Freddy vs. Jason (2003) Poster

Lochlyn Munro: Deputy Scott Stubbs



  • Deputy Scott Stubbs : [as the teens come out of the house screaming]  You kids need some assistance?

    Gibb : [showing him her blood-stained hands] 


    Gibb : What the fuck do you think?

  • Deputy Scott Stubbs : This Jason Voorhees supposedly drowned at Camp Crystal Lake back in 1957 when he was 11-years old. The counselors weren't watching him. Then they made the mistake of killing his mother. Now legend has it that Jason kept returning from his grave to punish whoever returned to the Camp.

  • Deputy Scott Stubbs : I don't know, maybe what we need to do is to offer Freddy a, a sacrifice.

    Bill Freeburg : Yeah, yeah, totally. Like a, like a virgin, right? Someone pure.

    [Everyone looks at Linderman] 

    Charlie Linderman : Dude, don't look at me. Even if you pay for it, it still counts.

  • Deputy Scott Stubbs : I think we're dealing with a copycat here.

    Charlie Linderman : No. No. No, no, no. He's not a copycat. I've seen what he can do. He's the real Jason.

    Deputy Scott Stubbs : That's impossible, Linderman. Jason is dead.

    Bill Freeburg : Yeah, well, you better start thinking outside your little box, dude, 'cause somebody's definitely breaking the fucking reality rules, okay?

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