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Season 1

In the Beginning.../Duly Deputized Super Agents!
Crandall gathers a team of superheroes, Hector, Brenda, and himself as they audition for the governor, but he doesn't believe that kids can do it. But, they prove themselves by defeating Baron Blitz and his team of wax president zombies.
26 Jan. 2002
And Then There Were Two/Who Invited the Birthday Bandit?
Skate Lad becomes jealous when a new kid impresses Captain Crandall and Rope Girl. Who Invited the Birthday Bandit? Teamo Supremo must stop an evil clown called the Birthday Bandit from ruining parties.
2 Feb. 2002
"My Sister the Spy"/" The Sinister Subsitute"
My Sister the Spy: Teamo Supremo tries to defeat a group of French thieves, but, they are always one step ahead of them. The Sinister Stylist: An evil fashion stylist disguises herself as Teamo Supremo's teacher and gives them lots of homework so they won't have any time to fight crime.

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