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16 May 2012
Vilches returns to the hospital six months later and discovers that there have been many changes there. The first one is that the woman he met in a plane the day before and that spent the night with him, Manuela, is now the director. Moreover, part of the clinic is now private. Héctor continues at prison and needs Alicia to get a work contract for him in order to be free. Gimeno and Claudia have split; she's living in Santiago and the relationship isn't good, but he don't want anybody in the hospital to know about it. Raquel is the new responsible of Urgency and ...
23 May 2012
El dolor de los otros
Javier, who was working as a doctor in the third world, returns to Spain because is very ill, so Vilches and Raquel try to find out what the cause is. Guille is working in the private part of the hospital, because he wants to earn money in order to leave Vilches' house.
31 May 2012
El congreso
Héctor is out of prison and rejoins the hospital, but can't work at the same time of Alicia; moreover, the couple begin receiving threat. Javier, who continues with his health problems, is still in love with Raquel, while she is very appointed with another man: the fireman she met some weeks before. Gimeno tries to accept his split with Claudia and goes to a reunion with his school partners, while Vilches travels to Salamanca, where there is a medicine congress. He must get a new machine that is very important for the hospital, Manuela is very interested in it. ...
7 Jun. 2012
Morir no es una opción
Pablo, an old friend of Vilches and Javier, wakes up after eight years in coma: he has a son that he doesn't know and the woman who was his wife is now with another man. Héctor and Alicia receive threats from people who was in prison with the doctor and they plan to scape. Gimeno finally confesses that it's five months since he broke up with Claudia. Valeria returns to the hospital and recuperate her position ad Urgency director that now was occupied by Raquel. This one is worried about Alejandro and feels very attracted by him.
14 Jun. 2012
Si saltas tú, salto yo
Alejandro is recovered and asks Raquel to marry him, but she is not sure because it's a very little time since the met and they don't know each other well although they feel an attraction. Ari doesn't talk with Guillermo after having sex with him and he notices that she is very lonely, while Gimeno tries to supered his split with Claudia and looks for a new partner. Gorka likes Julia very much, but she doesn't want to be one more girl in the nurse's list of lovers. Alicia hasn't got news about Héctor and is very sad and nervous. Manuela tries to get Vilches' help in ...
28 Jun. 2012
El arrepentimiento
Vilches doesn't want Guillermo about his relationship with Manuela, whose husband is moving to Romania and wants the divorce, while their daughter has health problems and is attended by Valeria in the hospital. Raquel has doubts about her possible wedding with Alejandro and Javier encourages her to do it because thinks that she will be happy with this new partner. A new Colombian doctor arrives in the hospital and must work with Javier.
5 Jul. 2012
Vilches attends his neighbor, a woman who isn't able to go out of of her house after having suffered a rape a long time ago. The doctor, moreover, continues a relationship with Manuela that his son Guille doesn't accept. Ariadna's sister is in the town and wants to speak with her, but she avoids her. Javier and Elisabeth have different opinions about cosmetic surgery and Gorka misses Julia.
12 Jul. 2012
Al Central
Manuela and Ari suffer a car accident. Vilches goes to his granddaughter's school in order to teach the children some things about medicine. Valeria is obstinate with the baby that was born in the hospital and whose mother died. Raquel is very implicated with two patients that make her value even more her relationship with Alejandro.
19 Jul. 2012
Mujeres de fuego
Manuela asks Vilches for help with an special patient: her best friend, who suffers for heart problems and whose life is in serious risk. Gimeno has a meeting with a woman that finishes with a fire in the restaurant where they were having dinner. When Raquel knows about that fire and can't contact with Álex -who comes back to work after his illness- she becomes very worried about him. Alicia also returns to work, but her idea is have a holiday period of six months in order to think about her life without Héctor. Elisabeth operates an old woman who wants a biggest ...
26 Jul. 2012
Amor fou I
Alicia surprises Vilches and Manuela kissing and everybody in the hospital finds out about their relationship. This is bad for Vilches, especially when Manuela reveals that the hospital is going to be privatized. Valeria discovers that Araceli has Alzheimer, so she isn't able to take care of her granddaughter. Eli's return to Miami is near and Javier, who likes her, asks the doctor to postpone her trip and stay in Spain. Gorka spends a night with a mysterious girl, a friend of a patient that is being attending in the Central. Javier proposes Raquel a cooperation trip ...
15 Nov. 2012
Amor fou II
Manuela tries to find out the ideas of the workers for the future after the privatization of the Central, while her relationship with Vilches is affected by this fact. After Camino's death, Gorka tries to help her friend Nerea and involves Alicia in the problem. Raquel accepts the offer to go to Camboya, while Álex doesn't want her to know that he suffers leukemia again. Eli and Javier are together, but he doesn't know that the date of her last day in the hospital is very near. Valeria begins the steps to adopt Araceli's granddaughter after having discover that the ...
22 Nov. 2012
Algo que quiero decirte
Álex feels very bad and convinces Raquel to go to Camboya for going to the hospital in her absence and being treated; Javier attends him but can't avoid his death. Ari knows the name of her biological mother but doesn't want to go meeting her alone, so asks Guille to do it, but he is upset because she didn't go to Asturias with her. Manuela has decided to leave the hospital, but the director of the Marquina's foundation wants her to continue in her place.
27 Nov. 2012
Cuestión de fe
Alejandro has died and Javier doesn't know what to do, but finally decides not to tell Raquel about it. Moreover, a woman who says that is the mother of Alejando's son appears in the hospital. Valeria discovers that the baby she wanted to adopt has a father that also wants to take care of her. Gorka is obsessed with Camino's death and this affects to his work, including Guille's operation: he has a mistake and Vilches' son is in the verge of dying.
6 Dec. 2012
Proverbios chinos
Raquel returns to Spain hoping to meet Alejandro at the airport, but Javier is there and gives her the terrible news of her husband's death. Guillermo tries to recover the mobility in his leg but it isn't easy and he is very disappointed. Ari's biological mother is in the hospital and she doesn't know how to do: telling her the truth or not. Gorka asks Julia for help because he's obsessed with Camino's death and all the circumstances he lived with that girl. Vilches and Manuela think about go living together to another place far from the Central.
13 Dec. 2012
Casi 300
Raquel wants to interrupt her pregnancy but is not sure at all and have some doubts. While Guillermo is in love with Ariadna, her ex lover, who is also an old Manuela's friend, is in the hospital. Alicia wants to find Héctor with the services of a detective.
20 Dec. 2012
El corazón no avisa
Gimeno introduces Luci to Lai, who announces that must return to her country with her family. Guillermo is now working int he reception of the hospital, as long as Julia, that is going to make a substitution. She admits that feels something for Gorka, but doesn't want to hurt her boyfriend. Manuela finds out that Ariadna has a relationship with Adolfo and is planning moving to Boston with him. The detective who has contracted by Alicia localizes Héctor.
27 Dec. 2012
La huellas del camino
Alna, the policewoman whose husband died in the hospital, wants to know who the responsible is and appears in Urgency with a gun. Ariadna has apparently decided to move to Boston with Adolfo, but has some doubts, while Julia and Gorka begin a relationship and Alicia plans to join Héctor again. Raquel feels alone in her pregnancy but counts with Javier's support. Gimeno doesn't want Lai to move to China and Valeria recognizes that is in love with Emilio.

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