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Mortrigar12 November 2003
Watching Cartoon Network's "The New Fridays" makes me long for the old Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. They weren't nearly as annoying as Tommy and Nzinga (The hell kind of name is that anyway?). Tommy actually said he was "Still tingling" over the 5 minute crapfest 'Clone Wars' that airs on Cartoon Network. A 'Microseries' as it were. How can anyone tingle over 5 minutes of crap that you've probably already gathered happened in the damn movie theatre?

All around crapification. Now, I mean no offense to Tommy or Nzinga, they're probably nice people in their own right, (I'm sure that the writers forced Tommy to tingle) but this is just ludicrous. Cartoon Network is for cartoons, not people. Give it up.
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Abysmally idiotic in every sense of the word
GodzillaX821 April 2004
This is a pathetic attempt by Cartoon Network to be more like Nick, and I hate the writing and stupidity of this "show" and would much prefer they just shut up and go away and let me watch the cartoons without them talking. Speaking of cartoons, I am sick of Cartoon Network running 50 episodes a day of Kids Next Door, Ed Edd n Eddy, and whatever other terrible crap they're airing now. I know many many people who agree that "Fridays" is the worst thing to happen to Cartoon Network in the history of the station. Oh, and put poor Dexter's Lab out of its misery, or at least bring back the original production crew, the new Dexter's Lab is a sad and pathetic mockery of the original's brilliance. One more thing, bring back the comic gold that is Freakazoid!
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Nzinga Blake is a star!!
msemradek4 June 2004
You must be crazy! Nzinga Blake is a breath of fresh air & CHILDREN love her.

Adults too... She has international fans all over the world & is on every bus & taxi across this country. The show was super stale & now it's entertaining; you are way off track.

Everybody is watching & loving the show.

Cartoon Network Friday ratings are now skyrocketing thanks to her energy & vibe.

She is going to be a huge star so... Maybe you should "give up" and watch adult programming if you are THAT cynical.

Cartoon Fridays is for kids, dude!
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A look back at great live action comedy on Cartoon Network.
tim_the_slipperman18 March 2007
As Cartoon Network has recently pulled the plug on this wonderful title to make way for the inferior "Fried Dynamite", I think it's time that we take a look back at the wonderful block that was Cartoon Network Fridays (2005-06).

Fridays had some great sketches and charming characters, such as Long Haul (the big-rig-driving bear puppet) and Whiskers (the talking orange kitten who names all different kinds of fruits).

I must say that the biggest highlight of Fridays would have to be Tara Sands. She is an extremely talented, funny, charming and pretty girl, and I thought she made the block even better when she took over Nzinga Blake's position as co-host opposite Tommy Snider.

My only gripe about Fridays, and the one reason why I didn't give it a perfect 10/10 score, is that during 2006 their musical guests consisted mainly of talentless urban/R&B/rap/hip-hop acts such as Chris Brown, Sammie and Jibbs. There are far better pop/rock acts such as Andrew W.K., Meg & Dia or Aly & AJ who better deserved a guest spot.

Poor selection for featured musical guests notwithstanding, I thought Fridays was a great and underrated live-action feature on Cartoon Network. The people at CN have got to be ignorant to have given it the axe, and Tara Sands is far too talented a TV Personality/Actress to be thrown away the way CN did.

In a nutshell, Fridays was awesome, and I hope that "Fried Dynamite" bombs and that Tara Sands gets another good TV hosting gig soon.
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Don't believe that nut. It's AWEXOME!
Karuz3 January 2004
This show is more interactive...and more cool than the old CCF. The animated CCF was more...predictable. The same hosts did the same things EVERY WEEK! This is a breath of fresh air...and fresh life into this show. It's like they say...

Friday's. It's a whole new way to start the weekend.
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