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That wasn't bad
amanwhorocks2 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
1. KoR Semifinal: Rob Van Dam Vs. Chris Jericho - Wow, clean victory for RVD. Interesting. 9/10

2. KoR Semifinal: Test Vs. Brock Lesnar - 8.5/10

3. WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: Champ-The Hurricane Vs. Jamie Knoble -Fuc* this booking made me angry. Who the f*ck is Jamie Knoble, I dislike him even in the WCW. But I have to be fair, match was fine. 8.5/10

4. Eddy Guerrero Vs. Ric Flair - Interference from both sides and finally Flair got the pin. 6/10

5. WWE Women's Championship: Molly Holly Vs. Champ-Trish Stratus - Molly won that title in an average match. OK I guess she deserved tit that time. 6.5/10

6. Kurt Angle Vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan - IMPOSSIBLE! Hogan tap in a clean way to somebody. Now he has to pay all the years ruining younger more talented wrestlers or what? Booking is fine, match was worse than average. 7/10

7. KoR Finals: Brock Lesnar Vs. RVD - Another wow, Lesnar quite EASILY defeated rob Van Dam. I have to say this event is full of surprises for me. 8/10

8. WWE Undisputed Championship - Triple H Vs. The Undertaker - Both guys were so slow, especially Taker. Though he won. 7/10
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It Had It's Moments
Big Movie Fan20 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers

King of the Ring 2002 was one of the better PPV events of 2002 which has turned out to be a decent enough year for the WWE.

In the opener, Rob Van Dam beat Chris Jericho in a very good match to advance to the final of the King of the Ring tournament. A great match but these past few years the tournament itself has meant very little. When it started as a PPV event in 1993, the tournament was the main event and everything else was undercard. These past few years, the tournament has been the undercard and other matches have been main events.

The still green Brock Lesnar beat Test in another decent match to advance to the finals.

Jamie Noble beat the Hurricane to win the Cruiserweight Title. A great match and Nidia is just beautiful.

Ric Flair beat Eddie Guerrero in an exciting match. They had a match on WCW Nitro around 1996 but this bout knocked spots off that bout and was perhaps the match of the card.

Molly Holly beat Trish Stratus to win the Women's Championship. Nothing special but who needs a good match when you have two beautiful younger women in front of your eyes.

Kurt Angle had a match with Hulk Hogan. It was quite mediocre although it was a convincing match in the sense that Hogan and Angle did really wrestle as though they were enemies. It was also a shock to see Hogan submit. The last time he submitted before this match took place was when he was with the NWO in WCW. He submitted to Lex Luger three times in 1997 but I never thought I'd see a babyface Hogan submit. Hogan has been selfless this year.

Brock Lesnar then beat Rob Van Dam to win the King of the Ring tournament. It was an okay match.

The final pitted 'undisputed' champion Undertaker against Triple H. This match was no good and not a good way to end King of the Ring. I found nothing redeeming in this match.

All in all, I think King of the Ring was the second best WWE PPV of 2002 after the Survivor Series.
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A few decent matches (**SPOILERS**)
Gary Ballance30 June 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Here's a brief recap of this year's KoTR:

KoTR Semi Final- Jericho vs Van Dam. Good opener. These guys obviously watched their Unforgiven match (as I did) before this match, as there's dozens of spots borrowed from it. Nonetheless, the highlights of both mens' offense, for me, were Jericho's Breakdown, Lionsault, Jumping Enziguri-type Roundhouse, Release German Suplex, Double Underhook from the top and, of course, the Walls of Jericho.(Would've liked to have seen Jericho use the Double Powerbomb on RVD, too.) Van Dam had some cool offense as well: his Split-Legged Moonsault, Somersault Over the Top Rope and Five Star Frog Splash to name a few. Although I enjoyed the match, I thought the ending was weak. Van Dam won,anyhow, w/ the Frog Splash. [Due to criticism of this match by Internet fans, Jericho shut down his Webpage and blasted Internet 'marks'. Let's overreact, shall we?]

KoTR Sem-eye Final- Lesnar vs Test. Fair match. Highlight was Test & Heyman completely mistiming a shot from the apron by Heyman- it's hilarious to see. After kicking out of the big boot, Lesnar lands the F5 (which I think is the most powerful type of tornado- heard it in 'Twister') to advance.

Jamie Knoble vs The Hurricane. Cruiserweight title match, and a damn good one at that. Knoble is a brilliant addition to the division, and with Rey Misterio on his way, things can only get better. Hurricane's top rope Swinging Neckbreaker was the highlight of this impressive contest, which ended w/ a win via Powerbomb for Jamie Knoble.

Eddy Guerrero vs Ric Flair. OK. Great to see the first Crippler Crossface in over a year! Match isn't wonderful, but Guerrero carries Flair (whose offense has always been limited to chops and the Figure 4) to a decent match. Cheap win for Flair (whose selling of moves- screaming- was quite amusing, particularly the dropkick to the knee.)

Molly Holly vs Trish Stratus. Molly gets her first Womens Title reign from an unfortunately lacklustre match. (Good to see Dawn Marie on SmackDown!, by the way)

Kurt Angle vs Hulk Hogan. Angle's offense is limited due to Hogan's age and size, so his Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplexes and Rolling Germans (stolen from Benoit) are not a factor. Angle's ring attire is awful. Anyway, another fair-but-not-brilliant match. Hogan taps to the Ankle lock. Good win for Angle.

KoTR Final- Lesnar vs RVD. Shorter than Jericho vs Van Dam, this one only goes to just over 5 mins. Impressive end to this match,as Lesnar amazingly counters RVD's crossbody, hoisting him into the devastating F5.

Undertaker vs Triple H. This is going to sound harsh (considering HHH wrestled with a dodgy elbow) but this match was truly awful. If you find yourself paying more attention to the commentary, then the match must really suck. Awful finish to this one, too. The Undertaker's huge kick over the announce table to the Rock's face was the highlight for me! I have tons of respect for Triple H for wrestling the match, but objectively, it's incredibly tedious.

I don't know what's wrong with the PPVs nowadays, (they're still good, but they're missing that spark) but I'm hoping things will pick up soon. By the way, I would've loved a PPV-length match between Billy Kidman and Lance Storm. 2 minute SD! matches don't cut it anymore!
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Terrible, and that The Truth!
It's a terrible main event with Undertaker/HHH stuffing their match with arm holds that women in a mud wrestling school could do. Mediocre matches all around with Angle/Hogan, Test/Lesnar, Guerrero/Flair, and RVD/Lesnar. Molly/Trish is overrated and below average in terms of quality and Hurricane/Noble has no high spots. Guerrero/Flair was put together at the last minute with Flair taking Stone Cold Steve Austin's place due to his problems with Vince McMahon behind the scenes. But it has nothing of great value from either men. I'm sorry but this is an awful PPV led by the main event hogging Undertaker/HHH match. Even The Rock couldn't do that much to make the match interesting in commentary. In case you've heard about the Booker/Goldust/Rock scene, don't buy this for it. Buy The Rock's "Just Bring It" collector's DVD for it and other great moments in The Rock's career. But to summarize, this is an iceberg of a PPV that showed that the old guys were keeping the young guys down and a PPV split should have happened a long time ago. I apologize to Undertaker and HHH fans, these two guys can still do something good for the business just never have them work together again.
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King of the Ring 2002
wrestlingsitewebmaster3 August 2005
This was OK, but it could have been better. It was known who was going to win the Ring of the Ring title, and not many matches were exciting.

Match 1 saw RVD challenging Chris Jericho in a semi final match up. This was very good. RVD got the win.

Next up was a semi final match between Test and Brock Lesnar. While this was enjoyable, it was all Test. This was strange because Lesnar is supposed to be tough, mean, nasty and damn right destructible. All this did was make him look like a kid. Next up Ric Flair challenges Eddie Guerrero in a p*ss poor contest. It was boring, crap, slow and useless. OK yeah so WWE had to find a replacement for 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, but Flair? Give me a break! Next up Jamie Noble challenged The Hurricane for the Cruiseweight in a boring match. Nidia done my head in with her interfering actions. However I must be fair, one good spot was when Hurricane gave a Noble a neck breaker off the top rope.

Next up Molly took on Trish Stratus in a usual Women's match. In other words, useless. Then Hulk Hogan took on Kurt Angle. I just fast forward this match, because I couldn't have been arsed about it. Apologies if it was good, but Hogan was getting on for 49 years of age 3 years ago, and he's no Chris Benoit is he? Next up RVD battles Brock Lesnar in the KotR final match. Common do I need to tell you who won?! This was a very good match though.

Then The Undertaker challenges Triple H in a passable main event match. This was nowhere near as good as their Wrestlemania 17 clash in March 2001.

Overall Grade - C+
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This was a mild bore
kliko40031 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This PPV was a mild bore to me, 3 titles were on the line, all matches were single matches & most of the matches were boring.

FIRST MATCH- ROB VAN DAM VS. CHRIS JERICHO IN THE SEMIFINALS OF THE KING OF THE RING This was a nice & long match to start the show with. Both these wrestlers have great chemistry when it comes to facing each other in the ring. RVD nails the Five Star Frog Splash on Jericho for the win & to advance in the finals of the King Of The Ring. 5/10

SECOND MATCH- BROCK LESNAR W/ PAUL HEYMAN VS. TEST IN THE SEMIFINALS OF THE KING OF THE RING It was an okay match, but then it started to turn out more of a brawl rather than a wrestling match. Brock Lesnar hits the F-5 to advance in the finals of the King Of The Ring & will face RVD. 4/10

THIRD MATCH- JAMIE NOBLE W/ NIDIA VS. HURRICANE FOR THE WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Come on, Cruiserweights do way better than this, it took Nidia to try & interfere to make the match more paced. Jamie Noble hits his special called Tiger Driver for the win & to become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion. 4/10

FOURTH MATCH- TRISH STRATUS VS. MOLLY HOLLY FOR THE WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP Bad & boring match. These women did not put up a fight. Molly Holly reversed a roll-up into her own for the win & to become the new WWE Women's Champion. 3/10

FIFTH MATCH- RIC FLAIR VS. EDDIE GUERRERO Another boring match, these two men had no chemistry in the ring, & also they did not even try to put up a fight. Chris Benoit & Bubba Ray Dudley had to interfere to make the match a bit more interesting. Chris Benoit interferes & puts Ric Flair in a Crossface on the outside, while the referee is distracted, Bubba Ray Dudley comes in the ring & nails Eddie with a Bubba Bomb, Ric Flair covers him for the 3 count & the win. 4/10

SIXTH MATCH- KURT ANGLE VS. Hollywood HULK HOGAN These two can do way better, this match again, turned more of a sort of submission match, rather than a wrestling match. Angle makes Hollywood Hulk Hogan tap out for the win. 4/10

SEVENTH MATCH- ROB VAN DAM VS. BROCK LESNAR W/ PAUL HEYMAN IN THE FINALS OF THE KING OF THE RING TOURNAMENT WINNER FACES WWE CHAMPION AT SUMMERSLAM Great match, nothing bad & nothing special, it was an okay plain match. But I do wish they had more time to fight in the ring. Paul Heyman's interferences are seriously funny. Brock Lesnar overcomes the agility of RVD & nails him with the F-5 for the win as he is the 2002 King Of The Ring & will face the WWE Champion at Summerslam. 5/10

EIGHT MATCH- TRIPLE H VS. UNDERTAKER FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP This was a really good main event, I thought that it was going to be a bore like the other matches, but this was an excellent match. Both HHH & Taker gave it all they got, even a longer match than they had at Wrestlemania X7. Rock interferes during the match, & 2 referees get knocked out. Undertaker nails a low blow then a roll-up on HHH for the win & to retain his WWE Championship. 6/10

So 3 out of 8 mathes are good. Seriously this could have been a lot better, but the mainevent sort of saved this PPV. This whole event was pretty much a mild bore.

Overall I'll give it 5/10 & a C
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Recap of King of the Ring 2002
Spawn Devil26 June 2002
Match 1: King of the Ring Tournament semifinal - Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam Chris Jericho met Rob Van Dam in the evening's first match, a King of the Ring Tournament semifinal. The match got off to a fast start. Jericho went for a full body press to RVD on the outside of the ring, but the Intercontinental Champion moved out of the way and somersaulted over the top rope onto his opponent. RVD followed that up with a kick to the face from the top rope. He tried to seal the win with a Five-Star Frog Splash, but Y2J shoved the ref into the ropes to knock RVD down. Soon after, Y2J removed the cover off one of the turnbuckles. The referee had to replace the covering, and in the process missed RVD's rollup that had Y2J's shoulders pinned to the mat. By the time the ref turned back around, Y2J had kicked out. RVD began to take over, nearly obtaining a pinfall after scoring a kick to the face and the Rolling Thunder. Jericho mounted a rally, but fell victim to a split-legged moonsault. Y2J managed to catch RVD in the Walls of Jericho, but Mr. Pay-Per-View reversed into a pin attempt that Jericho kicked out of. Moments later, Jericho rolled away from a Five-Star Frog Splash and hit a Lionsault. That looked to be the end of the match, but Van Dam somehow kicked out after a two-count. Jericho managed to put the Walls of Jericho on Van Dam again, but RVD grabbed the bottom rope to break the hold. Y2J tried to set up a superplex, but was thrown to the mat. That allowed RVD to hit his Frog Splash and get the pinfall to advance to the King of the Ring Tournament Final! After the match, Jerry "The King" Lawler" got a word with RVD. Van Dam said he wasn't afraid of facing Test or Brock Lesnar in the final. While he was talking, Jericho attacked him and locked on the Walls of Jericho, refusing to let go! Winner: Rob Van Dam

Match 2: King of the Ring Tournament semifinal - Test vs Brock Lesnar The two big men met in the ring next for the second KOR Tournament Semifinal. Test struck down Brock with several stiff clotheslines early, causing Brock Lesnar to bring his protégé outside for a quick conference. Once back in the ring, Test continued to take it to Brock. The former NCAA Champion countered by ramming his shoulder into Test's gut in the corner. Lesnar slammed Test with a powerful suplex and followed with a back breaker. Test bounced Brock off the ropes, but only received a powerslam for the effort. Test's experience helped him get back into the match. He appeared to have the match locked up after hitting a Big Boot square to Brock's jaw. Somehow, Lensar managed to get his shoulder up at the last instance. Moments later, Paul Heyman stepped onto the ring apron and took a swing at Test. That allowed Brock to sneak up and hit the F5 on Test! Lesnar covered up his opponent and got the three-count to advance to the King of the Ring Final against RVD! Winner: Brock Lesnar

Match 3: WWE Cruiserweight Championship - Jamie Noble vs The Hurricane Jamie Noble came to the ring with Nidia to challenge The Hurricane for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. The Hurricane wore his mask, but his green cape was draped around Nidia's neck. The Hurricane got the better of his challenger early on, but got into trouble when he started chasing after Nidia. Noble cut down the champion with a clothesline outside the ring. Noble continued to hold control, locking The Hurricane in an abdominal stretch. The champion rallied by crashing a big neckbreaker onto Noble. He delivered another neckbreaker by launching his body off the middle turnbuckle. Noble took the Eye of the Hurricane, but managed to kick out. Hurricane spied his cape hanging on a turnbuckle and went to retrieve it, but Nidia jerked it away. Hurricane responded with a cross body onto Nidia's boyfriend to the outside of the ring. Noble attempted to superplex THe Hurricane onto the the outside of the ring, but Hurricane instead dropped a huge neckbreaker from the top rope! Nidia tried to step in and help out, but she got blindsided accidentally by Noble. Hurricane chokeslammed the challenger, but Noble managed to kick out. The Hurricane's luck ran out there. Noble slapped Hurriane with a powerbomb and rolled up the champ. The Hurricane appeared safe after getting his foot on the rope, but Nidia shoved it off and Noble got the pin to become the new Cruiserweight Champion! Winner and New WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Jamie Noble

Match 4: Ric Flair vs Eddie Guerrero Latino Heat clashed with the Nature Boy next. Guerreo, feeling confident, mimicked Flair's walk early on. Although Guerrero mocked Flair'd abiities, the 16-time World Champion showed he's got plenty of fire left. He picked Guerrero straight up into the air and held him for several moments before suplexing him to the mat. Guerrero seemed intent on insulting Flair. Before long, Latino Heat locked Flair into the Nature Boy's own signature move, the Figure Four leglock. Flair made Eddie release him and later latched on the maneuver after Guerrero missed a Frog Splash. Chris Benoit made his way to ringside and watched the action intently. Guerrero tossed Flair from the ring and distracted the ref, allowing the Rabid Wolverine to strike. Benoit put the Crippler Crossface on Flair, who screamed in pain. The ref saw this and went out to order Benoit back to the locker room. Meanwhile, Bubba Ray Dudley stormed into the ring and nailed Guerrero with a Bubba Bomb! When the ref returned, Bubba had exited but Flair had draped himself over Guerrero and picked up the three count! Winner: Ric Flair

Match 5: WWE Women's Championship Molly Holly vs Trish Stratus The WWE Women's Championship went on the line next with Molly Holly attempting to take the title from Trish Stratus. Molly started off by wrapping Trish in an armbar, but the champ reversed into a rollup that the challenge had to kick out of. Molly climbed the top turnbuckle, but was sent crashing to the ring with a hurracanrana by Trish. Molly went for the Stratusfaction, but Molly pushed her off and countered with a belly to belly suplex. The two continued to tangle, with each using tremendous agility and strength to roll the other woman up. Molly came out on top and jerked on Trish's tights to gain enough leverage for a three-count!. Molly Holly became the new WWE Women's Champion! Winner and New WWE Women's Champion: Molly Holly

Match 6: Kurt Angle vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan Kurt Angle set out to prove that he's the real American hero by taking on Hollywood Hulk Hogan. The more experienced Hogan controlled Angle from the start, tossing him over the top rope several times. On one occasion, the Hulkster followed Angle outside the ring and smashed his face into the ring barrier. Angle managed to storm back, dropping the Hulkster with a belly to back suplex. He followed that with an Angle Slam, but miraculously, Hogan kicked out after two! Angle whined to the referee while Hogan Hulked up. He bounced Angle off the ropes and hit a boot to the face! Hogan then took Angle's wig off to reveal his smooth, bald cranium. Embarrassed, Angle turned and walked up the entranceway to grab a steel chair. Angle went to nail Hogan, but the Hulkster ducked and the chair bounced off the ropes and into Angle's face. But Hogan found himself in the ankle lock soon after. The pain was visible on Hogan's face, but he sucked it up. He tried to reverse several times, but Angle kept applying the pressure, and Hogan finally tapped out! Angle strapped his wig back on and celebrated in the center of the ring. Winner: Kurt Angle

Match 7: King of the Ring Tournament Final Brock Lesnar vs Rob Van Dam Two athletes competing in their first King of the Ring Tournament met in the final. It was a clash of styles, with Brock's power meeting RVD's agility and unorthodox attack. Lesnar began by overpowering RVD and bossing him around the ring. RVD struck back with a couple of kicks followed by Rolling Thunder. RVD tried for his Five-Star Frog Splash and nailed it, but Heyman whiplashed RVD on the top rope. RVD tried a springboard lateral press, but Brock caught him in midair and whirled off the F5! Just like that, Brock Lesnar lived up to his billing as the Next Big Thing by pinning Van Dam to become the 2002 King of the Ring! Winner: Brock Lesnar

Match 8: WWE Championship The Undertaker vs Triple H Triple H attempted to take the WWE Undisputed Championship out of the Undertaker's hands in the night's main event match. The Game started off by knocking Taker down with a series of shots to the head. Taker, not to be outdone, thrust Triple H into the corner and delivered several punches to his abdomen. The champion controlled the pace of the match. He smashed Triple H with a guillotine leg drop off the ring apron. Triple H fought back with a suplex to the hard floor outside the ring. But a leg drop onto Triple H's throat back in the squared circle ended that rally. Triple H again mounted some offense, this time in the form of a spinebuster that knocked Taker for a loop. A high knee that connected with Taker's chin earned The Game a two-count. Things got crazy after that as referee Earl Hebner got trapped in the corner and was smashed by both men. Suddenly, The Rock came down to the announce table, sending Paul Heyman - who had been doing some commentary - scurrying. With the referee still down, the Undertaker went and grabbed a steel chair. He didn't get to use it initially, as Triple H knocked it from his hands. Outside the ring, Taker nailed The Rock with a cheap shot. The Rock tried to get a bit of revenge, but wound up hitting Triple H with a steel chair by accident! Back in the ring, Taker decked a bloody Triple H with the Last Ride. A second referee dashed into the ring to officiate the action. But after counting to two on the pin attempt, Triple H kicked out and the ref was thrown from the ring by Taker! Suddenly, The Rock dashed in and Rock Bottomed Taker before making his exit. Three battered men lay in the ring. Slowly, Triple H collected himself and draped his arm over Taker. Hebner came to his senses and began to count, but Taker awoke after a two-count. The Game scored a Pedigree to again put Taker sprawled on the mat. The ref couldn't count right away as he was still dealing with his own pain. Triple H attempted to help him, but Take caught him with a low blow. Taker rolled up The Game and got the pinfall to retain his title! Winner: The Undertaker

This pay-per view wasn't that good, I'm going to give it a C
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Once again it was good but not great...
andrewlast23 June 2002
King of the Ring disappointed again right from the start. Let's be honest it had a lot to live up to after last year's Angle vs Shane McMahon match. The first match was RVD vs Y2J which had a lot of missed spots and some bad selling. RVD won as Y2J jobbed again much to my disgust...** The second match was Brock Lesnar vs Test which saw the 'Next Big Thing' continue his meteoric rise to the top and beat the dreadful Test. Not a great match...** Third was the match of the night - Hurricane vs Jamie Noble for the Cruiserweight title. Two solid performances and an awesome top-rope neck breaker from Hurricane ensured this was a great match...**** Next was Eddie Guerrero vs Ric Flair which was a waste of Eddie's talents and was quite crap. Overall...* Next was Trish vs Molly Holly...DUD Next was the KotR final between RVD and Lesnar which was a mismatch of styles but a good match with Lesnar crowned King and rightly so...*** Main event: HHH vs Undertaker. This could have been awesome (see WM16) but was not great at all. The end saw a lot of stalling as if something (nWo anyone?) was supposed to happen but didn't and to end the main event with a schoolboy roll-up was cheap. Poor stuff...** So, get it together WWE cos people who aren't big fans are not gonna hang around to watch much longer.....
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