Everwood (TV Series 2002–2006) Poster


Emily VanCamp: Amy Abbott



  • Ephram : You gotta stop doing that.

    Amy : What?

    Ephram : Saying things that make me wanna kiss you.

  • Amy : Ok, four years ago you came to my little town. And you changed my life. I never thought that one person could do that to you, but you did. From the moment that I met you and each moment after that... somehow everything that happend to me, kept comming back to you. I don't know if the Faries Wheel reminds you of anything?

    Ephram : Are you kiddin' me? How could I forget our first thaw-fest? It's where you first told me that your nickname was Grover.

    Amy : I can't belive you remember that.

    Ephram : I remember everything about us Amy.

    Amy : Me too, See that's the thing. Everytime I try to forget, The feelings that I have for you, They just they keep comming back, I know they're back. And I don't wanna push them down anymore, I don't wanna run away from this because I never erh, wanna lose you again, I just wanna be with you, Next year, wherever you are.

    Ephram : Amy...

    Amy : And I'm sorry that it took me so long to figure it out, I really am because I-I hate all of the time that we lost and I know it's my fault and I just really hope that you could forgive me.

    Ephram : Amy...

    Amy : Because I love you Ephram, I love you

    Ephram : [kisses her]  It's my turn yet?

    Amy : nods

    Ephram : Good, Cuz I love you too.

    [With a broken voice] 

    Ephram : I knew it then and I know it now. I know it always, you're IT Amy. You're my one.

    Amy : I am?


    Ephram : [Smiles]  You always have been

    [They laugh and turns around and looks at the Faries Wheel] 

    Amy : You're on for a ride?

    Ephram : In a second

    [Turns towards Amy and kisses her, They kiss each other] 

  • Amy : What exactly is going on between you and Collin? I mean, why are you being all buddy buddy with him?

    Ephram : First of all, I'm not being all buddy buddy with anyone, all right? He approached me.

    Amy : He did, why? I-I mean, why?

    Ephram : I don't know, maybe he thinks I'm pretty.

  • [Amy is nervously trying to explain how she is fine and notices that Ephram is just staring at her] 

    Amy : What?

    Ephram : You're talking faster than my brain processes language.

  • Amy : How long were you there?

    Ephram : Long enough to move on.

  • Amy : ...And if you love someone... it should be easy... I love you Ephram.

    Ephram : [beat]  I love you too, Amy.

    Amy : Yea?

    Ephram : Yea.

    Amy : Cool.

  • Amy : Maybe love's like math. You don't get better at it but you just get used to it. Simple equations with the occasional variable.

    Ephram : I hope not. I suck at math.

  • Ephram : I say we keep walking until we run out of fries.

    Amy : You know, we can always buy more fries.

  • Ephram : So what do people do up here, besides wait for an early demise... and ask really dumb questions

    Amy : Actually I brought you up here to tell you something very important. Grover.

    Ephram : Grover?

    Amy : It's my nickname.

  • Amy : Smell. The cold smells like pine... or the pine smells like cold... something.

  • Amy : What are you wearing to Colin's?

    Bright : Clothes...

  • Ephram : Do you have a boyfriend?

    Amy : Yes. But I want you to meet him. If you do, you'll understand.

    Ephram : That was right on my list of things to do today, right between picking up my dry cleaning and chopping off my hand.

  • Amy : Ephram Brown, the melting man. The melting man, Ephram Brown.

    Ephram : He's quiet.

    Amy : He's not having the best day. They say it's his last

  • Harold : You never take any responsibility for your own actions. Do you blame Colin, Dr. Brown, us?

    Amy : No, I just blame you.

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