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Season 5

24 Sep. 2006
A boy says that his father has abducted a young child, but the investigation reveals that he may have been abducted too and that the man is not his father.
1 Oct. 2006
A wife and mother secretly working as a stripper disappears, and one of her co-workers turns up dead. Elena takes a job there to investigate undercover, and Danny becomes one of her "clients."
8 Oct. 2006
The team searches for a 911 operator.
15 Oct. 2006
All for One
A teenage girl's escape from a juvenile detention facility could be related to the fateful night that got her in trouble and her older sister whose life may be in jeopardy.
22 Oct. 2006
The Damage Done
An Albanian mobster's son disappears along with his mistress. Jack has a volatile past with the man, and hopes to use this as an opportunity to bust him for kidnapping.
29 Oct. 2006
The Calm Before
The disappearance of a Hurricane Katrina survivor now living in New York City is related to a mysterious gold watch and a tragic incident that took place during the rescues.
5 Nov. 2006
All the Sinners, Saints
A mentally disturbed woman disappears after a priest performs an exorcism on her. Everyone suspects that she was having strange visions, but the investigation reveals that she may have witnessed a real murder.
12 Nov. 2006
Win Today
Jack goes undercover as a player at an illegal poker club in search of clues to a young member's disappearance. Then he is taken captive by a woman (Thompson) who believes he was hired to kill her.
19 Nov. 2006
Watch Over Me
The disappearance of a social worker could be related to a bad decision he made that resulted in a young child's death.
3 Dec. 2006
The Thing with Feathers
The disappearance of a dying woman desperate for a miraculous cure appears to be connected to a couple of con artists trying to take advantage of her.
10 Dec. 2006
The disappearance of a teenage high school basketball star exposes the shady underside of college basketball recruiting, and Jack and Anne have to deal with her miscarriage.
7 Jan. 2007
Tail Spin
The disappearance of an air traffic controller appears to be connected to an undocumented plane crash involving drug traffickers.
14 Jan. 2007
Eating Away
The investigation into the disappearance of a competitive eater turns up a reporter holding secrets about his past, a gambler trying to fix matches, and a prostitute and his dead pimp.
21 Jan. 2007
An artist's disappearance is connected to a traumatic experience from her high school days that still haunts her.
18 Feb. 2007
Desert Springs
A water treatment plant supervisor disappears, and detectives discover that he is running from his old life in Arizona, where he may have been involved in a robbery and the disappearance of one of his friends.
4 Mar. 2007
Without You
The team searches for a missing female tourist; when a thug abducts Elena's daughter from home, Jack quickly dispatches Danny and Martin to find her.
11 Mar. 2007
Deep Water
A prominent congresswoman disappears on a boating trip, and is later found dead. The investigation suggests that it may be related to her vote on a controversial offshore drilling deal, but Jack is positive that her husband is involved.
18 Mar. 2007
A fifteen-year-old girl who is living with her grandfather disappears after last being seen at an Internet Cafe. Samantha's estranged sister makes an unexpected visit.
25 Mar. 2007
At Rest
Sam's sister goes missing, so Sam decides to look for her without consulting with the rest of the team. Throughout her investigation, Sam's past unfolds.
8 Apr. 2007
Skin Deep
When a young, interracial boy goes missing, race and money appear to play the starring roles in the investigation.
15 Apr. 2007
Crash and Burn
The team searches for a stuntman who went missing shortly after completing a dangerous, fiery stunt. They discover that he received a death threat minutes before he vanished from the film set.
29 Apr. 2007
One and Only
A divorce court judge goes missing, and the team finds a link to a woman from his past.
6 May 2007
Two of Us
A girl disappears on prom night. Meanwhile, investigators discover that her drug-addicted boyfriend, believed to have been dead for months, may still be alive.
10 May 2007
The Beginning
The team takes on the case of a teenage girl who disappears after joining a cult, while Elena and Carlos continue their custody battle for Sophie.

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