Friday After Next (2002) Poster

Katt Williams: Money Mike



  • Damon : [while Money Mike has plyers on his testicles]  ya know maybe we can get to know each other

    Money Mike : Shut up! The hell you talkin bout! I am a boy! You are not in prison anymore Damon! Thats not how we do it!

    [Squeezes plyers] 

  • Money Mike : [Damon splashes water on Money Mike]  Did you pee on me?

    Damon : Wake yo' bitch-ass up, lucky charms. I like my fish wet and squirmy.

    Money Mike : I thought I was dreaming. You almost drowned me, nigga.

    Damon : Oh, you're dreaming. This is a wet dream.

  • Money Mike : [while holding Damon's balls with a vice grips]  Are you a music lover, Damon?

    Damon : Y... yes

    Money Mike : Well, have you ever heard of the nutcracker?

    [squeezes Damon's balls with the vice grips] 

  • Money Mike : Hold up, wait a minute, let me put some pimpin' in it.

  • Money Mike : Crunching on your balls in a one horsed open sleigh.

  • Money Mike : Do y'all got a bathroom up in here? I gotta piss like a Russian racehorse at the Kentucky Derby with a glue truck behind it.

  • Money Mike : Don't drag that coat, it cost more than you!

  • Money Mike : [holding Damon by the testicles with a pair of pliers]  Hold these til I get in the car.

    Craig Jones : Dude, I ain't about to touch his nuts or them vice grips.

    Money Mike : Oh yes you are.

    Craig Jones : No I'm not.

    Money Mike : Yes you are!

    Craig Jones : Bullshit.

    Money Mike : This is yo party. Yo pliers. His nuts. In yo hands!

  • Money Mike : [to Donna]  Speaking of cockroaches, where was yo antennas when them two niggas was robbin' me?

  • Money Mike : I was just gonna get drunk and watch the Grinch, so I'll be there.

  • Money Mike : [coming out of the apartment, holding Damon's nuts in a vice grip. A crowd of people has gathered]  I want everybody back! There's gon' be ball juice everywhere!

  • Money Mike : 25% off. Everything must go. Maybe even you.

  • Money Mike : [Craig hands him back his razor]  Never know when I might need this. Might come in handy. Might wanna shave. Might wanna shave somebody else. Never know.

  • Money Mike : Let me check my palm pilot.

    [looks at the palm of his hand] 

    Money Mike : Looks like I ain't doin' shit.

  • Money Mike : [a pimp manniquin falls on Mike, pinning him to the floor]  This is bullshit. I'm stuck between a pimp and a hard place. Donna, man down! Eleven thirty: pimp in distress!

  • Money Mike : Can I help you?

    Crime Brother #1 : No.

    Money Mike : No? Well this ain't the Baby Gap.

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