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Season 3

24 Sep. 2003
A man finds love where less he waits for him. In the pain of a woman who has had a difficult life. Bobo secretly assists Vicky's wedding. The boy does not have the peace to lose the woman, but soon he finds consolation in Elfride's arms.
25 Sep. 2003
Anna, returning from the honeymoon with Carlo Maria, settles in the new home where she suddenly places her two children with her family.
2 Oct. 2003
At a public reception for Edoardo Di Balsano's candidacy at the upcoming elections, Patriarch Otto announces the birth of an heir from his eldest son.
9 Oct. 2003
Vicky and Francesca, worried about Luca that each evening seems to have a different lover, they think of presenting him with a Vicky colleague.
16 Oct. 2003
In Rome, Elfride, dragged by Elena, finds herself unable to work at a local misconception of strippers.
23 Oct. 2003
Vicky, not refusing the ever tighter court of Architect Achille Rapetti, accepts the invitation to spend a weekend with him.
6 Nov. 2003
As Irma has already tried suicide, the girl's mother begs Vicky to leave Bobo for not pushing her daughter into a further dramatic attempt.
13 Nov. 2003
The lawyer Angelina Brusa helps Luca and Francesca to recover Niccolo's reliance: the only method is for the two young men to get married. Luca thinks about it and makes a decision .
20 Nov. 2003
For theirs not just a marriage of interest, Luca decides to try to be serious about Francesca and move her home.
27 Nov. 2003
Bobo condescends to Tommasino's baby sitter that a love story between them is impossible. Meanwhile Felicetto and Fanny are about to get married.
4 Dec. 2003
To escape from Stefano's solidarity party and his obvious advances, Luca would like to leave with his wife Francesca and the little Niccolò.

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