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Often dumb, thinly-veiled promotional tool
DoobieKeebler10 July 2003
Disney Channel airs these "Movie Surfers" specials (and portions as interstitials) when Disney movies are playing in theaters. Some of it is insightful and even interesting in the behind-the-scenes / inside trivia. But more often than not, it's a bunch of braindead teenagers being paid to heap praise onto the latest Disney film. I'm sure all of them have genuinely loved every single Disney film from the past 5 years. If they were worthwhile, maybe Disney would include them on the DVD releases of its films. But in general, it's a thinly-veiled effort to get kids to want to see their latest films. The benefit of having a family cable channel - something that Viacom takes good advantage of with its Nickelodeon films.
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pixel5516 February 2006
I currently HATE Movie Surfers! Its really boring and they play it too much! Ya know the Chicken Little Movie Surfers thing? That was WAAAAAAY overplayed! They play it every single commercial break, and after the DCOMs, when I am hoping that they will play a music video of one of my favorite singers, what do they show instead? Movie Surfers. I'll agree, once or twice is helpful, but every single freakin' commercial break? I did the calculations. They play Movie Surfers 28-36 times a day. And its usually the same one, over and over and over again! I love Disney Channel and all, but personally, I really love the Disney411's. And I know that if they played that as much as Movie Surfers, I'd get sick of it. I liked Movie Surfers when they played it less. Now its just plain annoying.
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stanclimbfll3 December 2003
the show is cool enough, you get some information. i liked the interview with johnny depp. that was tight. of course they overplayed the finding nemo one a little bit. i mostly watch it for the hot girls. one or two of them are hot. that one dude mischa is ugly and pale. he freaks me out but other than him it's cool. (oh 'member when mischa was singing along with the kid's choir on lilo and stitch? that was funny. lol :)
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