A Sound of Thunder (2005) Poster

Edward Burns: Travis Ryer



  • Sonia Rand : I don't have time for stupid idiots.

    Travis Ryer : Well, why don't you make some time. How about we stop with the insults, because it is starting to get on my nerves.

    Sonia Rand : You think I devoted my career to designing an amusement park ride for rich men to compensate for their little willies by shooting prehistoric animals, is that what you really think?

    Travis Ryer : No, what I think is that if you were a guy, someone would have probably knocked you on your ass a long time ago.

  • Travis Ryer : Some things to remember us by: A safari suit, boots, helmet and a holo-disk so you can relive the jump. And I suggest you take an especially close look at this disk, Mr. Wallenbeck.

    John Wallenbeck : Why's that?

    Travis Ryer : Well I can't be certain until I review it myself, however, I'm pretty sure it was your shot that brought him down.

    John Wallenbeck : [laughs]  Well, yeah.

  • Alicia Wallenbeck : The doorman let me in. Told him I was your cousin from St. Louis.

    Travis Ryer : I always did like Aunt Martha.

  • Travis Ryer : We cannot have accidents.

    Payne : While I was a physics major in college, we studied something called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. It proves that there is no such thing as zero tolerance. It doesn't exist. You basically can't be 100% sure of anything no matter how hard you try. Accidents... happen.

    Travis Ryer : We can't have accidents.

  • Sonia Rand : What did you change?

    Travis Ryer : We don't know.

  • Travis Ryer : [to Sonia]  I thought I recognized your voice. You sound just like TAMI. Although she's a little nicer.

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