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Sonic the Hedgehog 2!
Movie Nuttball22 September 2004
Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most famous video games of all time! The characters, the jumping, the power-ups, and the sure thrill of adventure makes this entire series a fun non-stop playing time! Below is a brief look how I think the game is!

Game Play: The game play is very good. There is really basic controls here and is easy to perform. Novice gamers should have a good time here!

Graphics: The graphics are wonderful. The backgrounds are really beautiful!

Difficulty: The game is easy but as it goes on you''s find out that it will become more difficult!

Music: Just fantastic catchy tunes through out the game! In My opinion its some of the best music ever in a video game!

Sound: The sound is great. Nuff said!

Overall: I have always loved Sonic the Hedgehog! If you like excellent adventure games then I strongly recommend you play this game!

To purchase this video game check out!
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Now this is more like it!
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews10 September 2011
Robotnik returns with new tech, enslaving more cute widdle animals(never any of the naturally scary ones, for some reason, I guess they don't want to complicate the matter of whether we should save these or not) and forcing our hero to once again stop him. I base this on the version that comes on the Sonic Plus Mega Collection released for the PS2, which enables saving at any point, rendering it a lot easier to complete. With that said, it already got to be a lot less challenging(especially outside of the numerous boss battles(where it does get to be downright abusive at times), which are various cool robots) than the original, perhaps in response to a negative reception. There are more different environments in this(partially because they opted for less "acts" to them), they're far more imaginative and memorable(Casino Night Zone is like being the ball in a pinball machine, there's a freaking spaceship, an oil platform, and we again move through forest and other natural places), and it's also a longer game, making it feel more worth the money or at least(if you get this as part of a package, like my girlfriend did) time that you invest in it. This offers a Vs. mode for two players, where you go up against each other, competing for quickest completion of levels or greatest amassing of points. The second person will take on the role of Tails, the helicopter(and airplane piloting(!))-flying fox, and can actually help out during the regular ones by someone grabbing that second joystick(they're especially useful, not to say utterly, literally invaluable, in what I will describe in the following sentence). That adds replayability(something really missing before; it is worth noting that there's still only one difficulty setting and that you can't get through this unless at least one person is going at it as the titular hedgehog), in addition to the possibility of collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds(I'm told they're also in the first one, I sure didn't find any bonus areas in that one...) and you really have to earn those(you make your way through nicely animated 3D sections(bent pipes, where you can go up on the walls and even move upside down briefly, dodging bombs and making sure to be in the right place to gather, well, read on) with a lot of sharp turns, making sure to collect Power Rings(the ones that also grant extra lives when you get 100 in the regular segments, and that all come out of you when you get hit, and that protect you from dying when you are damaged) to get to a set amount that you are informed of, so you can unlock the following bit, and after completing a few in a row, you are granted one of the aforementioned gems), and as a reward for getting them all, you can change into the awesome Super Sonic form(resembling Son-Goku), allowing you to move faster, and hop further and higher(...actually potentially harmful to you, if you aren't careful, you might miss where you're going), in addition to being nearly invincible. This is more fun, entertaining and colorful, and this time, it lives up to the franchise's reputation of high speed(albeit still only a single bounce to the jump, and you can still accidentally leave the "round" form at the wrong time, getting hit on account of it), partially because of the buzzsaw you can use to send yourself rushing to either side, by holding Down and pressing Action. The simplistic puzzles are essentially gone, if it can now be more difficult to find your way, especially later on in this. Game-play is fairly addictive and you're left wanting more upon completion of this. You're bounding around, avoiding baddies(or landin' yo ass on top of them, to take them out... entirely unlike Super Mario... well, this time around, at least you can get some of them by thrusting yourself at them, unique to this series and making it more "offensive"(as opposed to defensive or nearly passive)) and the dangers of the surroundings(far drops, drowning(this time sans emotionally scarring visual!), in a platformer. With this one, it sticks out and is memorable, especially distancing itself from the equally iconic little Italian plumber(that is slower, and enjoyable in a different way) and also being sufficiently compelling to offer a rival to the second Commander Keen Trilogy, Goodbye Galaxy(also a lesser pace, and once again still a great piece). This has incredibly epic in-engine cut-scenes(the majority of the storytelling is handled like this, thankfully since the alternative appears to be still frames... well, at least the artwork remains good) and you really feel like you're making a considerable impact, and like your foe is dangerous. The regular enemies tend to be more interestingly designed(all mechanical, you can really tell they came straight out of the lab of that big, red, moustached maniac that is behind all of this, and they feel more like they're meant to be guards to stop you in this) this time around, and are less frustrating(that goes for this in general). This again has a childish(it isn't obnoxious to anyone with two digits to their age, however, at least not most of the time, if it can require a period of adjustment), not only kid-friendly, tone, and it comes across in the vivid color scheme and the relatively catchy music. The graphics are well-done, not too "shiny" though they are bright, smooth(vital to something that is as hyper as this at times) and clearly defined, nothing blends together(if the argument could be made that there is hardly any quality(from a technical standpoint, not as far as the artwork goes, which absolutely has taken a leap upwards) evolution since the first one in this, and that is obviously lamentable... yes, I have a vocabulary, sue me). I recommend this to any fan of this game-play, and anyone who tried the original should without a doubt go for this one afterwards(it's better in every spot that it's different). 8/10
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Xmas, 12 years ago
..this was the best selling Genesis game. There's a reason why the Mega Drive is still popular. I mean, for all the high tech, super-powered abilities of the PS3 and the Wii-U the Mega Drive had such a simple charm. The games had great graphics AND awesome playability.

I remember Xmas in 1992 when I was 12, walking around a snowy Edinburgh and seeing this game displayed proudly in all the toy/game shops. I really wanted it, I thought that it was the coolest thing. Then on Xmas morning I Santa did indeed deliver a Mega Drive. Many, many games came and went but Sonic 2 had classic tenure.

The awesome music, the graphics, the bright, summery levels, and Sonic's way-past-cool pal Tails made this game truly great. There was some controversy at the time that the 3D graphics on the special stages caused epileptic fits but I never got any more than a headache.

Games like this are what made the Mega Drive indispensable. If you still have one...hold onto it. Sonic 2 is now available on the PSN with 12 trophies. If your Mega Drive is gone I recommend that you download it. Sonic 2 is a classic for the ages that will be remembered long after the last memory of FPS trash has faded away.

Graphics A Sound A+ Gameplay A Lasting Appeal A+
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Sonic is back, and he has brought along a friend
rossrobinson30 August 2003
Sonic the Hedgehog is back and he has brought along a friend with him. A Fox named Tails (Known as his real name Miles which Tails hates as it said in the series of Sonic) Dr Robotnik has stolen the Chaos Emraids again, now Sonic and Tails must begin their journey to get them back, with new levels and also a new move which is the sppeding move. This helps Sonic and Tails go faster. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is the game with can bring you more fun, and more excitement.
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A monumental step forward in just about every way
Olicosmic22 December 2019
After the release of the first "Sonic The Hedgehog", it was clear as say that Sega was onto something pretty special. However, while the game is fondly remembered by millions upon millions, it was clear that they haven't quite nailed the fast-paced game design that is needed for a Sonic game. Everything still worked decently, but they could do better. And better they did, because this is far and away one of the biggest step forwards any video game franchise has ever seen in the span of just a year. It almost makes the original look bad thanks to the countless amount of improvements it brings to the table. Instead of only being fast in the first zone, EVERY zone is like that here. The level design is superb, as it perfectly mixes speed and fun paths that never feel half baked, and that goes for every level. The music is amazing from start to finish, as well, with some of the most iconic music in gaming history. Same goes for the visuals. Everything pops with color and is full of detail all the time. The gameplay has been carried over from the first game as well as the introduction of the spin dash, which has become an absolute must for every game moving forward. The new character "Tails" is awesome and distinct enough to really work, which makes it all make more sense as to why he's been in mostly every game after. Overall, this game is simply better in almost every way. The only thing I would consider worse, here, are the special stages. They're not terrible, but thanks to Tails being part of the adventure, going through these stages are just unfair at times. When you jump, Tails doesn't jump until around a whole second after you do, which makes it unreasonably hard to get through them. They're just not that fun after a while and are more annoying than anything else. At least you get Super Sonic, which is essentially a god mode for the game, which is a pretty great reward, so I'm not harping on the special stages too much. Thankfully, the Christian Whitehead port refined the stages and made them far less frustrating, so, for me, that'll always be my definitive way of playing this game. Even with that, though, this game is so fantastic in many other ways, that playing this on anything that can run it is very recommended, as it is a monumental step forward in just about every way. I may prefer S3&K, but this is still one of the best fast-paced games out there, and will be remembered for many more years, if not decades to come.
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The Game that introduce me to Sonic
Terryfan3 September 2015
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was the first game I ever played for the series. It was one of the first games I ever had played on the Sega Genesis which is still one of my favorite video game systems since I am a fan of Retro video games

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 shows how a game sequel can be as strong if not more than the original game

Looking back on it the game still proves to be fun, challenging and all around like a fine wine only gets better with age.

The Sega Genesis prove to have a classic library of video games for the system.

Graphics the game features some of the most beautiful on the system even today they are impressive to look at.

The sound with the music and sound effects remain as strong as they did in 1992. Goes to show the game effect on players

The controls are easy to pick up and master if you had play any Sonic game in the past or on the collection games you will be in good hands

The game play is very addicting however it does feature some challenging boss battles and levels that will make you go crazy

Overall if you love old school classics do yourself a favor and pick up Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and if you're lucky you might find it on Sega Mega Collection or Sonic Collection

I give Sonic The Hedgehog 2 an 9 out of 10
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One of the best Sega Genesis game I have ever played
Catherine_Grace_Zeh19 July 2007
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2, in my opinion, is one of the best Sega Genesis games I have ever played. Even though I haven't owned a Nintendo Wii for very long, I enjoy this game very much. In addition, beating the game makes me want to play it even more. When and if you can get a Nintendo Wii, this game should definitely be on your list of downloads Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that the people at Sega Genesis know how to keep video game fanatics entertained. Now, in conclusion, if you're a video game fanatic, this is definitely one you'll want to play and own. I can guarantee you that you will become hooked once you start playing.
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Sonic and Tails!
spiderguy_0730 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the best Sega games I have ever played! I also love how you can use Knuckles in this game, too. All you have to do is get the "Sonic & Knuckles" video game and put Sonic 2 into its slot.

My favorite level is Mystic Cave. It has more obstacles, and is more challenging than the other levels. Metropolis is pretty good, but a little complicated. I guess I would either go with Sonic, or Knuckles. Tails is OK sometimes, but just doesn't fit up to Sonic and Knuckles.

Dr. Robotnik has a lot of things to use against you. Pick your pattern, and stay with it.

My favorite Robotnik battle is the Chemical Plant battle. It is hard because you have the left and the right pathways blocked when the road there collapses.

Very good game, Very good characters, Very good series!
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A Very Fun But Pretty Hard Video Game
gangstahippie25 July 2006
Rated E.

Sonic The Hedgehog was the first game in which the hedgehog which we all know and love(Sonic) appears.I have never played the first one or any other Sonic game except for this one.Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is a pretty old video game.This one came out in 1992(the year I was born).But I have the game in my Sega Smash Pack 2 collection for PC and if you find it its worth buying.In this game you play as Sonic the hedgehog and along with your buddy Tails the fox you must collect gold coins and defeat Dr.Robotnik and all of his henchmen.Pretty fun video game for 1992 but now the graphics are dated.But still SOnic The Hedgehog 2 is a fun video game and I recommend it!

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Even Better Then The Classic Original And My Favorite In The Whole Series, And Possibly My Favorite Video Game Ever!
callanvass20 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is even better then the classic original and my favorite in the whole series, and possibly my favorite video game ever!. The Graphics are still awesome, and this also brings back many fantastic memories from when i was a kid, whenever i play it!, plus the main boss is incredibly difficult to defeat!. The levels are even better!, and my favorite level is a 3 way tie between Casino Night,Wing Fortress and Death Egg!. I remember when i 1st got my Sega Genises this came with it, i was so excited, and played it over and over, i still do today, and it never gets old, plus the tunes are really catchy!. This is even better then the classic original!, and my favorite in the whole series, and possibly my favorite video game ever, and if you haven't played it, where have you been? Do so immediately i can guarantee you won't be disappointed!.

Here is what i think of the levels!.

Level 1. Emerald Hill. This is an incredibly easy level to get through so just relax, and have fun, as there is nothing difficult at all in this one!, the main boss is so easy to defeat, just get out of the way of Dr. Robotnik's Vechle, and jump on it it's as simple as that!.

Level 2. Chemical Plant. This is a fascinating level to play, as it's really quite unique it has an underground feel to it, and the effects are really awesome, it's really easy to play, just be sure to watch out for the tricky blocks, and when you go underwater, don't let it be too long!. The boss is pretty easy to beet, just watching out for those dropping blue things!.

Level 3. Acquatic Run. This is an okay level but not one of my favorites, as it's sort of bland, however the backgrounds are awesome, and the underwater scenes are difficult, because you always have to get air!, The Main boss is very easy to defeat just watch out for his hammer and the arrows and to hit Robotnick, jump on the arrows (stopped not moving), or jump onto the totem poles!.

Level 4. Casino Night. This is tied with 2 other levels for my favorite, as it's just awesome,It's pretty easy to get through the backgrounds are so cool, and there are so many neat features, including like the jackpot, and the bouncing hamburgers (you heard me), big huge moving squares, as Tails is really useful in this one!, The main boss is somewhat easy but a tiny bit difficult as you have to use your speed and the bouncing arrows to defeat him and watch out for his electric shocks!.

Level 5. Hill Top. This is a cool level that is not that hard to get through, the only really though moment is you have to get up before it all crumbles down!, and don't go into the lava!. The Main boss is pretty easy just watch out for his spray of fire balls and jump on him repeatedly!.

Level 6. Mystic Cave. This is a very bizarre but fascinating and somewhat difficult level, it's got lots of crazy looking objects, and you have to watch out for wrong turns, and watch your step!, it' s a really fun level to play. The Main boss is actually pretty easy just watch out for his spikes and falling debris!.

Level 7. Oil Ocean. This is great level, with lots of cool stuff in it, but once again watch out for wrong turns, however one of my favorite features in this are the those big balls that shoot you out everywhere!, and the backgrounds are kick ass!. The Main boss is somewhat difficult but not too hard at all, just watching out for the flying octopus, and the shooting sabers(or whatever they are) and then jump on him repeatedly.

Level 8 Metropolis.This is one of the toughest levels ever, as it really is a pain to play, there are so many things you have to watch out for especially those shooting stars and there spikes, and those mantis's blades, and it's really tricky overall!, The main boss is pretty hard, you constantly have to watch out for his white balls and jump over them as they swarm all around you!.

Level 9. Sky Chase. This is a really fun level as you get to fly on a plane getting rings and killing the baddies, it's really relaxing, and a lot of fun to play!, only problem with it's too short.

Level 10. Wing Fortress. This is also tied for my favorite level, as it's really exciting to play,and very challenging at the same time, you have to concentrate really hard on this one so you don't miss a ledge or a stop, there is also some really cool obstacles, and the main boss is really trick watch out for the lasers and those spikes!.

Level 11. :Death Egg The Final Zone!. This is the toughest level here as it's the final boss and he is incredibly hard to beat, as it's a huge Dr. Robotnick, so make sure he does not stomp on you and watch out for his big flying robotic arm, it requires a lot of patience to hit him and if you do that you should eventually be able to defeat him!.

Overall. This is even better then the classic original, and my favorite in the whole series, and possibly my favorite video game ever and if you haven't seen it where the hell have you been drop what your doing this instant and go search for it you will not regret it trust me. ***** out of 5

P.S my comment would have been longer but there is a word limit as i had a lot more to say
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Look out! Here comes Sonic 2!
Op_Prime24 September 2001
For every successful game, there is a sequel. But it is rare to see a sequel live up to the original. Sonic 2 accomplishes this. Like the original, you play Sonic the Hedgehog and journey through many stages and fight numerous robots. Things are different, however. Sonic now has a new move (the spin dash) and fights newer bad guys. Also, he gets a side kick: Tails, the fox with two tails. You can alternate between the two during the game. You also search out the Chaos Emeralds, but they serve a greater in this game. The graphics for this game were better than the original, but outdated by today's standards. This is an excellent game. Thumbs up.
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Sonic's Back
famelovingboy683 June 2003
I first got this game,when I was 8 and in 3rd grade when our family got the Sega system, that came with this game for the Christmas of 1994. I became obsessed with it, and got so good at it that I could beat the game in an hour and 20 mins. and didn't die until the Deat Egg Final Battle, and I've gotten 32 lives. The levels are better than in the original, with great action, more exciting, less obscure places. This game particularly along with the others, should have been made into a live action movie, and Sonic could be another guy in disguise. You can switch to 2-player and battle Sonic against tails, racing each other, and competing against each other trying to get the most rings. One thing that's annoying, and cheap is that you lose ALL your rings no matter how many you earned when you get hit by an enemy or a trap. There are 7 chaos Emeralds you get. To get them you need to get at least 50 rings, and go to a lamppost and go into the shiny, turning red light, then you're in a tube and get as many rings as they tell you and avoid bombs, which for me is hard after I get the third. If you get 100 rings or 50,000 points you get an extra life. You have to fight Dr. Robotnik on every level. There are 10 levels: Emerald Hill Zone, Chemical Plant, Aquatic Ruin, Casino Night areal treat because you can gamble for rings and possibly get 1,000 or more! Hill Top Zone, Mystic Cave, Oil Ocean, Metropolis Zone,which has 3 acts, Sky Chase only one act, and Wing Fortress Zone. There's also a final battle that takes all the skill and exploits to beat on the Death Egg Zone, where you have 0 Rings, and will die the first hit! Here you fight a giant Robot and a metal hedgehog in a formidable fortress in space.
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Best of the Sonic series
dsengel13 October 2001
Of all the Sonic the Hedgehog games released for SEGA, this one is my all-time favorite. The creators of the game brough back the same format from the first game, plus added a few improvements including the Spin-Dash attack, 2 player option, and Tails. I can remember playing the 2 player against my cousins and my friends at sleepovers all the way into the wee hours of the morning. At the time this was a top notch game, and while we have come a long way in video games since Sonic 2 was released in 1993, Sonic 2 will always be a classic!
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