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26 Sep. 2002
A young successful marketing executive goes missing. Although her life seems full of happiness and achievement on the outside, the team learns she is actually living a sad and lonely life full of drugs, family issues, and failed relationships. Martin has a serious lapse in judgment on his first day on the job.
3 Oct. 2002
Birthday Boy
Mr. Freedman gave his doted son Gabe a ticket to meet in the baseball stadium as an eleventh birthday present, but the knave never arrived. The model pupil was atypically distracted, and sold the ticket with profit to a scalper, joined a dubious gang and got into unprecedented trouble raiding a shop where the owner got badly hurt. After Martin Fitzgerald's brilliant work sifting tips from the mostly useless public to help work out Gabe wasn't abducted or running away but going somewhere, actually in search of his biological father, having found out he's adopted, ...
10 Oct. 2002
He Saw, She Saw
Emily Muller is kidnapped while shopping at the mall with her husband. The team discovers that all is not well in her marriage and that her husband may be hiding crucial details that could help find her.
17 Oct. 2002
Between the Cracks
Aspiring model Eve Cleary goes missing but the team have trouble finding people who really knew her. During the course of the investigation, they discover that she has really gone missing twice, under two different identities.
24 Oct. 2002
Andy Deaver, a student at the Spaulding Academy boarding school, goes missing after telling his mother he wanted to leave the school for good. Suspiscion instantly falls on head teacher Graham Spaulding, but the team have trouble pinning anything on him. Jack is forced to break the rules in a desperate attempt to save Andy's life.
31 Oct. 2002
Silent Partner
Patrick Kent, vice-president of a huge New York company owned by his father-in-law, disappears in an airport in San Diego. He is apparently intending to fly home to New York from a business trip he took on a regular basis, but the team uncover a secret life which may suggest that he never intended to return to his old one.
7 Nov. 2002
Snatch Back
Abby Buckman, the toddler daughter of an assistant district attorney, goes missing while in the park with her nanny. The team investigate every aspect of her parent's lives in a bid to uncover a motive for the disappearance, but they keep hitting a brick wall. After a red herring ransom call, they discover evidence that suggests Abby may not have been the real target of the kidnapper.
14 Nov. 2002
Little Big Man
Against his better judgment and to no avail, Jack appeals to press contact to publicize, as foster pa Mike Ray demanded, the disappearance from a colored ghetto of his alleged model foster teen William Hope. He got decent grades and worked in a diner, where he was bullied by white street gang scum. However he left a small fortune in cash with his incorrigible sister, whose home minder 'set it aside'. Martin and Danny work out William was picked up by a car with his criminal brother Aaron and dragged along in a petty robbery, which must have an angle, actually several ...
21 Nov. 2002
In Extremis
Dr. Anwar Samir, a third year resident at a New York hospital suddenly goes missing following a disagreement with his superior and the rejection of a proposal by his girlfriend. Given his Saudi Arabian background, almost inevitably suspicions arise of terrorist links. Witnesses and colleagues begin to question past "suspicious" behaviour, and disagreement manifests within the team itself as to the presumption of guilt as the Joint Terrorism Task Force also becomes increasingly involved.
12 Dec. 2002
Midnight Sun
A father and his young daughter go missing on the way to school. While initially suspecting that the father has been having an affair, when the team digs further into his background, they discover nothing is what it seems with this man. His true identity and the reason behind the disappearance is not revealed until they locate his daughter.
9 Jan. 2003
Maple Street
The mayor of a New York state countryside small town where people lock cars nor houses had to call the FBI for the disappearance of a teenage school girl last seen at the school bus stop. While the team learns about the close community, the victim's confident friend also goes missing. The MO fits similar cases in other inconspicuous places roughly on a line, so it's feared the work of a traveling serial pedophile.
16 Jan. 2003
Underground Railroad
A pregnant woman goes missing suddenly from a hospital. Her marriage seems perfect but the team soon find themselves involved with an underground railroad for battered women.
30 Jan. 2003
Hang on to Me
A man that has appeared a number of times asking for help to find his missing son, goes missing. Then when the team finds that he found a break in the case, they go after him, and maybe his son too...
6 Feb. 2003
The Friendly Skies
Flight attendant Linda Schmidt goes missing after leaving her apartment, supposedly heading to the airport to catch a late flight. Evidence found in her abandoned car suggests she may have fallen victim to a serial killer, but all is not as it seems.
20 Feb. 2003
There Goes the Bride
Audrey Rose-Beckworth disappears on her wedding day. Evidence suggests that she has been abducted, but the team uncover a past tainted with drug abuse, and a one night stand prior to her wedding day. Somehow, everything relates to the groom's family, which whom she has a close connection, but the secrets run deep and family members are reluctant to reveal them.
27 Feb. 2003
Clare de Lune
Mentally unstable teen Clare Metcalf goes missing from the institution where her father Lawrence , with whom she lived since her mother's death, had to place the impossible to control brat with suicidal tendencies. The team finds the institution desperately covers up as another scandal could see it closed.
13 Mar. 2003
Kam Li
Bull Carver goes missing after a party held to mark his return to civilian life after retiring from the army. A grudge between Bull and his army buddies that goes back to a time when they were serving together abroad may be the cause of the missing man vanishing. Jack and his team must juggle the concept of military justice with their obligation to uncover the truth.
3 Apr. 2003
The Source
A TV reporter goes missing shortly after filing a report with damaging information from an anonymous source about a suspected major drug dealer.
10 Apr. 2003
Victory for Humanity
A well-liked teacher who is eager to change the world disappears after teaching late at the high school where he works. As the team investigates, they soon discover he may have over-stepped his boundaries with a few of his students.
24 Apr. 2003
No Mas
A boxer vanishes moments before a fight that would've meant a big payout had he won. The team uncover a shady family background and a history of match-fixing involving the boxer's brother. Several people connected with the boxer seem to know more than they are telling.
1 May 2003
Are You Now or Have You Ever Been
Jack finds himself at the center of an investigation into how missing persons cases have been handled, including such controversial cases as that of Graham Spaulding, the accused pedophile now on trial whose confession Jack may have coerced. As each squad member is interrogated by a representative from the Office of Professional Responsibility, a level of paranoia and distrust is established among them, leaving all of their professional futures in question.
8 May 2003
Fallout: Part 1
Jack and his team search for an office worker, Sydney Harrison, who disappeared from her building. Within hours of Sydney going missing, her employers receive a ransom note via e-mail demanding $50,000.
15 May 2003
Fallout: Part 2
Jack's squad must determine the best course of action when Samantha is shot and possibly critically injured in a hostage situation. After the ransom drop for a woman who has disappeared goes dreadfully wrong, Samantha becomes trapped in a bookstore by the kidnapper, Barry Mashburn, who has discovered that she is an FBI agent.

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