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One of the better general audience anime films.
petekrug176 December 2002
Those who've seen the Cardcaptors T.V. series should know that this movie takes place midway through the series-just before the episode "Melin's Story", back when Sakura is still in the process of capturing cards. In the movie she wins a trip for four to Hong Kong. She takes her best friend Madison, her crush Julian, and her older brother Tori with her. (Kero is also brought along as well.) After arriving, she finds herself reunited with Li Showron and Melin. Sakura has also been plagued with frightening dreams lately, and it seems that her winning the trip to Hong Kong was a planned event...see it for yourself.
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Sub is better!
Jusenkyo_no_Pikachu3 March 2002
I first saw two episodes of the series dubbed, and didn't mind it (that's how I saw most of my anime back then). However, now that I have been able to compare the original to a fansub I once saw, the sub was by far superior. In the dub, Sakura sounds 5 years older than she actually is, and Kero has a GUY'S voice. Yuk yuk yuk! Worst of all, the names are Americanised. I haven't seen enough of either to compare episode orders, so all I can say is good is an opening theme (which is played to the same tune as the original) and the end theme.

I now go pretty much mental whenever I hear the accursed title Cardcaptors being mentioned except where it refers solely to Sakura and Li in the show and not the show itself.
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Worth the watch.
mrusty53 February 2015
The trouble with anime tie-in movies is that they can be made with only the established audience and fan base in mind, leaving general audiences without a hook to join in the fun. While Pokemon the First Movie and Digimon the Movie both fall into this pit, Cardcaptors the Movie flies right over it by offering an original engaging and immense story for both parties without pandering to either.

Cardcaptors is the English language dub of the 1999 magical girl anime Cardcaptor Sakura, and while the dub is notorious among fans for the cultural changes (western names, altering character relationships), Cardcaptors is a decent dub that brings its own sense of charm to the material. The basic premise involves 10-year Sakura, a school girl who accidentally unleashes the magical Clow Cards upon the world and it is up to her and a small band of friends to capture them. That is established in the movie's opening scenes. Sakura also intermixes her everyday life with her Cardcapturing (not likely an actual verb) and keeps her loved ones out of harm's way. It is relatively light-hearted but still has enough drama to prevent the show from falling into dumb forgetful children's mush.

Anyway, the movie involves Sakura unexpectedly winning a holiday to Hong Kong, accompanied by her best friend Madison, big brother Tori, and her crush Julian, along with the Clow Cards' guarding Kero who is looks like a smart-mouthed plush toy. But things start going weird when Sakura experiences haunting dreams, and she and her friends are soon targeted by an imprisoned sorceress who has a grudge against Clow Reed, creator of the Clow Cards. Sakura will have to fight or fly against her when her loved ones are harmed.

Even if you are not an anime lover or like Cardcaptors, the movie is worth a watch. I enjoy the characterisations throughout the film, particularly Sakura's vulnerability at being outmatched by someone who is magically stronger than she is and the consequences of her fears. The villainess Su Yung is both fearsome but sympathetic, and Nicole Oliver does a great job bringing emotion and rage to the character. The visuals are spectacular and well detailed, particularly when the characters are exploring Hong Kong and all of the little details in the architecture and backgrounds are lovely. The scenes in the alternate dimensions are pretty cool as well. There is a constant theme of water in the movie, and the scenes with it are beautifully animated. The music fits well too, never feeling out of place or inappropriately used.

On the negative side, the supporting characters don't get much to do, and for some reason, the audio and voice work can sound muffled in certain parts of the movie, particularly at the start. But in conclusion, Cardcaptors the Movie is an enjoyable film with an engaging, emotional story and great visuals.
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I can't believe I'm the first to comment on this!
Phob200419 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, I can't believe I'm the first to comment on Cardcaptor Sakura! Its an anime about a girl, Sakura, who finds a book full of cards. I don't want to give any spoilers, but its an excellent series I suggest purchasing. However, I wouldn't waste my time with the dub. The dub changes around the entire series, gearing it more towards a younger audience, and one it wasn't intended for. They mess up everything by combining episodes and dumbing things down. Many events are made less emotional and many relationships ignored (Yukito and Touya). Even the dub theme song is horrible. All in all, buy this series subtitled or don't watch it at all. Enjoy! 10/10
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CardCaptors Sakura
kryptoniteshark5 September 2013
*Best Show Ever Made *Everyone watch Cardcaptors and give it a chance.

*I don't consider this a kid show, but It's for all ages.

*For both guys and girls.

*Im 23 and a Male and have seen every episode and it never grows old.

*This Show is Very Under-rated and original.

* Its a mature Japanese style show with a more mellow type humor.

* I really hope someone else notices the realness of this show. * This show could have at least 10 more seasons and I would buy everyone for twice of what its worth... *99% of animated American made shows are garbage. * Please Watch CardCaptors Sakura.
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Fun Little Side Story
arorashadow_20032 March 2015
Spinning a movie off from an ongoing anime series is a popular trend and has been for ages. Cardcaptor Sakura being a series that has drew in wide appeal naturally was destined for a big screen treatment of it's own back in the series run. This movie, Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie is set sometime in the middle of the series making this story act as an interquel to expand on the ongoing series. One difficult aspect about making a movie from a serial adventure of the week is making it worthwhile and the Cardcaptor movie delivers on the worthwhile aspect. The main series of Cardcaptor Sakura is about Sakura capturing a set of magical tarot styled cards and ensuring their power remains sealed.

This movie story tells it's own unique side-quest adventure scenario featuring Sakura, her best friend Tomoyo, her older brother Touya and her childhood crush, Yukito going on a trip to Hong Kong. True to the style of Cardcaptor Sakura's story this trip is no luck of the draw but the will of the universe and fate itself. This gives a sense the real sense of being fresh and original and doesn't let the movie feel like a slightly longer episode.

The pacing can be a bit on the slow side, Sakura sees the same dream several times as a means to build a sense of foreboding this may dissuade some and feel a bit like padding.

The animation is of high theatrical quality for the era and still looks very good today. The lighting and color tones are softer and darker compared to the brighter television series but it looks very well done especially on later Bluray remasters. Studio Madhouse teamed with famed Studio Ghibli for the film's special effects and visually it's an impressive marvel of animation for the late 90s. Fluid cinematography adds to the overall energy of the film.

The acting is about what you might expect if you are familiar with the series. The original Japanese cast returns and they do the job all the same as the series which was good as it is for the kind of show it is that is a silly, bubbly and upbeat series. The English dub is best avoided but if you do need to watch it dubbed seek out the mostly uncut version which features the story intact but do keep in mind the names are all Westernized. The heavily edited and trimmed down "Cardcaptors the Movie" is best avoided all together.

A relatively short film, the Cardcaptor Sakura movie will provide joy to fans of the Cardcaptor Sakura series. Obviously for first time audiences with no knowledge this won't be the movie you'll want jump into of course if you are a fan and this has passed you buy it's never too late to check it out.
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