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3-Hour Disney+ Trailer Shows Everything Coming To The Streaming Service

Disney has shared a new trailer for their upcoming Disney+ streaming service and it’s over 3-hours long! I don’t know if you want to spend over three hours seeing what Disney+ has to offer when it launches, but you have the option!

Disney+ also posted all of the films and TV shows coming to the streaming service on a super long Twitter thread, which I included below the trailer. As you’ll see there’s a ton of stuff that will be available that will make Disney fans happy. Gargoyles and several other classic 90s animated series are among them along with a lot of old weird films that have been pulled out of the Disney vault.

If you don’t want to watch the trailer or scroll through the Twitter feed, I shared the full list of titles for you. Check everything out below and let us
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'King of Camp and Confetti' comedy host Rip Taylor no more

Rip Taylor, one of Televisions most flamboyant personalities known as "The Crying Comedian" and "The King of Camp and Confetti" has passed away. He was 84.

Taylor died on Sunday in Beverly Hills, publicist Harlan Boll confirmed, reports

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Taylor, whose high-energy personality and confetti-throwing antics quickly made him a mainstay on Television, made appearances on everything from sitcoms to talk shows, including "The Gong Show", "Password", "The Merv Griffin Show", "The Mike Douglas Show", "The Tonight Show", and "Late Night with David Letterman" in addition to a hosting stint for "The $1.98 Beauty Show" -- a parody of beauty contests whose big prize was a bouquet of rotten vegetables.

He saw even more success outside of game shows and late-night TV, headlining Las Vegas' The Flamingo Hotel's Rockettes Extravaganza -- where he won Entertainer of the Year three consecutive times --
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Hear Kelsea Ballerini’s Plaintive New Song ‘Homecoming Queen’

Hear Kelsea Ballerini’s Plaintive New Song ‘Homecoming Queen’
“Hey, homecoming queen, why do you lie?/When somebody’s mean, where do you hide?” asks Kelsea Ballerini in the new song “Homecoming Queen.” Released overnight, it’s the first taste of the “Miss Me More” singer’s follow-up to her 2017 album Unapologetically.

A gentle, mostly acoustic tune that calls to mind the Knoxville, Tennessee, native’s 2015 hit “Peter Pan,” “Homecoming Queen” reckons with inner pain and offers some encouragement to not hide it. The titular character is framed as an ideal, but Ballerini peers beneath the surface to acknowledge
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Concept Art: Tokyo DisneySea’s “Fantasy Springs” Looks Like Pandora Without ‘Avatar’

Today, The Oriental Land Company, which owns the Tokyo Disney Resort and licenses its theme park imagery from The Walt Disney Company, announced that its expansion of Tokyo DisneySea will be called Fantasy Springs. The new land will feature Tangled, Frozen, and Peter Pan-related areas, and now they’ve released some concept art which reveals how […]

The post Concept Art: Tokyo DisneySea’s “Fantasy Springs” Looks Like Pandora Without ‘Avatar’ appeared first on /Film.
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Here’s Everything That Will Be Streaming On Disney+ When It Launches

Now we know exactly what will be streaming on Disney+ when it launches on November 12. While it will certainly take some time for Disney to build a complete library (especially with its latest acquisition), but come launch time there will certainly be enough content that your friends and family may need to check up on you because they haven’t seen you in a couple of days.

Featured in the lauch content will be 18 Pixar films, 7 Star Wars films, and the entire Disney “Signature Collection” of films like Aladdin, Bambi, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Snow White, Pinocchio, and others.

You will also be able to stream all 30 season of The Simpsons (over 650 episodes), 250 hours of National Geographic shows, and over 5,000 hours of original Disney Channel shows.

The new Avengers: Endgame (which just shattered box office records) and the upcoming Toy Story 4 will also be available.

Disney+ Launch
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20 Hidden Things Fans Completely Missed In The Lost Boys

Joel Schumacher’s 1987 film inspired many bands and even had influences on iconic vampire shows, such as Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Now the CW is putting together a new series re-telling the story of the Frog Brothers, Michael and Star, and the leather-clad vampires. With the Lost Boys remake on the way, it’s time to reminisce about one of the most memorable vampire movies of the eighties.

Lost Boys came from the Peter Pan legend, but when Schumacher joined the project he aged up the characters to their teen years. It’s hard to believe that Michael and the other Lost Boys are eighteen years old in this movie. The film was the first of its kind; the network “sincerely believed the two genres [horror and comedy] couldn’t work together.”

Ironically, Schumacher says “Gotta’ have the beautiful blonde with the great [form] screaming in horror movie. Tradition.” Once again sparking Whedon’s
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6 Live-action Disney Remakes for Adults We'd Love to See

Mark Harrison Mar 29, 2019

As Tim Burton's Dumbo flies into cinemas, we pitch even more live-action remakes of Disney animated classics...

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

Starting with Tim Burton's 2010 re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland and continuing this month with the same director making Dumbo, Disney's live-action feature division essentially has a license to print money. In theory, all they really have to do is keep making live-action remakes of their already famous animated classics.

Where films like Alice and Maleficent have given a revisionist makeover to these cherished animated features, more recent films have leaned more heavily on the iconography and, crucially, the memorable songbooks of the originals. Still, nostalgia pays, to the tune of almost $5 billion at the global box office to date.

We still get outliers in the form of the majestic Pete's Dragon and the slightly odder Christopher Robin, but you can chart
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Jocelyn Moorhouse on juggling motherhood, caring and a screen career

Jocelyn Moorhouse at the Raising Films Australia Screen Industry Forum. (Photo credit: Rosie Keogh)

Writer and director Jocelyn Moorhouse was the keynote speaker at yesterday’s Raising Films Australia Screen Industry Forum at Aftrs. The forum, held off the back of the organisation’s survey report, ‘Honey, I Hid the Kids!: Experiences of Parents and Carers in the Australian Screen Industry’, aimed to identify workable actions to address the needs of and issues faced by, parents and carers working in the Australian screen sector. Moorhouse’s speech is republished here with permission.

Hello everyone. It is an honour to be invited to speak to you today. I am a writer and director of movies and television. Some of the films I have either written, produced or directed include Proof, Muriel’s Wedding, Unconditional Love, How to Make an American Quilt, Peter Pan, Mental and The Dressmaker. I wanted to
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Everyone’s Favorite Sherlock to Play Everyone’s Favorite Miser

As the days get longer, The Film Detective invites classic film fans out of the cold and into their living rooms to the kickoff of its second annual “25 Days of Christmas” program schedule. From iconic holiday classic films like Frank Capra’s Meet John Doe (1941) starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck to cult favorites Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964) and the newly restored Mexican fantasy film Santa Claus (1959), there is something to watch on everyone’s Christmas list. Get the holiday shopping out of the way by Friday, Dec. 21, as The Film Detective will be streaming vintage cartoons like Max Fleischer’s original Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer(1948) and Jack Frost (1934) all weekend long.

This year, classic television fans will be delighted to find six new Christmas episodes from shows like “Date with Angels” (1957) starring Betty White and “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” (1956). A handful of last year’s favorites will also return,
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20 Wild Details Behind The Making Of Hook

For many people growing up in the 1990s, Hook is thought of fondly as a childhood favorite. With a star-studded cast including Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Bob Hoskins, and Julia Roberts, Steven Spielberg’s 1991 re-imagining of the Peter Pan story will conjure up magical memories of Neverland and of trying to crow like the Lost Boys. Although the movie holds a special place in many people’s hearts, Hook wasn’t actually very well received when it was released. Critics accused it of being sappy, messy, and bloated. Spielberg himself has been critical of his movie, and because of all this, Hook has gone down in history as being one of Spielberg’s worst films.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the movie, it can’t be denied that there is something charming about this story of regained childhood. Robin Williams is as charismatic and wonderful as he always was in films,
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‘The Old Man & the Gun’: How David Lowery Brought 1970s Cinema Back to Life for a Modern-Day Robert Redford

‘The Old Man & the Gun’: How David Lowery Brought 1970s Cinema Back to Life for a Modern-Day Robert Redford
Initially, David Lowery’s adaptation of David Grann’s New Yorker article about 78-year-old bank robber Forrest Tucker (Robert Redford) were closer to the real-life story of the man who escaped prison 16 times. While Tucker tried to be the charming gentleman robber Redford would portray him as in Lowery’s “The Old Man and the Gun,” in reality his notorious “Over the Hill Gang” was made up of 20-30 hardened criminals involved with drug-running and murder. After getting a chance to spend time with and direct Redford in “Pete’s Dragon,” Lowery dramatically changed his approach.

“After I did ‘Pete’s Dragon,’ I realized there is no way to get away from Robert Redford in some shape or form being Robert Redford, whether he likes it or not,” said Lowery as a guest on IndieWire’s Toolkit Podcast. “He carries with him the accumulated history of everything he has done
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Carrie Underwood Remembers Craig Zadan: “He Will Be Greatly Missed”

  • Deadline
Carrie Underwood Remembers Craig Zadan: “He Will Be Greatly Missed”
Country star Carrie Underwood took to Twitter Wednesday to respond to the death of Craig Zadan, executive producer of The Sound of Music Live! which she starred in.

“Such sad news,” Underwood tweeted. “Craig was a visionary, a risk-taker, a lover of music and just an all around nice guy! I am honored to have worked with him. He will be greatly missed.”

Underwood starred as Maria von Trapp in NBC’s live version of the musical that aired on Dec. 5, 2013 and co-starred Stephen Moyer as Captain Georg von Trapp and Audra McDonald as Mother Abbess.

Despite Underwood’s limited acting and Broadway experience, Zadan and long-time producing partner Neil Meron took a chance on her to headline the live event. In part because of Underwood’s popularity, The Sound of Music was such a huge ratings success, it led to Zadan and Meron executive producing four more live productions
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Remembering Craig Zadan: A Final Interview With A Showbiz Great As Possible ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Emmy Love Awaits

  • Deadline
Remembering Craig Zadan: A Final Interview With A Showbiz Great As Possible ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Emmy Love Awaits
Some things just hit you in the gut and have no easy explanation. The death Tuesday of Craig Zadan is one of them. I am still trying to process it.

I have done so many interviews over the years of this prolific producer and true showbiz devotee, including one I just did in June at our Deadline studios, that it is hard to comprehend his sudden and unexpected passing reportedly due to complications from shoulder-replacement surgery.

He had contacted me in May saying he and Neil would be open to any interview tied to Emmy season and their wildly acclaimed NBC live-musical staging of Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert on Easter Sunday. I told him at the time it represented their greatest chance at finally winning the Emmy, after basically re-inventing the network live-musical format with the likes of The Sound of Music,
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Glenn Close movies: 15 greatest films, ranked worst to best, include ‘Fatal Attraction,’ ‘Dangerous Liaisons’

Glenn Close movies: 15 greatest films, ranked worst to best, include ‘Fatal Attraction,’ ‘Dangerous Liaisons’
Glenn Close got her start on Broadway in the ‘70s, appearing in such shows as “Barnum,” and made-for-tv movies including “Too Far to Go” and “The Orphan Train.” She was 35 at the time of her big-screen debut in 1982’s “The World According to Garp.” But Close swiftly made up for lost time by racking up three back-to-back supporting actress Oscar nominations for “Garp,” “The Big Chill” and “The Natural.” With “Fatal Attraction,” “Dangerous Liaisons” and “Albert Nobbs,” she would add three lead actress nods to her total, and currently holds the record as a living actress with the most Academy Award nominations – six – without a win.

That Academy Award losing streak might come at the 2019 Oscars, thanks to Close’s tour de force star performance as the put-upon spouse of a womanizing, self-absorbed novelist (Jonathan Pryce) who wins the Nobel Prize in literature in “The Wife,” opening Aug. 17. An early
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Stl Pop Culture Con This Weekend! Hollywood Comes to St. Louis!

What do Scott Baio, Eddie Deezen, Michael Pare, Todd Bridges, Didi Conn, Corben Bernsen, Lorenzo Lamas, and Tawny Kitaen have in common? They’re coming to St. Louis This Weekend!

Over 25 Celebrities / Pop Culture stars & icons will be invading the St. Charles Convention Center the weekend of August 17-19th, 2018! Celebrities from the Iconic film “Grease” to “Pirates of the Caribbean” to “Growing Pains”, “Happy Days”, “He-Man & the Masters of the Universe” to WWE/WWF stars and Much more to come!

The Con’s site can be found Here

Ticket information can be found Here

Check out this line-up of celebs!

Scott Baio– Best known for his role as Chachi Arcola on the sitcom Happy Days (1977–1984) and its spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi (1982–1983), as well as the title character on the sitcom Charles in Charge (1984–1990), Dr. Jack Stewart in the medical-mystery-drama series Diagnosis: Murder (1993–1995), and the titular hero of the musical
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Honest Trailer For Hook - Steven Spielberg's Least Favorite Steven Spielberg Movie

I know that Hook isn't Steven Spielberg's best movie, but chances are, if you grew up with it, you probably love it. Hook is one of those films that will always hold a special place in my heart. Hell, out of all of the Peter Pan films that have been made it is one of the best!

With Winnie the Pooh coming out this weekend, Screen Junkies have released an Honest Trailer for Hook because of the similarities in the stories and the fact that it focuses on sad middle-aged men who are forced into a situation that make them remember how happy their childhoods used to be and inspire them to be better husbands and fathers. 

The Honest Trailer for Hook doesn't necessarily bash the movie, it just makes amusing observations like how this is Steven Spielberg's least favorite Steven Spielberg movie. 
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‘Hamilton’ Filmed Performance With Lin-Manuel Miranda Could Hit Big Screen: Report

A week after Netflix announced it will film Bruce Springsteen’s hotter-than-hot one-man Broadway show for streaming in December, a similar – but big-screen – plan reportedly is in the works for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that unnamed Hollywood studios are bidding for the rights to a filmed performance of Hamilton from 2016 – when Miranda still headed the cast in the title role. The worldwide theatrical rights, WSJ reports, could sell for more than $50 million.

The WSJ cites two unnamed people with knowledge of the deal. According to the article, representatives for the production recently screened the recording for interested buyers.

Among the interested studios, according to the WSJ, are Warner Bros and Twentieth Century Fox. The potential buyers are being asked not to play or stream Hamilton until 2020 or 2021.

A spokesperson for Hamilton told Deadline that neither the production nor Miranda would have “any comment on this at this time.
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10 Things About The Lost Boys You Never Knew

10 Things About The Lost Boys You Never Knew
Sleep all day, party all night, never grow old, never die - it's fun to be a vampire. It's one of Movieweb's favorite movies of all time: the 1987 classic The Lost Boys. Here we'll take a look at 10 things you never knew about The Lost Boys.

The Goonies in Neverland

With its badass vampires, California cool, and slick visuals courtesy of Michael Chapman, famed cinematographer of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, The Lost Boys is an '80s teen classic, but it began as something remarkably different. Early drafts were much more "on the nose" with the Peter Pan references, with David's character originally going by Peter. The main characters were all going to be much younger, too, with Richard Donner attached to direct. But The Goonies director, who stayed on as a producer, moved on to make Lethal Weapon instead. He was replaced by Joel Schumacher, whose St. Elmo's
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How Kelsea Ballerini Went From Keith Urban's Biggest Fan to Biggest Opening Act

How Kelsea Ballerini Went From Keith Urban's Biggest Fan to Biggest Opening Act
She may hate love songs, but Kelsea Ballerini loves Keith Urban. As the country music community knows all too well, the woman behind huge hits including "Legends," "Yeah Boy" and "Peter Pan" has earned her spot in the industry thanks to her impressive voice and huge hits. But long before she became a Grammy nominee and had 1.2 million followers on Instagram, the 24-year-old was just a girl with a musical dream. In fact, she once was just a kid hanging out behind barricades outside the Cmt Music Awards hoping to catch a glimpse of Keith. Fast-forward to today and Kelsea has not only met one of her biggest musical idols. She's also serving as his opening act as the...
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Review Roundup: What Did The Critics Think Of The Muny's Jerome Robbins' Broadway?

In its first staging ever in the world since its original Broadway production and tour, Jerome Robbins' Broadwayis an epic musical anthology that honors the career highlights of Tony Award-winning director and choreographer, Jerome Robbins. Filled with mesmerizing production numbers from some of Robbins' biggest hits, includingWest Side Story,On the Town,Peter Pan,The King and IandFiddler on the Roof.
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