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Adventurous superhero kids fight evil opponents for the governor
atomius18 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Teamo Supremo are three kids, consisting of their leader- Captain Crandall, Rope Girl and Skate Lad, all with their own battlecry (buza! chika! woopa!) and outfit and moves. They work for the governor, Kevin, and were recruited after wishing to be heroes and playing at that game. They lead normal lives as well, and have family and school duties, but most of the action takes place away from school fighting villains. The villains all have rather unique and singular traits, such as Mister Vague and his men who never seem to know what their plans are but act anyway. From an evil robot to a wicked baron the three have to encounter them and stop their evil, and often strange, plans to gain power, take revenge etc.

The animation itself is quite nice and smooth, but the style appears to be simple on purpose. The backgrounds have overlapping colour and the buildings seem futuristic. The music is quite nice, and the show isn't too bad altogether, although the style isn't my favourite.

The plots are almost always nonsensical and ridiculous, but after all this is a cartoon and one can't blame them for that. However this would not be in the same rank as Fillmore! or Pepper Ann.
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Pretty cool.
dootuss8 September 2002
I felt that it was necessary to comment on this show after reading the last commentator's review (in which he bashed this show just because it didn't have the flare of the "Powerpuff Girls" which is now sickening to watch for me since the movie). This show is actually as good as "The Powerpuff Girls", and I don't care what anybody says. The pre-teen superhero trio of Captain Crandall, Rope Girl, and Skate Lad are a cool group that don't rely on super powers to beat their enemies (which is cool.), and Governor Kevin is a pretty intresting character (better than the annoying mayor on "Powerpuff Girls".). The bottom line is this show is great, and I hope it's on for a long time.
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Lameo Supremo
blbbg17 February 2017
Rather or not you're a fan of The Powerpuff Girls (and I'm talking about the original 1998-2005 series, that is), there's no denying it as an example of how a superhero series is done right. Teamo Supremo came out just 4 years after the lil' puffs and tried to cash in on their success. I'll admit, I kinda liked this show, back in the day but looking back, it was nothing more than a poor man's Powerpuff Girls. I mean it wasn't awful like Teen Titans Go, but it was still a pretty poor quality cartoon. Kudos for Disney trying to make an animated superhero series in their pre-Marvel days. It's just too bad it turned out to be a mess. I do hope my animated superhero series for Disney XD is much better than this.
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"The city of Townsville!"... Whoops, wrong show.
Victor Field29 August 2002
"Teamo Supremo" are made up of pre-pubescent heroes Captain Crandall, Rope Girl and Skate Lad, who fight crime with the knowledge and cooperation of the well-meaning but not totally competent leader of the city, while at the same time having to go to school and live normal little child lives...

Sounds familiar? Yep, this is basically a copy of Cartoon Network's "The Powerpuff Girls," though more sexually and ethnically mixed (Skate Lad/Hector is of Mexican derivation, for instance). The trouble is, while it has the pre-teen hero motif it lacks Bubbles and Co's Japanese-influenced animation style; genuinely sharp scripts; villains as entertaining as Him, Mojo Jojo or even Princess; heroes with the proper personalities that Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have; and, of course, the narrator. (Although I do give the show points for the voice of Martin Mull as the governor.)

It's still watchable, but go for the real thing if you have a choice.
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Its kinda dumb
VampirePrincess19 October 2002
I think its kind dumb. i mean they annoying "Kiya" or somthing like that. I seen better kiddy shows than this. Its kinda sad when u think about it. this lil 3rd graders protecting ur town. AH!! and the drawing are bad! they suck!
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