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Amazing What Prudes We Are.
TSHunter29 March 2002
This is an interesting documentary on sex in the movies since their inception. After viewing, it is realized what prudes we are as a society, and how we have viewed sex so unhealthily through the ages, even up until the current day. We don't love ourselves or others enough and it is evident with the dismal and unhealthy views that are portrayed as a whole by our society in all medias, including film. Unfortunately, this is a slow change, and I think that conservatives and liberals both making films tend to be guilty of taking us backward rather than forward. It is only when we love ourselves and our fellow man (and woman) that this will change as a reflection of our society. Nonetheless, this is an excellent look at sex as it has been portrayed in films since the beginning. I'm sure anyone looking for cheap thrills will find them here.
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Film buffs will love this.
vince_cadena1 June 2002
I first saw this when I was 13. Film was part of my life just as it is now. But I didn't even know I was a film buff then. There were a number of things that got me interested in film, this documentary was one of them. For six hours this documentary goes through the History of sex in film since the beginning of film till 1996. I learned so much from this film. I feel that if any film buff wants to watch any good documentaries on film that will teach them a lot, they should watch this and Martin Scorsese's Personal Journey Through American Movies. Avoid AFI's "Documentary" on the 100 best American movies. Some of the reasons why this documentary is good are: it deals with censorship, studios, stars, film makers, it goes behind the scenes and even talks about certain films. Raquel Welch hosted this but I don't see that information anywhere on imbd and I don't see any movie connections anywhere on this page. Finally I want to know when this will be out on dvd, if ever.
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Straight Sex and the Silver Screen
Paulo1738 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Looked forward to getting this box set. What a disappointment. The early episodes were reasonably informative. Lots of Hollywood scandal and gossip to go with a good narrative. By the time it got to the 60s the whole thing became very turgid. Gay sex in films or gay themed films were barely mentioned. The only example I can remember being Midnight Cowboy. The whole thing is more about censorship than actual films. There are lots of quotes from obscure people, but no interviews with producers, directors, actors or anyone at all. Just Miss Welch giving a narration. If you really must see this I recommend you rent it not buy it.
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