The Magdalene Sisters (2002) Poster

Dorothy Duffy: Rose, Patricia



  • Rose : [Sister Bridget has just denied Rose's request to send her son a birthday card]  But I'm his Mother, Sister.

    Sister Bridget : You're not his mother! A mother puts a child to bed at night, looks after him when he's sick. Feeds, clothes and educates him. You've done none of that. How can you take credit for something you haven't done?

  • Bernadette : Having a baby's not a crime.

    Rose : Having a baby before you're married is a mortal sin!

    Bernadette : I'd commit any sin, mortal or otherwise, to get the hell out of here.

  • Josephine : [Margaret has tipped the girls beds upside down looking for Crispina's holy medal, she has found it under Bernadette's bed]  What have you done to my bed?

    Crispina : [Crispina runs up and hugs Margaret]  My Saint Christopher, you found it, God bless ya.

    Margaret : You dirty thieving bitch!

    [Margaret dives at Bernadette and drags her down to the ground by her hair, where they start to wrestle] 

    Rose : [Rose tries desperately to pull them apart]  God, will you stop that? Stop it, for Gods sake!

    Margaret : [they finally stop fighting]  You're a wicked bitch, you know that? You're a wicked thieving bitch! She had Crispina's Saint Christopher under her bed! The only thing that girl owns in the whole world and you stole it!

    Crispina : You found my Saint Christopher. Thank you, thank you!

    Margaret : [Margaret grabs Crispina roughly by the arm and points at Bernadette]  Don't you understand? She stole it!

    Crispina : Yeah, but you found it.

    Margaret : Am I the only one who thinks that what she did was completely despicable?

    [long silence] 

    Margaret : Oh, you can all just go to hell!

  • [last lines] 

    Rose : I'll write to you.

    Bernadette : Grand.

    Rose : Good luck.

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