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9 Mar. 2015
Episode dated 9 March 2015
On the beach at Three Arches Bay in Laguna Beach, CA, Steven Farmer talks with Lilou Mace about the importance of revising our current relationship with the earth. When we learn to listen, with more than just our ears, we can truly collaborate with the life on this planet in physical and spiritual ways.
11 May 2015
20th SMAP Bistro Restaurant Celebration
20th SMAP Bistro Restaurant Celebration 1st Special Guest: Tsuyoshi Kusanagi - Thanks to Leader Nakai's brilliant idea to propose staffs each SMAP member to become the shuffle guest or the owner by turns during this year. It's to celebrate the 20th anniversary since the SMAP Bistro opened. The restaurant, without menu, already served and satisfied more than 1000 guests with unforgettable experiences and memories. The 1st shuffle guest is Tsuyoshi, who's nervous and felt special with a whole new different experience enjoying members' love by their recommended dishes. ...
27 Jul. 2015
Episode dated 27 July 2015
FNS27h swimming contest recap + backstage clip from 2015.
5 Oct. 2015
2 Hour Special
Pre-Sale Campaign - 5 members, 5 location, 100 product in total per member. Who will be the first to sell everything?

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