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  • According to interviews on the Friday After Next DVD, each cast member expressed interest in doing another movie. Ice Cube has said he would like to do another one, but only if Chris Tucker is willing to reprise his role as Smokey. Cube has been in talks with Tucker for a while, but nothing is known for sure as of yet. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • A running gag through the first half of the movie is that there were two other security guards on the job before Craig and Day-Day who met some mysterious fate, and whenever the boys ask about them, nobody will give a straight answer. At one point when their boss Moly is cornered by some hoods, one of them says, "you know what we did to those last security guards?" So apparently they were the victims of gang violence. Perhaps one of the guards harrassed the boys' grandmothers like Day-Day did, which invoked the wrath of the gang.

    It is never fully addressed what happened to them, but the point of the joke is to let the audience use their imaginations to determine what happened to them. It was obviously bad, so folks can draw their own conclusions from what they see and hear. Edit (Coming Soon)


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