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9 Jan. 2007
War Crimes: Part 1
Deed is in The Hague hearing a case of a British soldier who killed 11 Iraqi civilians and is accused of war crimes.
11 Jan. 2007
War Crimes: Part 2
Pvt. Clark's attempt at suicide does not dissuade Deed from the need to understand the trooper's mental state at the time of the shooting in Iraq. Clark however wants to change his plea to guilty. Deed continues to clash with his fellow judges and the prosecutor, but it is seems that the British government is doing little to assist in Pvt. Clark's defense. On the home front, an attempt on the life of his fellow appeals court justice leads to even more security.
16 Jan. 2007
Evidence of Harm: Part 1
When a depressive soldier commits suicide and takes his son's life along with his own, Jo Mills asks Judge Deed to look into why the soldier's legal aid funding was canceled just before his suit against a pharmaceutical firm before the high court was to be heard. As he looks into the case, Deed begins to suspect that the judge who canceled the legal aid may have been biased. Both Deed and Mills are concerned that their personal relationship may create difficulties. The pharmaceutical firm is conducting extensive surveillance on both of them and the government ...
18 Jan. 2007
Evidence of Harm: Part 2
Judge Deed finally manages to find both a courtroom and a second judge to review the decision to suspend the dead soldier's legal aid funding. Deed opts to review the funding decision by reviewing the merits of the case against the pharmaceutical company. The government threatens Deed over his relationship with Jo Mills.

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