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Sex & Nudity

  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force has moderate sexual references and dialogue scattered throughout the show, however ever since Season 4 onwards, there are episodes that occasionally contain strong, graphic and even disturbing sexual dialogue or scenes.
  • Female characters are usually portrayed as strippers or prostitutes.
  • The Aqua Teen's neighbour Carl often shows his passion for pornography and strippers. He treats women like sex objects.

Violence & Gore

  • Seasons 1 to 4 contains mostly cartoonish slapstick violence. Seasons 5-11 contains more graphic violence with blood. Its always meant to be comedic and not serious or disturbing. And the way the show is animated makes the violence look rather unrealistic and silly.
  • The first season hardly contains any violence at all, but with the later half of season 2, bloody violence and graphic scenes are used in a comedic context. It gets gorier as the series progresses.
  • Every main and major character has died at least once. Frylock has died the least amount of times.


  • Profanity throughout; harsher language is bleeped on Adult Swim, but not in the uncut version.
  • Several uses of "fuck" "shit" "asshole" and other milder language in many episodes after season three.
  • "Asshole" was censored at first, but is unbleeped after the two first seasons.
  • "Dick" is heard starting from season 4.
  • "Shit" was censored until season 11.
  • Aqua TV Show Show is tamer with the swearing compared to some of the other newer seasons, but it still is present.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two characters end up smoking crack in one episode.
  • Carl drinks and has gotten a D.U.I. once because of it, but still refused to stay off the road, and ended up getting no comeuppance.
  • There is one episode where Master Shake is so desperate for marijuana that he fakes glaucoma just to smoke it legally. Though after this episode, nobody does drugs in the trio.
  • Smoking is done frequently by the characters, though it doesn't seem to be addicting to anyone, and just played to "look cool."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The show from Seasons 1-3 has infrequent scary scenes, but they are a lot less graphic and disturbing compared to the scenes from Season 4 onwards. All frightening/intense scenes are all played in a comic manner. The show's content is generally very unpredictable, one minute you can be watching a TV-PG episode, the next minute a TV-MA-V episode.
  • All frightening and/or intense scenes are played strictly for laughs.
  • However, Frylock was diagnosed with skin cancer and it was, for the first time in the series, dealt with very seriously, and was disturbing, even though he survived in the end.

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