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27 Oct. 2009
Quince horas y quince minutos
Esther has serious damages after having fallen with Bea; finally the nurse recovers, but her ex-girlfriend dies. Moreover, she doesn't remember what happened and Maca doesn't find the moment to tell her about it. Vilches returns to the hospital and meets again all his partners, including Jacobo, who will become his enemy for operating Javier's arm. It's Alicia's father wedding and the nurse goes with Héctor. Everybody is very busy at the hospital and Waldo attends himself a patient whose problem is very difficult to discover. Gimeno continues in love with Claudia and ...
3 Nov. 2009
La ley natural
Alicia notices that Waldo has arrived to the hospital being drunk and asks Héctor for help in order to conceal him. Esther "scapes" from the hospital without permission and goes to Bea's funeral, where has an argument with Bea's husband. Later, Maca explains her what happened. Jacobo is angry because of Javier's choice of Vilches for operating him and wants to use a past case of negligence to fire Raquel. Claudia's baby is in danger and it's necessary to make a decision: Carlos wants to intervene, but she clears that wants to make it herself. Leire doubts about if she...
10 Nov. 2009
El fin es el principio
Esther is suffering lost of memory and is not already recovered although she has rejoined her work in the hospital. Claudia is also in danger, Gimeno and Maca make some proves to her and the to the baby who is still alive. Teresa's son has left the house so she has again place in it for Guille, who has rent a flat too far and gets up at 5 everyday. Jacobo is the only aspirant to direct the hospital and Maca tries to find another possibilities, but Héctor and Javier refuse her proposal. Finally, Fernando decides to be candidate, but Leyre avoids it. Waldo attends a ...
17 Nov. 2009
Sobre la vida de las plantas
Raúl has been kidnapped by two delinquents that have retained and important businessman and have injured Boni. Maca is in Jerez because her mother is ill and is being submitted to some proves there, while Esther continues having memory lagoons and needs also some proves: her scanner results to be perfect. Teresa tells Alicia that living with Héctor is a good idea, but she continues feeling unsure. Claudia's baby is worse and Gimeno advices her a treatment with EPO. Later, he confesses Claudia that is in love with him. Vilches goes with Javier to his previous house in ...
24 Nov. 2009
Hay cosas más importantes como seguir viviendo
Vilches convinces Sandra to have a meeting and tells her about his real life and story, just when he leaves the hospital in order to meet her Guillermo arrives with his daughter. He decides to go to the meeting and then suffers a car accident with Sandra. After the patient she found dead, Raquel appears in the newspaper denouncing the conditions of the patients in the Central, something that could carry many problems to her. Vilches and Fernando compete for a place as referee in a conference in Chicago. Vane kisses Waldo and confesses that feels attracted by him, but ...
1 Dec. 2009
Acuario en la casa de Aries
Sandra ingresses in the hospital after the car accident she suffered with Vilches and, there, meets again Fernando, who had a relationship with her in the past. Daniel, the new resident, arrives in the hospital and begins working with Raquel. Maca has an argument with her father because he seems to be only interested in his business and not in his wife's health; a bit later he suffers a heart attack and dies. Waldo doesn't know what to do with Vane and asks Alicia why she fall in love with him: the nurse answers that she is a good man but sometimes also too coward. ...
8 Dec. 2009
Ayer vuelve, mañana no llega
Waldo continues his relationship with Vane but doesn't want to be seen because is afraid of people's reaction. Maca tries to be strong after her father's death and her brother doesn't hep her with the step; moreover the pediatrician doesn't know how to tell her mother that Pedro has died. Vilches suspects that Sandra has some health problem and makes her probes against Fernando's opinion. Héctor attends the daughter of the man who probably gave his heart to him: the girl suffers anorexia. Gimeno and Claudia attend an old man that was teacher of the first when was a ...
15 Dec. 2009
Aunque sea lo último que haga
Sandra is worse and Fernando and Vilches don't agree about her treatment. Héctor is worried about his health: he thinks that something is wrong with his new heart and doctors don't want him to know; before knowing his results, the Argentinian asks Alicia to marry him. Gimeno is obstinate about saving his former teacher Serapio's life and doesn't want to see that this is also impossible. Boni is dating somebody and he doesn't want Raúl to know that this person is a man. Raquel thinks that Javier doesn't trust her as a professional and this harms their relationship. ...
22 Dec. 2009
Mi hermano carnal
Guillermo's daughter is at the hospital but Vilches doesn't seems to be very worried about his granddaughter. Sandra, also at the hospital, meets Candela another patient who suffers with cancer too. Boni feels attracted to Mendi and the nurse has sudden doubts about his sexuality, so he asks Esther for advice. Raquel has a professional crisis after having committed several mistakes, Gimeno tries to make her see that she is a good doctor. Maca's mother thinks that her husband's death is Maca's fault and has an argument with Esther about it. Alicia and Héctor are ...
29 Dec. 2009
Por qué luchamos
Sandra's tumor is getting worse and Vilches decides to change her treatment, but Fernando doesn't agree and has a different opinion. Claudia is worried about Gimeno, because he has obsessive behaviors that could be sign of an illness. Boni continues meeting Mendi but doesn't know what to do with their relationship; moreover, he makes Diego and Raúl believe that he's dating a girl. Vilches operates on Valeria to get her sight back.
12 Jan. 2010
Sentir el sol en la cara
Valeria watches again and is almost recovered, so wants to rejoin the hospital; however, in the SAMUR they only offer her an administrative place and, as she wants to work as doctor, she says Javier that if she doesn't have a place in Urgency she will denounce the hospital for negligence. Vilches operates Sandra against Fernando's opinion, while her partner Candela dies. Fernando has also an argument with his son Miguel, they are having a difficult relationship since he went out of prison. Esther and Maca are back after a week of holidays; the pediatrician deals with ...
19 Jan. 2010
Eso es que hay esperanza, ¿no?
Valeria has joined the hospital and wants to attend patients, but Maca doesn't allow her to do it. Esther is going to give an interview for a literature magazine after the prize she won for her story, she is very happy but becomes a bit disappointed when knows that the interview will be finally by phone. Gimeno is taking pills for his disorder that makes him being asleep. Reyes, the woman who is supposed to be Maca's sister goes to the hospital in order to do the DNA proves. Vaaleria discovers that Dani suffers hepatitis B and that hasn't grown with his parents. ...
26 Jan. 2010
Cuestión de puntos de vista
Waldo can't support the pressure and confesses Hana that he drove the car that rushed her. Mendi receives a beating when tries to defend an homosexual couple that was kissing in public for two homophobes boys. Fernando's relationship with Miguel is going worse, while the doctor wants to know where Sandra is and Vilches doesn't tell him. Javier proposes Alicia the possibility of present her candidature for the nursery coordinator: Esther (who has this responsibility) is tired and Alicia has made a very good job in the last months. Dani asks Valeria for a meeting and ...
2 Feb. 2010
Cosas que cambiar
Héctor has to talk to the priest before his wedding with Alicia and their conversation becomes a bit complicated. Mendi doesn't answer to the treatment and Raquel announces Boni that his friend is going to die. Maca discovers that her father's company has many liabilities and the heritage that she was going to share with new sister doesn't exist. Esther discovers that Alicia wants to be the boss of the nurses; she is the last one in the hospital of knowing about her intentions. Claudia tries to have a date with Gimeno, but he doesn't mind and thinks that have no ...

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