Anger Management (2003) Poster

January Jones: Gina


  • Dr. Buddy Rydell : Dave assaulted a female flight attendant in mid-air.

    Stacy : Nice.

    Gina : I bet you beat her good.

    Dave Buznik : I didn't beat anybody. I touched a woman...

    Chuck : Liar, bullshitter, you're a WOMAN BEATER! And you can't admit it, because you're a deluded piece of garbage!

    Dave Buznik : I don't know about all that but... now I know why you're here.

  • Stacy : We're in the adult film industry.

    Gina : And we're lovers.

    Stacy : Yeah. One day, Gina was having sex with this Filipino guy Milo which was totally cool cause it was in the script.

    Gina : And then I asked Milo back to the house with us, which is cool cause we like a little variety...

    Stacy : So in the middle of our session, I look up and I see Gina kissing Milo on the mouth which is totally NOT cool because it violates our threesome code of ethics!

    Gina : So Stacy bit my toe off.

    Stacy : Then Milo freaks out and calls me a crazy skank...

    Gina : And nobody talks to my bitch that way.

    Stacy : That's right.

    Gina : So I stapled his lip shut.

    Stacy : And here we are.

    Dave Buznik : Well, we've all been there.

  • Stacy : [about Mayor Giuliani]  Who is that guy?

    Gina : I think it's Bill Clinton.

  • Dave Buznik : Let me ask you guys something. Because of your profession, you probably have seen a lot of them. Does size count at all, or is that just some weird thing guys think about?

    Stacy : Alright you see this is where Gina and I always get into a heated debate. I like them when they're really big.

    Gina : And I think it's better when they're enormous.

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