Without a Trace (TV Series 2002–2009) Poster


Enrique Murciano: Danny Taylor



  • Vivian : Where's she going?

    Danny : Maybe it's a booty call.

    Samantha : Your mind is always in the gutter. There was no call.

    Danny : Tom Wilkins, 11:48.

    Martin : In my experience, there's usually not a three-hour lag between the call and the, uh...

    [clears his throat] 

    Martin : delivery.

  • Danny : [whispers]  Two years working white-collar in Seattle and he gets this assignment?

    Samantha : Doesn't hurt to be Victor Fitzgerald's kid.

    Danny : Mmm. No wonder he's smiling.

    Samantha : Not a bad smile, either.

  • Danny : [after a boy goes missing at Yankee Stadium]  This would've never happened at Shea.

    Vivian : It's so sad how bitter Mets fans are.

  • [Danny and Martin are back from California] 

    Danny : A plane is not supposed to be in the sky. It's not natural.

    Martin : Neither was that flight attendant and you weren't afraid of her.

  • [Staking out a bar] 

    Marla : Sure you don't want a real drink?

    Danny : No, I'm fine. Thanks.

    Marla : Not on the job?

    Danny : Not ever.

  • [at a boxing training camp in the Catskills] 

    Danny : I don't understand why someone would come all the way out here to get in shape. I've got a gym nineteen blocks from my apartment.

    Samantha : Your apartment's also in the vicinity of three gentlemen's clubs.

    Danny : I like a little variety in my workout.

  • [investigating the disappearance of a boxer] 

    Samantha : I don't get it. You get beat in the head for a living, and you make money only to have your manager steal it. What's the point?

    Danny : Boxing does have its benefits.

    Samantha : What? Wearing satin shorts to work?

  • Vivian : Smart little kid, huh?

    Danny : Smart enough to blow off the Yankees.

  • [Going through a missing person's apartment] 

    Danny : Tired of Queens? Here's what eighteen hundred gets in the city.

    Martin : Aw, come on, they can't all be like this.

    Danny : You're right. Most of the time, the bathtub's in the kitchen.

  • [after interrogating a suspect] 

    Jack Malone : The head butt was a nice touch.

    Danny : No... head "bump". That was a head "bump", not a head "butt".

  • [bringing in garbage bags of shredded documents] 

    Danny : Can anybody say "Enron"?

  • [Danny is checking in after his flight home] 

    Danny : Vivalina.

    Vivian : [laughs]  Ah... how'd it go with Mr. Fitzgerald?

    Danny : Good, good. He took a little breaking in but he's a good guy.

  • [Surveying a suspect's house] 

    Danny : I think I heard something inside. Listen.

    Martin : You think you heard, or you did hear?

  • [Staking out a ransom drop spot] 

    Samantha : Nothing but the rats and the roaches.

    Danny : At least you got company.

  • [Two restaurant workers find the ransom money in the dumpster] 

    Jack Malone : [into mic]  Oh, please. Danny, get rid of them.

    [Danny takes out ear piece and tucks it into his shirt. He moves from his spot and approaches the two restaurant workers who have opened the bag and start pocketing the money inside] 

    Danny : Hey. Hey, you want to live to see tomorrow? Don't be playing with my livelihood, you got me?

    [Danny lifts his shirt and shows them his gun. He pushes them aside and grabs the bag from them. The workers leave. Danny puts the bag back in the trash bin] 

    Jack Malone : Nice work, Serpico.

    Danny : I grew up on Pacino.

  • [an eleven year old has been surfing porn sites] 

    Jack Malone : Geez. I didn't know what girls looked like when I was his age.

    Danny : I was all over it. My brothers were good for something.

  • [about to teenagers having an argument] 

    Jack Malone : This is all over a key chain?

    Danny : It's the South Bronx, Jack. Kids get shot for a whole lot less there.

    Jack Malone : The cops don't have time for it, right?

    Danny : No, but I do.

  • [after an interrogation, where Danny got physical with a suspect] 

    Martin : What the hell was that?

    Danny : A little improvisation.

    Martin : It was stupid is what it was.

  • [a suspect is cooperating] 

    Danny : Hey, Radio, you see how pleasant this whole process can be when you give us what we want?

    Radio : Well, since I served my country do I get a letter from the president?

  • Jack Malone : Perfect husband, perfect father, perfect life.

    Danny : Sounds like perfect denial.

    Jack Malone : Yeah, we'll see.

  • [the missing father has $500,000 in his bank account] 

    Danny : He's got an ex-con working for him. Maybe this whole Laundromat, dry-cleaner thing is a front.

    Jack Malone : For what?

    Danny : I don't know. Drugs, diamonds, illegal ferrets.

  • [Danny is giving Jack grief] 

    Jack Malone : What? Did I take you away from a date?

    Danny : Actually, yeah. You?

    Jack Malone : Please.

  • [Reviewing security tapes of a hospital] 

    Danny : We have doctor, man in a wheelchair, pregnant woman that's not her... a fat guy in a robe, a nurse...

    Martin : Is it important that you narrate?

    Danny : You know, I'm sorry, I forgot... you can't think and listen at the same time, and...

    Martin : That's pretty good for someone who can't think without speaking. This is one big hospital.

    Danny : You'd rather be in the field, right?

    Martin : Always.

  • [Bringing in chinese take-out] 

    Danny : Yo, this stinks.

    Martin : Yeah, just the way I like it. Thanks.

    Danny : I don't know how you eat that crap in the morning. It's gross.

    Martin : Oh, come on - protein, carbs, dairy... three of the four food groups. It's good. You want some?

  • [Looking through office buildings] 

    Danny : But all we have is an address? Wow, this is some lead. Looks like we're going door to door. I should've brought my bibles.

    Samantha : Yeah, I think you're more of an insurance guy. In the meantime, give me the names. I'll, uh, I'll start running them.

    Danny : You want them in alphabetical order?

    Samantha : Very cute. What are they?

  • [about transferring to another case] 

    Vivian : Okay, if you guys don't want to work on the case, I think you need to take it up with Jack.

    Danny : Oh, we'd love to - it just seems like somebody doesn't want to leave his office today.

  • Danny : Morning, hot stuff.

    Samantha : Good morning to you. Late night last night?

    Danny : A man's got to do.

    Samantha : Yeah? Who's the lucky?

    Danny : I don't kiss and tell, you know that.

  • [Looking at a blood-stained car] 

    Danny : Oh, something definitely happened. If that's her blood, there's only one question: Where'd they dump the body?

    Samantha : You are such a pessimist. She could have been assaulted and kidnapped for all we know.

    Danny : I bet that's what you told the cops, right?

  • [about leaving Sam alone with her ex-boyfriend] 

    Samantha : You did not have to do that.

    Danny : Sure, I did.

    Samantha : Oh, god.

  • [Eric Keller and Sam going undercover, Martin and Danny are watching from across the room] 

    Martin : Is there something going on between those two?

    Danny : Used to be.

    Martin : Really? That's her type, huh?

    Danny : Hey, are you jealous?

    Martin : Jealous? What, are you crazy?

    Danny : Okay. Guess I'm crazy.

    Martin : [smiles and shakes his head]  Yeah.

  • [after Martin and Jack come back from a trip] 

    Danny : How was Washington?

    Jack Malone : "D.C.," As in "Didn't Cooperate." I did get a free pen out of Whitehurst's office, though.

  • [Looking at a service pistol] 

    Jack Malone : It's a Russian Tokarov.

    Danny : Yeah. Jack knows his guns.

  • [Martin sees his dad heading for Jack's office] 

    Martin : Oh, great.

    Danny : What?

    Martin : Hold on to your hat.

  • [to a drug-dealer] 

    Danny : Hey... nice pony tail.

  • [Walking up to a missing teacher's apartment] 

    Danny : This is three. Just two more to go.

    Martin : Oh! Why is it that no one in a walkup ever lives on the first two floors?

    Danny : Vampires.

    Martin : Really?

    Danny : Yeah, they have all the lower apartments all to themselves.

    Martin : No direct sunlight, right?

    Danny : Exactly. Plus, they live to be 106 years old, so the apartments never turn around.

    Martin : Oh, that's good to know.

  • Danny : What do you know about bog turtles?

    Samantha : Bog turtles?

    Danny : Apparently, they're an endangered species.

    Samantha : Bog turtles... who knew?

  • Danny : [hugging Jack]  I am so sorry about your Dad.

    Jack Malone : [trying to escape Danny's hug]  What are you doing?

  • Cruz, Mexican Federale : [while driving after Lucy Costin ran away]  What sort of Cuban name is "Taylor" anyway?

    Danny : You like to tell jokes? I got a joke for you; How many Mexican Federales does it take to keep one American woman in a hotel room?

    Cruz, Mexican Federale : Why don't you go back to your country and let us do our jobs?

    Danny : You know what, if you could do your job... I would be in my country. Yeah, but unfortunatley I got to come here to do your job...

  • [At a point where everyone thinks they've lost their jobs] 

    Danny : Good luck, man.

    Martin : Thanks.

    Danny : Martin...

    [Martin turns around] 

    Danny : When this is all over, and you and I are looking for our next gig, I just want you to know that I-I think we make a hell of a team.

    Martin : What, selling shoes?

    Danny : [amused]  Shoes, boots, pumps, whatever.

    Martin : Sounds good to me.

  • [about Jack, as he drops off ransom money] 

    Vivian : Well, he certainly looks as if he's old enough to have teenage kids.

    Danny : Definitely having a hard time with that bag.

    Vivian : He says he's been working out. I guess $5 million bucks weighs a lot.

  • [Holding up a picture of a priest's Little League team] 

    Vivian : We're going to have to interview every one of these boys.

    Danny : Because he's a priest?

    Vivian : Because he's a missing priest.

    Danny : H-he's a man of god, and he's dying, okay, so show compassion.

    Vivian : You know, I want to believe in him, too, but you have got to admit, they have been testing our faith a lot these days.

    Danny : I played on a team. The St. Benedict's Dragons.

    Vivian : I find it very hard to imagine you in a white communion gown.

    Danny : I didn't actually go to church. When I was 13, I got busted shoplifting a flask of rum from a liquor store. The judge gave me two choices: St. Benedict's after-school program or juvie. I figured a couple hours of basketball a day, how bad could it be?

    Vivian : And how bad was it?

    Danny : Father Orlando kicked my ass. Probably saved my life.

  • [Going through a suspect's apartment] 

    Martin : This guy's an ex-con.

    Danny : What?

    [Holds up a beaded box] 

    Martin : Prison art.

    Danny : What, did you do a nickel at pelican bay? 'Cause if you did, I'm going to be a whole lot nicer to you.

    Martin : Nah, actually I did an internship at a state prison, taught accounting. And I received several of these lovely cigarette box knickknack holders as thank-you gifts.

  • [after an ex-con is found in a stolen car] 

    Danny : I get it... he gave it to you, right? Kind of like, uh, "congratulations for getting out of the slammer" gift.

  • [about the fiancé of a missing girl] 

    Jack Malone : Smells like a brewery in here.

    Martin : Yeah, you noticed?

    Danny : What, is he still drunk?

    Martin : Nah, he's just fairly hung over.

  • [a missing girl changed her name] 

    Vivian : Speaking from experience? Danny..."Taylor"?

    Danny : What about it?

    Vivian : So, why?

    Danny : I guess I just wanted a fresh start.

    Vivian : Did it work?

    Danny : Sometimes.

    Vivian : So, are you going to tell me?

  • [after seeing Jack leave the therapist's office] 

    Danny : Not you, too.

    Jack Malone : No, but thanks for asking.

  • [looking through missing suspect's apartment] 

    Danny : Isn't it so much easier when they leave the Amtrak schedule right on the coffee table, and they've gone as far as circling the getaway train in bright red ink?

  • Fiancee : [about Danny's brother]  You know Rafie's really good with cars.

    Danny : I remember him being good at stealing them.

  • Danny : Sometimes in life you have to face up to who you are.

    Fiancee : Rafie's done that. I wonder about you.

  • Danny : Miss Wright, don't come in here and ask me to make excuses for my brother. I stopped doing that a long time ago.

  • Danny : [to his brother]  Where was that "family man" when I was fourteen and Mami and Papi were dead? In the next room sticking needles up his arm.

  • Danny : So you and Marty seem... well, you seem something.

    Samantha : Yeah, we are.

    Danny : That's good. It is good Sam. Why are you hiding it?

  • Jack Malone : Good morning.

    Danny : Is it?

    [looks out window] 

    Danny : Is it? It's morning.

    Jack Malone : Man, you look wired.

    Danny : Wired? Wired is better than tired!

  • Danny : You know, Martin. I see you and Sam in a place just like this one.

    [Martin shakes his head] 

    Danny : I do. Barbequing out back with the kids, Uncle Danny coming over to shoot some hoops.

    Martin : I've seen your hook shot, you better start working on it now.

    Danny : I'm unstoppable and you know it.

  • Danny : Martin, why don't you just ask me what you wanna ask me? Go.

    Martin : Look, I know you don't drink...

    Danny : Yes. I'm an alcoholic. I haven't had a drink in 7 years, 3 months and 18 days.

    Martin : Good for you.

    Danny : And not a day goes by when I'm not dying to have a drink, which is why I go to meetings twice a week. You got it?

  • Martin : [Matin is going through a missing real estate agent's files while eating a sandwich, Danny comes up next to his desk]  It's about time, I saved you half.

    Martin : [Danny takes a bite out of Martin's sandwich]  I was talking about the files.

    Danny : Do you mind?

  • [interrogating a suspect who shot at him] 

    Danny : And if the ballistics come back positive, I've got you for attempted murder - of me.

  • Martin : [after breaking protocol on a case]  How long does it take to get out of his dog house?

    Danny : Depends on the dog.

    Samantha : Don't mind Danny. He's just, uh, marking his territory.

  • [Martin and Danny are placing bets on a suspect] 

    Danny : My money's on Goren Davic - the modeling guy. A: He used to run after-hours clubs in Brooklyn. B: NYPD has their eye on him...

    Martin : ...and C: You don't like him.

    Danny : I was just getting to C.

  • [Danny is still in the house when the suspect returns home. Martin is calling his radio to try and warn him] 

    Martin : Did you hear me?

    Danny : Yeah, I heard you.

    Martin : You get something good?

    Danny : [puts on sunglasses]  Oh, yeah.

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