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Season 16

3 Dec. 2008
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While Mónica has decided to split with Javier and is making her bags in order to leave their house, Javier suffers an important plane accident (that will be attended by the SAMUR team and also Rai and Raúl, who were near of the airport). The nurse receives a phone call, goes to the airport and, in front of that situation, postpone her decision of break her marriage. Lola doesn't feel well and everybody thinks that maybe she's pregnant. Fernando, who has his daughter in law and his grandson at home, makes her some proves for finding out the cause of her discomfort. ...
3 Sep. 2008
Cada verdad puede ser otra
Lola asked Rai for a meeting and the date has arrived. But, before, the results of the proves Fernando made to Lola revealed that she has a tumor and will be live only a few months more. Javier remains in the hospital after the reimplant of his hand and shows a negative attitude about his recovering. Fernando has already operated several times, but Carlos thinks that is better to continue with the therapy because the blockade could reappear in any moment. Teresa, who knows that Alicia likes Waldo, finds out that the resident has bought Mayarí's plane tickets, because ...
10 Sep. 2008
Eterno mientras dura
Lola knows that the treatment would lengthen her life only a few months, for what sh) prefers not follow it. Moreover, doesn't want to tell anybody, neither Rai, about her illness but finally confesses Mónica what happens. Lito is in Madrid to spend some days with Raúl, but Sofía doesn't like children and her relationship with her boyfriend's nephew won't be good. Gimeno, a new and peculiar doctor who has already split with his wife, arrives in the hospital. A patient who is waiting for a kidney kidnaps the bus in which travels Teresa, who suffers Appendicitis and ...
17 Sep. 2008
Lo importante y lo relativo
Sofía gave pills in an irregular way to a patient who was addicted and this person denounces her. Lola wants to live intensely the time of live she has especially with Rai, but feels incapable to tell that she's dying. Trini is dying too, because she needs a transplant but doesn't assemble the conditions to receive and organ. The prostitute asks Mónica to take care of her daughter and the SAMUR nurse says that she will do it, but this isn't her real intention. After Alicia's confession about her feelings to Waldo, they both feel nervous when see each other. Gimeno's ...
24 Sep. 2008
Para vivir un gran amor
Alicia and Waldo went to bed together just before Mayarí's arrival in Spain and Alicia feels really uncomfortable when Waldo introduces his girlfriend to her. Lola is on her mother's house to spend her last days. She doesn't take the telephone to Rai and he doesn't know because she avoids him, until Sofía confesses to him what happens. Rai, who was gliding to ask for marriage her, goes there and, after giving her the ring, Lola dies in his arms. Guillermo is overwhelmed with his exam and Héctor and Javier study with him, finally, the exam results a great success. ...
1 Oct. 2008
Todo el mundo quiere a Rai
A packet for Lola arrives in the hospital: it's a dog called Raimundo. At the beginning, nobody wants the animal, but after, everybody do it. Rai, deeply depressed, declines the option of having some spare days and prefers to work for forgetting the lost of his lover. Finally, the dog is for him. Fernando seems to have decided give his grandson in adoption, but finally, with Carlo's influence, changes his mind. Mónica confesses Diego and Raúl that her marriage with Javier is in a bad moment and she was going to leave their home when her husband had the plane accident;...
8 Oct. 2008
¿Blancas o negras?
Mónica has Lola's key and asks Rai go with her but he's not sure as he's still distraught over his girlfriend's death. Guillermo begins his work at hospital. Javier continues his rehab but his arm does not seem to improve its mobility. He's worried about the possibility that it is inoperable and Fernando confirms that it is getting worse. The Samur staff is worried about the boy who painted the ambulance because he though that his father's death was the Samur's fault. Héctor has problems with his neighbors now that he is the president of the neighborhood committe. ...
15 Oct. 2008
Quedamos a cenar
Maca tells Claudia that in her meeting with Vero they both laugh a lot and had a good time, but realized that they wouldn't be together any more. For her part, Claudia has a good news: she's pregnant. Javier has done an offer of changes for the hospital to compete with Maca and is obtaining supports; the pediatrician thinks that Javier has brought this question to the personal area. Javier has also new problems with Mónica, who has known that her ex-wife leave money to her sister some time ago. A new nurse, Boni, arrives to the hospital for doing his practices with ...
22 Oct. 2008
Cuéntamelo todo
Claudia is pregnant and feels that Aimé is not happy with the news, so she is very disappointed with his attitude. The place of resident of transplants is for Waldo and Sofía is furious with this Maca's decision. Boni has problems with Raúl, who doesn't want him in his team; Mónica tries to mediate. Teresa is back at hospital after her operation and her trip to the Vaticano with husband Manolo. Déborah doesn't mind her pregnancy and Guillermo has to insist for going to the hospital, where Javier explores her. Alicia, who hasn't been invited to Waldo's wedding, ...
29 Oct. 2008
Llegaremos a lo humano
Police guard shift in the Central. In this occasion, the dawn it will be marked by a riot in the jail where there are boarders Boni, the new SAMUR's nurse in practices, and Miguel, Fernando's son. What begins as a revolt among some of the convicts ends for turning into a violent battle against the civil servants and executives of the jail, in the one that Carlos will meet obliged to negotiate. Diverse injured prisoners, a serious civil servant like consequence of a stab and a beggar with hypothermia will keep the doctors occupied, while Boni tries to attend to an ...
5 Nov. 2008
Un hombre. Todos los hombres
Déborah and Guillermo, who are on the verge of becoming parents, aren't in a good moment of their relationship; moreover, she decides that her parents will take care of their daughter. Héctor and Susana are also in a not very good moment. Fernando's son doesn't want to abandon the hospital because is scared about coming back to prison. Esther has doubts about her relationship with Bea due to he fact that she is married. Sofía present a complaint against Maca for the election of Waldo as the resident of transplants, because doesn't accept that she wasn't the chosen one...
12 Nov. 2008
La vida es otra cosa
Maca continues feeling badly and Claudia (who has already split with Aimé) convinces her that she must pass a medical exam. Later, with the proves, Claudia finds out that the pediatrician probably suffers sclerosis multiple. Sofía suspects about Maca's illness and tells it to Javier, who has in Maca his main competitor for the direction of the hospital. But Javier doesn't want to use this against Maca in their fight for the place. Esther is worried about Pedrito, because her behavior isn't good and the nurse thinks that maybe the child is affected by her divorce with ...
19 Nov. 2008
Toda una vida
Vero has a meeting with a nurse of the hospital, but is not already prepared for a new relationship because he still thinks in Lola. In fact, he is having pills in order to sleep. Mónica and Javier didn't do separation of goods and have an argument because of the money and the divorce. Javier's mother recriminates him for not have doing the separation. Claudia, who is thinking about a treatment of fertility in order to become pregnant, confirms Maca's diagnose: she has sclerosis and doesn't accept the illness, so Claudia talks with Esther and tells about it. Esther ...
26 Nov. 2008
La puerta está abierta
Javier is chosen the new director of the Central and begins to make changes that Maca (who continues as the responsible of Ugency) doesn't agree. It seems impossible that their relationship can go worse. Claudia seems decided to have a child and is going to begin treatment of fertility, however in the clinic they refused her petition of giving her some information of the future baby, so this makes her doubt and Carlos tells her that maybe the donor could be somebody she knows personally. Esther confirms Teresa that is dating Bea, but is next to Maca for every thing ...
10 Dec. 2008
La vida hay que vivirla
Rai avoids Vero after their kiss. When they finally talk, she tells Rai that they are only good friends and he asks Vero to behave like that with him. Carlos offers his semen to Claudia, but with some conditions that provoke Claudia's doubts. Héctor and Javier finds out that Guille is living at hospital and Javier offers him a place in his home. Moreover, the director of the hospital refuses his mother propose and gives an important quantity of money to Mónica in the divorce. Maca is thinking about make a testament, while Esther is not sure about the possibility of go...
17 Dec. 2008
Nadar hasta la orilla
Déborah doesn't want to register Guillermo as the father of their daughter and he must demonstrate that really is the father. Gimeno is still convinced that will come back with ex wife and plans an strategy to reconquest her, while Claudia wants Maca to have a meeting with her friend. Carlos must be some says without sex in order to inseminate Claudia because in the clinic they have told him that has few sperms. Sofía tells Maca what happened with the manager and she gives her support and encourages the resident to denounce although she knows that it will be difficult...
18 Jan. 2009
Quien lo probó lo sabe
Javier, as the new director of the hospital, removes Maca as the responsible of Urgency; her substitute is Héctor, whose robber has died. Gimeno is skating with his daughter when another girl suffers a fainting. Maca has a date with a friend of Vero, who has decided to leave the hospital and accept a new job in Valencia. Claudia is nervous after her insemination and begins having doubts. Mónica has decided to abandon the hospital and writes a letter for all her ex partners. Alicia goes to the snow and Waldo, jealous, want ti know who she goes with. Sofía wants to ...

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