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  • Presumably most of Springwood's population simply fled once they became aware of Freddy's existence but then returned after he had been vanquished by his daughter in pt6. Edit

  • Yes, Freddy vs. Jason is an interquel of those two films. In Jason goes to Hell, Jason Voorhees is finally killed by his niece using an enchanted dagger and his body is dragged to hell by a coterie of demons, his iconic hockey mask pulled down by Freddy Kreuger's arm. In Freddy vs. Jason, Kreuger resurrects Voorhees and frees him from hell, manipulating him in order to create fear in Kreuger's home town of Springwood thus permitting his own return to Earth. At the end of this film, Voorhees is still alive and free but is captured by unknown parties sometime between the end of Freddy vs. Jason and the beginning of Jason X where he is shown to be in military custody. Edit

  • Back in 1957, when Jason was 11 years old, he supposedly drowned at Camp Crystal Lake. Later in the film, during Jason's nightmare in the dream world, Freddy was deep inside Jason's subconscious, and that is the only place where Jason actually has a fear of water. Edit

  • No, but children and teenagers are his personal killing preference. Edit

  • The overwhelming evidence is that Jason did, as Freddy has been reduced to a severed head which can only wink suggestively at the camera. With Jason X, we know that there is another Friday the 13th film, but no more Nightmare on Elm Street sequels, the 2010 film being a remake of the original. So this is finally the end for Freddy Kruger, his body destroyed and his soul burning in hell. Edit

  • Kane Hodder offered to reprise the role, but was turned down by New Line Cinema because they had an image of what they envisioned the Jason character to look like, and felt 6′3″-tall Hodder was too short and bulky. They were also worried that Hodder would have been difficult to work with because in other Friday the 13th films, Hodder would often have creative differences with the director and producers. Edit

  • Betsy Palmer was asked to reprise her role of Mrs. Pamela Voorhees, but turned the chance down because she felt the part was too small for her. Edit

  • Camp HackNSlash was a promotional one day/night 1980s summer camp experience presented by the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Ain't It Cool News to celebrate the world premiere of Freddy vs. Jason.

    The event took place on Saturday, August 9th, 2003, in the small city of Driftwood, Texas, at Camp Ben McCulloch in a custom-made summer camp, set in the tree-lined wilderness a half-hour away from Austin, Texas out in the middle of literally nowhere.

    Nearly over one thousand people from all over the world showed up for the all day, and all night event, and were required to wear a standard-issue blue "Camp HackNSlash" t-shirt, and white tube socks, courtesy of the organizers to be pulled to their knees, and then were entrusted to the care of red-shirted counselors and were divided into tribes, each with a camp counselor.

    During the day there were many activities that included: Freddy and Jason coloring, Jason hockey mask, and Freddy glove making, Indian Leg Wresting, a hot dog eating contest, duct tape wallet making, s'mores, swimming, and tubing out in the lake, dizzy izzy, three-legged races, water balloon toss's, sack races, egg toss's, nature walks, a snipe hunt, human fat candle-dipping, bong building, relay races, dodge ball, capture the flag, clay making, embroidery, skull bead making, archery, arts and crafts, singing, campfire stories, a tribal counsel, a bonfire, and a whole lot more.

    There was also a Freddy and Jason trivia contest which was made very interesting because the host asked questions about Freddy to the Jason fans and asked questions about Jason to the Freddy fans. Then there was some Salt Lick BBQ served that evening, and then finally a special outdoor viewing of Freddy vs. Jason on a giant screen out in the middle of a large grassy field. Before the movie started, as the crowd eagerly awaited the film, the campers broke into competitive cheers of "Freddy" and "Jason".

    A half-hour Q&A hosted by Harry Knowles followed the screening and both Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) and Ken Kirzinger (Jason Voorhees) were joined by director Ronny Yu and producer Sean Cunningham to chat with the fans and answer questions.

    After the stars left, the film Sleepaway Camp, followed by the movie Madman were shown and the whole event would end with a viewing of Wet Hot American Summer. Edit

  • Ken Kirzinger originally went to New Line Cinema to do an interview for the stunt coordinating job for Freddy vs. Jason, but the producers noticed his physical looks, and asked him to audition for the part of Jason. The movie was also being shot in Vancouver, Canada, and it saved New Line money by hiring Ken Kirzinger to play Jason because he lives in Vancouver, so air fare and hotel money wouldn't have to be spent on him. Kirzinger also brought experience to the role because he had played the part of Jason before when he was the stunt double for Kane Hodder who played the part of Jason in another Friday the 13th film—Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. Edit

  • While the US TV channel SyFy showed, among others, a movie like Wrong Turn 2: Dead End almost uncut (apart from the ordinary censorship of foul language and nudity only brief shots of violence are missing), the movie Freddy vs. Jason, pretty gory as well but always with a sense of humor, had it real tough. What remained after being tossed in the meat grinder is a version edited in over 140 scenes so one might think the cutters were going for a PG-13 rating, and apart from a few remaining effects, they succeeded. Edit

  • Not only is he depriving Freddy of victims but his return to Earth depends on the people of Springwood being afraid of him and blame the murders on him. Once Jason starts killing openly, people will blame the murders on Jason or a copycat instead. Edit



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