I want to see more of him, but make the movies original for Christ's sake! I'd rather see Freddy die than going to straight-to-video-hell. That's why I hope a "Nightmare"-prequel will never be made and why I beg producers not to make a "Freddy vs. Jason 2" or any other obscure vs.-movies. "Freddy vs. Jason" is the fulfillment of every fans dream and that is that.

Phew... have I said everything? Have I expressed my euphoria enough? Let me just say this at the end: A lot of people had eagerly waited for this project to be realized. Thanks Ronny Yu, Robert Englund and New Line for making it come true!
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messed up marriage
jaywolfenstien18 August 2003
It's A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 8 served with a side of Jason Voorhees. So unless the audience suffers from delusions as to the quality of the franchises this movie spawns from, you'll be pretty happy. It is not a masterpiece of cinema; it is not a masterpiece of horror . . . look at all the F13 and NOES. You have 17 examples of what this movie is going to be like.

Take your typical crappy Elm Street plot and cast your typical crappy Friday the 13th cast, and you have your typical crappy horror movie. Am I criticizing this movie? Not really since that crap-factor is a staple to the F13 franchise and the NOES sequels. Does anyone really care? I hope not. The whole reason anyone should see this movie comes down to the three words in the title "Freddy versus Jason." If those three words do not interest you, don't even screw with FvsJ. I mean, I don't think in film history has the title been more descriptive of the point of the movie.

While it actually takes awhile to get to the slasher deathmatch, you know it's coming . . . everyone knows there's going to be a fight to remember, so Ronny Yu opts to prolong it as far as he can and just jam packs the ending with Slasher celebrities ripping into each other . . . because, seriously, 90 minutes of Jason and Freddy hacking at each other would get downright boring. At least there's some variety and nods to old school F13 and NOES, some typical nods to the stereotyped horror formula which isn't scary but seems to be a requirement. Boobs, booze, blood . . . you know the routine. A high point of the film - I've been dying to see Voorhees crash a party and just cut through teens ala Krueger style in Elm Street 2, and I finally got to see it . . . just enough "other elements" to keep entertaining unless you're an oldschool fan and tired of hearing the mythology over and over again in every sequel.

Cut through the "good guys" whom nobody really cares about since Freddy and Jason have been the stars since forever now, get through the human's boring backstory which will be forgotten in the FvsJ2 and wait for the inevitable moment when our "heroes" run from Voorhees where Freddy turns to the nearest kid and says, "Let me handle this, bitch." Now, ladies and gentlemen, it has begun . . . now it's on. Now we rumble . . . now we see why horny teens had such a hard time killing these bad boys. Freddy makes more fatal blows against Voorhees than he did to the cast of all 8 Freddy films combined . .. and Voorhees keeps getting up. For the first time we see Freddy treated like a rag doll and tossed around/cut up like another camp crystal lake sex-addict--Voorhees makes no distinction.

So who wins? Everyone . . . unless, of course, you're under the false impression that you're going to see Welles quality cinema, in which case why are you even reading about FvsJ?

I could go through and detail the plot, characters, acting, etc like other amateur and pro critics alike, but quite frankly, I don't see the point. I mean, this is still Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. I will say that it's a better Elm Street sequel, and it is the best film featuring Jason.

I enjoyed the hell out of this movie, and I'm barely an Elm Street fan and am definitely not a fan of F13 . . . take that for what it's worth.
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Surprisingly good
jpintar13 January 2004
I thought that Jason and Freddy were fossils of the 80s. I was wrong. This movie works well. I liked it better than the overrated Scream movies. Freddy and Jason make a great team. This is an exciting movie with two cult figures meeting on screen for the first time. The fight is satisfying. 7/10
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You know the words by heart, now here's a change in the music
Quinoa198416 August 2003
That's what I felt after seeing this film, Freddy Vs. Jason. Right when they introduced the characters I knew them so well, their personalities, emotions, motives and all, that not one human character could have (or would have tried to) surprise me with ingenuity in their performances. So, that's the downside to Freddy Vs. Jason, a downside that will either poke the viewer harshly in the ribs, or will just remain as the typical, expectedly lame backdrop for the match-up. I felt a little of both, though I tried to be confident that the main show would be worth the Hollywood-ish mish-mash.

The main show, however, is the only reason to see the movie: Freddy Kruger (Robert Englund), the old gent from Elm Street, is down in hell wanting another grab at 'his' children, so he implements a sort of decoy in the form of lake-boy Jason Voorhees, who begins slaying far more than Freddy could want to see for someone other than himself. So, he decides that it's time to kick some a**, and that's when the fun begins.

To die-hards of both series (I like a few from each series, and personally, I'm more for Freddy than Jason in the genre because at least Freddy can give some funny dialog in terrifying moments while Jason stares blankly, except for when his mother calls him) this is like seeing two legends standing up in the ring for a prizefight. Each one has their weaknesses, but they each know who to throw their punches with style, and (we hope) that they can stay invincible until the last round. I won't reveal who wins (they're enough skeeves on the message boards doing that), but what I can say is that if it only wasn't for the people in the movie (I'll exclude the Jay rip-off since he garnered the most laughs) acting so blandly, strategically like how they're told to do in such a piece, this would've been a near excellent horror movie. Never-the-less, that could be considered moot, since that's what's to ALWAYS be expected for these gobledy-gook slasher pieces. The point is, I didn't leave the theater feeling swindled by the hype of the matching (unlike how I would if they ever, EVER decide to make a Superman vs. Batman piece of drek). C+
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A great film for fans young & old
pennywise_the_firestarter15 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Now you're probably thinking 'Oh god not another Friday the 13th/Nightmare on Elm Street!' However, contrary to the belief of many this film is more than just a simple character crossover. There are moments where the film, instead of making you jump in fright, makes you laugh out load and sometimes it is easy to predict how a person will die. But other than a few flaws this films is a great film to see (especially if you are a fan of either series). There is also little need to have seen the previous films, although it does help, as it recaps on the characters' pasts (Freddy's more so than Jason however). The plot of this movie is that Freddy is trapped in Hell, because the children of Elm Street have forgot about him, and those that do remember him are in an institution and given medication (Hypnocyl) to stop them dreaming. So Mr. Kruger decides to acquire the assistance of, someone from Hell who is just as sadistic and evil, Jason Voorhees. Jason awakes from his eternal slumber and heads to Elm Street in the mood for slaughtering more helpless teenagers. Freddy's plan is that with all of these murders taking place the children will find out about Freddy and subsequently he will be able to go back to his old ways. However Freddy did not account for Jason's blood lust and soon finds Jason killing his potential victims. What ensues after is a battle of two equally evil forces, although most of their fighting is purely comical. This film obviously appeals to fans of Jason and Freddy but it also introduces a new generation of young adults to two classical 'slasher' characters (who should not judge the characters just on this film). Freddy and Jason are seen by many to be two of the best at what they do, and to see them finally square off is a great experience. It is good to see horror characters finally battling it out, if only to answer the question (that was always brought up when watching a horror film) of 'who would win?'
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Does what you expect so really how good it is is up to the viewer (for me it was basic, gory box-ticking from start to finish)
bob the moo18 July 2007
Banished to hell, killer Freddy Kruger discovers the soul of Jason Voorhees and dispatches him back into the real world to Elm Street. Freddy has been forgotten by the residents and his power to kill within the dreams of teenagers have diminished to nothing. However with Jason murdering at will, the main suspect on everyone's lips (and in their dreams) is Freddy Kruger. With his power returning, Freddy starts appearing to a whole new generation of teenagers to kill them. Problem is, Jason is much more powerful than he predicted and soon it becomes a battle between the two men for the chance to kill the Elm Street teenagers.

Nightmare on Elm Street 8 or Friday the 13th 11, whatever you want to call it you pretty much know what you are going to get. What that is is a basic narrative that sees a bunch of teenagers being picked off in a variety of gory ways until they work out how to stop it this time. The hook on this occasion is that the two horror franchises that essentially do the same thing come together. For the majority of the film what we get is just this – scenes where the teenagers are gorily killed one by one by one of the two killers. If this is what you are here for then it does deliver this but just don't expect it to be genuinely scared or suspenseful. Instead it is just the basics being done. The only thing that might make it different is the fact that, after an hour of milling around, we do actually get down to what the title says – Jason and Freddy fighting one another. I suppose for fans it is the equivalent with having great sex or breaking a record or something but for me I just saw it as an excuse for a big slug-fest between these two characters and it doesn't really ever manage to be exciting – just noisy.

The cast do what is asked of them in so much as they run around screaming before dying. Keena, Ritter, Marquette and others don't really make an impression. Indeed the only one of the non-monster cast that did catch my eye was Kelly Rowland but that was only because it was a surprise to hear the self-proclaimed "Christian" swearing like a sailor and being homophobic (although having seen her practically naked in videos working her body like a stripper, I probably shouldn't be highlighting this part of her hypocrisy). Englund does his usual stuff to good effect and Kirzinger lumbers around in the way that he does. Their interactions do make the film better than it would otherwise have been – but do not mistake that for me saying the film is Citizen Kane – it is not.

A typically gory entry in both film series at the same time. Fans will lap it up and then flood to the message board to fight over this and other possible grudge matches while the majority of people will be glad that we got one film to contain both of them rather than them having one each. In terms of content, it does what you expect – lots of gore, no characters, no narrative and nothing of interest for those that have grown past the age where horror is just special effects.
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Mindless fun
Derek23726 August 2003
I have some mixed feelings about Freddy Vs. Jason. It was a lot better than a lot of the Friday the 13ths (especially the amazingly bad Jason X), but it wasn't that great compared to some of the Nightmare films. Overall, it was enjoyable.

It has nothing new to offer except the fact that Freddy and Jason face off. It has all the horror movie clichés but never once uses them creatively. When a girl gets naked she might as well be saying "look, I'm naked!", when someone is doing drugs they might as well being saying "look, I'm doing drugs!" and when someone dies they might as well be saying "look, I'm dead!" The gore is good, though. Probably the best gore out of both series. Blood literally flies at the screen. It gets really gory once Freddy and Jason fight at the end.

Now there's the acting. Horror movie actors have been getting worse and worse. Whatever happened to subtlety? Monica Keena, who plays Lori is so profoundly horrible in this that it made me not like the movie as much. She is so whiny through the entire movie, no wonder Freddy kept calling her "bitch" over and over. Even Robert Englund is at his worst as Freddy. With the exception of New Nightmare, each time Robert Englund plays Freddy he gets cheesier and cheesier. Of course this movie's ridiculous plot doesn't help either. Then there's Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child fame. I thought she was going to be horrible, like every other music star that decides to do a horror flick, but surprisingly she wasn't that bad. Maybe even the best actress in the whole movie. She just played it real, and she really has a great scene at the end where she is making fun of Freddy.

Another thing that bugged me where the special effects. In all the other movies there where good physical effects, make-up effects, and camera trickery. Freddy Vs. Jason is just plain lazy. The only reason to see it is the end battle. I really think Ronny Yu was a bad choice to direct this movie. He's mastered the gore, in-jokes, and humour of horror movies but when it comes to actual horror, he's clueless.

But like Bride Of Chucky (which Yu also directed), this is just an unexplainable guilty pleasure. It was mindless fun. I guess it was fun to turn my brain off for 90 minutes, even though that was hard to do since I actually respected some of the other movies. This movie I have no respect for.

All in all, this is exactly what you could expect from a cheesy concept like Freddy and Jason doing battle against each other. Yes, it could have been better but it far more easily could have been a lot worse, so I give them credit for that. Hardcore fans will love it.

My rating: 6/10
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The Most Dramatic Horror Movie Ending Ever!
SaltRiverNative843 October 2003
I have to say that this was the best film that I have ever seen in years! It is really nice to know that the powers that be did not forget about the two villians that help upgrade the horror genre. Freddy vs. Jason was something that many of us hardcore horror fans have been waiting for and it did not fail to surprise me. The film gives a big salute to both the Freddy and Jason films. To bring these two together and give not just the chance of them working together but to give them the ultimate battle in which both they and we deserve. A good long gory battle that was full of buckets of blood that brought both of these men to this point. It was the most dramatic horror movie ending I have ever seen. I want to also say that I am really greatful to see FREDDY KRUEGER back on the big screen again, and to see him in a sence tipping his hat to his fans at the end of the film. Thank you ROBERT ENGLUND.
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Return of Freddy Krueger a true follow up to A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
NightmareOnElmStreetFan1 February 2019
The movie and the story is about Freddy (Robert Englund) who is in hell no one remembers him, he is powerless now. So he try's to manipulate and control Jason (Ken Kirzinger). He's discusing him self as Jason's mother (Paula Shaw) in Jason's dreams. He's telling Jason as his mother to go to Springwood and kill's some kids. With each kill Jason does in Springwood gives a Freddy a lot of more power. The parents thinks when Jason kills one of the kids that Freddy is back. One of these kids gets sent to asylum Westin Hills and he is given a Hypnocil, which is a dream suppressing, people can not dream of Freddy. They basically want everyone to take this dream surpassing.

It doesn't work out that well, when Freddy gains all his power and Jason finds out that Freddy was using him. Towards the end of the film, there are some fight scenes, I think there are three battles between Freddy and Jason. Mostly is Jason killing in stead of Freddy killing. Towards the end of the film, you have this big epic finale, epic battle between Freddy and Jason. We don't really know who is wining, is almost like a tie. The girl Lori Campbell (Monica Keena) cuts Freddy's head off. On the end of the film wee see Jason rise up from the water in the lake, he is walking towards the shore and we see him holding Freddy's head and Freddy winks at the camera and that's how this film ends.

I enjoy this film I love this film to death, I had a lot of fun with this film. It was a movie that I talk about in grade school. We always talked with friends it was always discussion with friends Freddy fighting Jason. both franchise were really popular at that time. Basically fans made this film, fans always talk about this film, I was really glad that they made this film. For so long they talk about the end of Jason Goes to Hell, Freddy's glove comes up and pull's Jason's hockey mask. They were working on a script since the year 1987 and they finally made the film in 2003. They went a lot of scripts. Some of the scripts I read there is one were Freddy and Jason goes to hell and Pinhead shows up.

It would be a good idea, that would be a cool scene Freddy and Jason fighting in hell, that would be a cool setting for a sequel. There suppose to be a sequel to Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash. Character from the Evil Dead trilogy. That would be cool too, I never read the comic book series. I never know how it ends. The film has good fighting scenes. If you like Freddy and Jason you will really like this film. There are a lot of gore, good fighting, good nudity in the film, you have a sex scene I like. The acting is good the story is good. I enjoy this film I love this film to death.

It is my fifth personal favorite Elm Street series. Ronny Yu directed the film well. This movie is reference to a Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. It mentions Westin Hills, Hypnocill and famous cool lines for Part 3, like "Welcome to my world b***h" sounds familiar that is why I think it is true follow up to Part 3. I enjoy the film more than part 5.6, 7 and the remake. Monica Keena as Lori Campbell and Jason Ritter as Will Rollins were good I like both of them. They help Jason to fight Freddy I like the idea. I love this film to death. I love When Darkness Falls by Killswitch Engage the song playing on the end of credits. My favorite slasher horror film of all time.
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Kids Killed, Freddy & Jason After Each Other
Rainey-Dawn18 January 2017
So bloody awful it's pretty good just for the final battle. Comical, fun battle between Freddy and Jason. People die by Freddy and Jason. I guess Michael Myers is at home watching the action, most likely giggling to himself.

It's all about Freddy taking over Jason so Jason can kill the Elm Street kids. All this will free Freddy from limbo and everyone will remember the name Freddy Krueger. Kids are killed. Freddy and Jason battle it out in The End.

I like this one fairly well, it does have a little bit of the vibes of the original Elm Street film mixed with the 13th franchise. This one takes a little bit of time to get going good, about 20 minutes, but once it gets going it's kinda fun to watch. No it's not a great movie but it is fun in it's way.

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Shocker movie with an impressive and bloody duel of the two terror titans
ma-cortes26 July 2005
The picture deals upon the resurrection of Jason (Ken Kirzinger) and Freddy (final movie in which Robert Englund plays the role of Freddy Krueger) who are lurking and killing a young band (Monica Keena , Kelly Rowland, , Brendan Fletcher and special mention for Katharine Isabelle of cult-film Ginger Snaps (2000) a Canadian werewolf film) afflicted of demented nightmares in Elm Street , a deputy (Lochlyn Munro) will investigate with fateful consequences .

The film takes accent as the entertainment as the guts and blood .The grisly murders are creepy and scary, they are realized by means of subjective camera in the stabbing shots , becoming the viewer the murderer. In the movie there are shocks , horror , tense , suspense , screams and great loads of blood and gore . This scary picture blends the events developed in Crystal Lake where emerged the killer Jason and happenings from Elm Street which came out Freddy . The lake at Camp Crystal Lake was also being used to film the final scenes for X-Men 2 (2003) at the same time this movie was being filmed. , in fact the two film casts even stayed at the same hotel. During lasting the film , Freddy and Jason carry out an extreme slaughter and gory massacre of adolescents and being used in the nauseating and gruesome assassinations al kinds of tools : axes , knife, saw ,and cleaver ; until the final confrontation that results to be spectacular, violent and spooky . From the start to finish the terror action and dark humor are continued and that's why it is amusing . It stars the terror idol Robert Englund and Ken Kirzinger standing at 6'5" -1.96 meters- tall, is the tallest actor to date to play Jason Voorhees . According to Robert Englund, his Freddy make-up was so thick that he couldn't tell how hot it was from the fires during shooting . When he got in to have his make-up removed, it had bonded itself to his face. The motion picture is rated ¨R¨ for crude and cruel killings and scabrous violence which tends to revolt and disgust and the stomach churns , it is only apt + 18 , isn't for squeamish . The film turn out to be entertaining as well as fast- moving . And the horror pace was well directed by Ronnie Yu . The flick will appeal to Freddy and Jason saga fans and terror cinema enthusiastic.
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Extremely gory great fun
jofitz278 May 2005
'Freddy Vs. Jason' sounds like the sort of dreadful casted straight-to-video movie with nothing to offer but a horrendous script and OTT acting. Well, I can be sure to say that, on the basis of this film, you should never judge a book by its cover. Why? Because when you get past the weak points this film is superbly gory super Friday-night fun.

With no real motive but to get the two demons on the screen, Freddy Kruger wants to kill some more harmless kiddies. In order to get back in their dreams, he resurrects Jason Voorhees to do some killing as well.

Bodies of harmless teens begin to pile up in increasingly horrific and deliriously inventive ways, including an almighty beast of a bed crusher and just slicing with the tip of Jason's super sharp swords.

It would sound bad to any film respecting person, but believe me, it is far from. It is tremendous fun guessing who and how will the victims die next, and the tension even creeps up towards the end to kill the preceding dark vein of gross and downright sadistic humour.

In the end though, this is a marvellously gory treat; funny, gross and huge fun, this is not an Oscar winner, but deserves a shout out nevertheless.

8 out of 10
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Friday the Thirteenth Part XII
Jason_fan6 November 2003
Every hard-core Friday the Thirteenth fan (like myself)knows what they want for the next one. Not in space, or in Manhattan, or even on Elm street--We want it on Crystal Lake. Don't try and fool yourself, you know that the originals were the scariest. I think New Line Cinema shoud f**k the Freddy vs. Jason 2 script and hire a really talented writer to come up with a kick-@$$ story where Jason kills at Camp Crystal Lake. The writer could continue right where Freddy vs. Jason left off (Jason burying freddy's head) and make it more like the original. Give Jason a motive to kill (like him guarding the camp). Hire a good director and cast and make the scariest da*n movie possible!
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way_forward15 January 2004
The film Freddy vs Jason is your typical slash fest with guts and blood dropping every where. Does this movie that I heard about a decade ago kinda lives up to its promise in a very weird and wonderfull way. Jason actually seems more scary than Freddy and at a point you think Jason will turn to the light when the to horror heroes battle it out. But nah hes too much of a goody two shoes to do that. The concept of the story hasnt changed much, but really doesnt tell you in detail enough on how most things happen maybe thats a spawn for several sequels to follow. The teenagers in the movie I would say have acted all very well and it doesnt go in all that typical teenager way they are quiet sensible. I think if the film had more of a plot to it would be one of the biggest movies of the year though competition was tough out their. I cant wait for part 2 though. 6.5 out of 10
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An Insult To Both Franchises.
Pat_ChoKo24 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Perhaps no other horror film in history, at least in the Slasher sub-genre, was as anticipated as Freddy vs Jason. After spending years in development hell, the film was unleashed onto the public in August of 2003. Oh boy....

First, let me say that I am a huge fan of both franchises. I was raised on these films, and although some of them in both series', hit below the mark in many areas (Jason X, Freddy's Dead, etc.) none of them reached the lows that Freddy vs Jason plummeted to.

First, the film really doesn't have the feel of either series. Instead of the stark visuals and above average cinematography that we're used to seeing from the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street films, Freddy vs Jason looks like something you'd see in a direct-to-video release.

Next, the acting in this film is absolutely dreadful. I know some would say that neither series was known for it's Oscar caliber performances, but never has it been this bad. Plus, even if the acting was up to par, we wouldn't care, because none of the characters are likable... AT ALL.

Of course, what would Friday the 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street be without their respected patriarchs Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger? Neither are given justice in this film. Jason seems to have changed ethnicity between films, and the Freddy-mythology that even the lesser-quality Freddy sequels was built on has been drastically altered.

Who could forget the trademarks of these films: The special effects? Well, in this one, Jason looks like a seven-foot homeless person who, thanks to a particularly robotic and stiff performance by Ken Kirzinger (who should not be mentioned in the same sentence as Kane Hodder and Ted White) does nothing more than stand on his mark and slowly swing his machete, which even seems to grow by several feet between scenes.

The Freddy make-up in this one isn't consistent either. It looks like a paint by numbers project which not even Robert Englund can bring to life.

The writing is also particularly bad. Many scripts for FVJ were rejected. The question is: Why wasn't this one thrown into the fire with the previously rejected scripts? It's THAT bad. Characters spout exposition in nearly every scene, Jason disappears for a good 30 minutes (without explanation), and the dialog is brutal. ("Freddy died by fire, Jason by water; how can we use that?") See what I mean? The film is more of a spoof on the genre than a full-fledged entry.

The title is also misleading. This film is not really Freddy vs Jason, but Freddy and Jason vs Teenagers. Only in the last 20 minutes do the title characters fight, and it doesn't really pay off. To say that this film is anti-climactic would be an understatement.

As fan of these films, I find this movie insulting to both the previous films, and the fans as well. As bad as some of the other sequels may be, this one takes the cake as the worst in both series'.

1/10, although I'd give it a 0 if I could.
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My first horror film that I saw in theatres
winstonsims4318 February 2015
oh sure I saw re-runs of films like The Fly. The Blob. Killer Clowns From Outer Space. Orca. Jaws. Gremlins. The Howling. Cujo & Critters back in the 90s and i watched R.L. Stines Goosebumps on weekends. along with Buffy the vampire slayer during the week but mostly when it came to horror my dad aways said "thats too scary for you" or he'd change the channel and turn on something like The Flinstones or The Jetsons until "december 8th 2002" i turned 11 years old and that following summer of 03 I kept seeing promos for something called "Freddy Vs Jason" now nightmare on elm street and Friday the 13th were both in the category that my dad classified as too scary so naturally i knew he wouldn't let me see this in theatres and naturally i was surprised when he said "Hey son wanna go see Freddy Vs Jason in theatres" before I could reply he followed up by saying "now I'm gonna warn you its gonna be scary so its up to you. but if you wanna go see it we can and if it gets too scary we'll leave". after a few minutes of hesitation i said "Yes". after seeing it for the first time on opening weekend i saw it 5 more times in theatres before buying it on video. (yes I loved it that much) I'm 23 years old now and i still love this movie it sucks we never got a sequel and probably never will. but at least i can always watch this and tell my kids and grandkids about it being the first horror film i saw in theatres
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Pretty good, but I was expecting it to be much better.
BeerFairy10028 August 2009
When I saw the preview for it on space a few days ago I figured since two of the most popular Horror movie characters are in it, that it would be just as good as The Exorcist (which I saw just a while ago). Well I'll admit it was good, but it was nothing like I hoped.

Most horror movies during this decade are pretty awful and not worth watching but this movie but this is actually a little bit better. I recommend this film for anyone who wants to kill a couple of hours. I don't think it's worth an Oscar or anything but it's good enough to buy or rent at a video store.

So overall, I liked the plot, the script, and the idea of Freddy and Jason being the two characters fighting each other. I'll admit it was pretty stupid but according to the average rating it was good compared to the garbage we have now.

Now all we need is Fred from Youtube vs. Jason Voorhees... Haha! I'd consider that a treat for his haters on Youtube.
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Can be quite a lot of fun.
WakenPayne22 November 2016
Okay, I'm not really a fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday The 13th. I don't know why I decided to watch this but I did and it seems to be pretty satisfying. The plot is that Freddy is forgotten on Elm Street because a town-wide conspiracy is in place so nobody even mentions his name. Because of this he is losing power but not enough however to resurrect Jason. The bodies start piling up and the conspiracy slowly becomes unraveled, giving Freddy the power needed to do what Freddy does best... Unfortunately it seems that resurrecting Jason didn't come with an off switch or something and they decide the town's not big enough for 2 of them. While it does feel as though it takes a while for Freddy and Jason to finally fight seeing them kill in ways fans know and love (or even something I haven't seen and that's one where Jason kills people while he's completely set on fire!) and Robert Englund hamming it up is so entertaining to watch regardless. Even the ideas of having there being one fight in Freddy's dream world and the other in the real world being clever considering one of them has an advantage and disadvantage in both worlds. I'd say if you're into watching cheesy fun then I'd recommend this. It does deliver what you would expect from Freddy and Jason being in the same movie (or even more-so for me considering I actually think this is the best Friday The 13th related movie I've watched so far). If you want to watch it, I'd recommend it.
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