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Chicago Sun-Times
I guess there's an audience for it, and Ice Cube has paid dues in better and more positive movies ("Barbershop" among them). But surely laughs can be found in something other than this worked-over material.
Miami Herald
The third -- and thinnest and weakest and least funny -- installment in Ice Cube's popular Friday series.
Anyone who pays to see it will certainly feel as if he has been clipped.
Entertainment Weekly
The movie is altogether too infatuated with its ramshackle spirit. Most of the gags take after the characters -- they just sit there.
It's familiar, undemanding and not as bad as it could have been, but you can't help thinking that somewhere else, there's a real party going on.
Dallas Observer
Director Marcus Raboy hasn't made a bad movie, exactly -- just one that seems to have forgotten its own jokes, much as those who watch it will forget everything about it a week later, stoned or not.
Baltimore Sun
If you do insist on seeing this film, don't arrive late: the clever, animated opening credits are a stitch, suggesting a sprightliness of touch and winsome wickedness of tone that's missing from the rest of the movie.
Washington Post
Lacks the spirit of the previous two, and makes all those jokes about hos and even more unmentionable subjects seem like mere splashing around in the muck.
Chicago Reader
"Friday" had moments of stoned charm and telling neighborhood detail; this second sequel never gets beyond the angry, cruel, and misogynist.
L.A. Weekly
Loud, chaotic and largely unfunny (veteran actors John Witherspoon and Anna Maria Horsford seem at best indifferent to the material), Friday After Next is the graceless sodomizing of a cult classic.

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