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Cutting dark comedy
marcopolo66626 September 2002
This flick was my fave at the NY Indie Film Fest! My buddies and I were quoting it for days. The humor and writing style were unique and hilarious, and Dalian managed to maintain the humor within intense, dark moments without taking anything away from the scene. You get to know every character, and no matter what they were doing or saying, the actors made it come out so effortlessly and natural. I was psyched to see that this movie got the recognition it deserved-- Best Original Screenplay and Best Directorial Debut. ROCK ON!
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If you liked " Lock Stock" and "Reservoir Dogs"
lawfaljean25 September 2002
then you must see this brilliant first endeavor by Dalian and a great Ensemble cast including Jeremy Renner! It is Funny, Dark and a great Shoot em up action film as well. With an ending that will surprise you. Who will survive all of the Gun shots?
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Three Stooges meets The Matrix!!!
eastwoodranch28 September 2002
I didn't know what to expect when i went to see this movie. I was totally engrossed from beginning to end. A great mix of fascinating, off-the-wall characters.....and great use of music with the action and comedy! Five Thumbs up!!!
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Fish In A Barrel
tsantirakis5 December 2005
What can i say... I saw the movie... I was impressed.. I recommended to friends and they told me that i am insane.. Bought the DVD and also looking to buy the soundtrack but appears there is no soundtrack.. You can't really comment what exactly you are looking at .. I guess it depends a lot on your state of mind at the moment.. One time you are watching a good comedy and a second later you are into a scene of a Russian roulette ending up with the best track i ever heard for a long time .. "What's going on in the air" by Aldeasa.. The only thing was that i first saw it rented from a video store and the also after i bought the DVD it was, is a problem with the sound when the music is playing and also the voices sound very distanced .. But still ..Top Movie as far as i am concerned.. Enjoy if you decide to watch it..
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Boston_Pride28 November 2007
This movie was so great! I loved it! Wow, I was pleasantly surprised by this extremely low budget crime comedy movie. I'm a huge Jeremy Renner fan, and he excellent in this. Some scenes in this movie had me die laughing, and I still quote it this day. The actors did a great job, and the story was very interesting. I would definitely put this up there with some of my favorite movies of all time. I get tired of big production blockbuster movies, and for a low budget movie like this to be this good, it's somewhat of a relief. I highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of independent films, and who doesn't love just action and violence, and who listens to dialogue.

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Loved the movie...
mariondh25 November 2006
I downloaded the movie and it took days to do. I think it was about 9 days because the person who I was downloading it from was away for awhile and I didn't think I would be able to get it for my daughter who absolutely adores Jeremy Renner. I wanted to present it to her for Christmas and was unable to get it any other way. After capturing it and watching it, I was so happy. My 31 yr old son, myself and my twins daughters, Sam and Rachel loved the movie. It has an Indy feel and is funny, sad and even annoying at times. I love this movie and am hoping to buy the actual DVD somewhere, if I can find it. It wasn't even released in Canada, or so I heard. :( Anyhow, I would recommend anyone to watch this film, 'cause it's great!

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Jesus Farted
thunderpuppy7 October 2003
I've got the strange feeling that someone decided that a splicing of Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino would be both funny and cool. but even if you like both filmmakers, most will grudgingly admit that their imitators are pretty pathetic.

That's a pretty decent way to review the film: pathetic.

The sort of movie where a frustrated character will yell `Jesus wept!' and the witty retort is volleyed back: `Jesus farted.' No matter how unfunny the punch line is, the joke's setup is equally groan inducing. Someone actually wrote a script where a character is frustrated, and therefore yells "Jesus wept." I think it's all supposed to be `witty banter' (the truncated back-and-forth runs, rapid fire, into connecting one-liners regarding a store no one can remember the name of)-pointless dialogue that is supposed to be clever.

If you want to see a film that makes you jump up and down and yell `You're not funny!' at the screenwriter, this is your ticket.
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Pathetic 2
Audie-T25 January 2005
After reading Thunderpuppy's review of this movie, I can only say this: I agree 100 percent.

From the moment the gang in this movie begins their heist, the camera work is appallingly bad. Since the first shots are from a surveillance camera, this could be excused. But really, this type of quality is pretty much the same for both acting, script and direction in the rest of the movie.

My take on this production: perhaps some film-student thought it cool to 'redo' Tarantino and let his buds star. To make it worse, he had a hot girlfriend also who couldn't act to save her life. But, she looked hot, so...

The interesting characters: a (gay?) mastermind who gets no respect from the rest of the gang. This could have worked. Sadly, the director and scriptwriter had other ideas. The other interesting character: bad cop. This could have worked. Sadly...

Watch this movie when you're real drunk with a couple of friends who are also drunk. It is in such circumstances that the sheer awfulness of this movie becomes sort of funny. No, not really, but it passes time and you will have learned one thing after having watched this: few movies can be as bad as this one.

P.S. (edit) Only after having watched this monstrosity, did I watch "Reservoir Dogs" in its entirety. "Fish i/a Barrel" does make one realize how much of a GENIUS Quentin Tarantino truly is.

Quentin Tarantino: genius.
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