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A decent event with a bizarre main event
bh_tafe38 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The war between Bret Hart and Owen Hart raged on as the second annual King of the Ring PPV came along. And the big story going in here was Owen's promise to emulate his brother's achievement from the year before and win the King of the Ring. Bret in the meantime had his hands full as he put the WWE Championship on the line against Shawn Michael's gigantic bodygurard and Intercontinental Champion Diesel.

But first thing's first as we have the first round of qualifying matches with former Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon conquering the monstrous Bam Bam Bigelow. This was a sweet little match, with Razor overcoming the giant with some quick thinking and a cool spot where he threw Bigelow off the top rope to set up the pin. Nice start.

Next up we saw Irwin R Shyster win another qualifying match in a not dissimilar, but much more under handed, way to Razor. Like Razor, IRS was facing a huge opponent in Mabel, and was able to shake the ropes, with Mabel on the turnbuckle, to send him flying into the ring awkwardly resulting in a pin. The win meant that IRS would now face Razor in the semi final.

Owen Hart was attacked by Tatanka to start the next qualifying match, but he was able to take control before eventually winning by countering a sunset flip attempt from Tatanka into a pin to get the victory. NIce little match. Owen really did have a fantastic year in 1994.

The final qualifying match saw the 1-2-3 Kid win an entertaining little match with a pretty cool counter on Jef Jarrett. Jarrett put the Kid in the figure four, but he was able to flip Jarrett into a small package to advance to the semi finals where he would face Owen Hart.

Next up came one of the big matches of the night as Bret Hart put the WWE Title on the line against Diesel. Diesel had recently won the IC Title from Razor Ramon, but only Hart's title was on the line in this match. Shawn Michaels accompanied Diesel to the ring, while Bret had his former Hart Foundation tag team partner Jim Neidhart in his corner. Hart and Diesel wrestled a fine match, which looked to be nearing its end when Bret put Diesel in the sharpshooter, but the 7 foot giant reached the ropes and Bret had to release the hold. Hart was then jumped by Michaels and knocked down, allowing Diesel to hit the jack knife powerbomb. Neidhart then came into the ring, slugging Diesel and getting Hart disqualified to save his title. Isn't that nice of him? But he went from friend to enemy after that, leaving Hart in the ring on his own to get double teamed by Diesel and Michaels.

This was followed by the King of the Ring Semi Finals. In the first semi Razor Ramon proved too strong for IRS, escaping a chin lock to hit the Razor's edge for the win. Not a bad match, but for the second time in the night it started with an attack outside the ring, this time it was Razor getting stuck into IRS.

And we weren't finished with the pre match beatdowns as Owen hart got in on the act too in his match against the 1-2-3 Kid. They have a nice little squash match, won by Owen with the sharpshooter. Probably a little unfair to call this a squash as the Kid did control roughly a quarter of the match.

The next match saw the Headshrinkers retain the WWE Tag Team Titles against Mr Fuji's evil duo of former WWE Champion Yokozuna and Crush. Fuji tried to get in on the match, hitting Samu with the Japanese flag, but Fatu was there to get the pin and foil Fuji again. 1994 had not been a good year for Fuji at this stage. His biggest asset Yokozuna had lost the WWE Titles and two of his monsters had filed to get the tag belts here. A big addition is necessary I reckon.

Following this is the penultimate match of the night, the King of the Ring final. Razor Ramon vs Owen Hart and the pair put on a good back and forth wrestling match until Jim Neidhard, who'd evilly left Bret Hart to a beating earlier in the night, came out and assaulted Razor. Hart picked up the pin and so had done what he'd promised to and won the King of the Ring. He proclaimed himself the King of Hart's as Neidhart celebrated with him. The Bret/ Owen sibling rivalry had now become a family war! Finally comes the main event which saw WWE legend Roddy Piper defeat Jerry Lawler. Lawler had assaulted a fan in the build up to the match and he stood at ringside and helped Piper win by pointing out Lawler cheating by putting his feet on the ropes during a pin attempt.

So a nice little show. Strange main event, but it set up Summerslam rather well with the Hart brothers on a collision course.
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Not Deep, But At Least All The Talent Is Matched Up In The Right Places
zkonedog24 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
At this point in the WWF, the talent pool is not very deep. Considering that The Undertaker (a legitimate top talent) doesn't feature into this event whatsoever, King of the Ring '94 still manages to match up its talent in the right places.

With the exception of a completely pointless finale (Piper vs. Lawler), great matches take place with 1-2-3 Kid, Tatanka, Razor Ramon, & Owen Hart in the tournament. Unlike the previous KoTR event, where it was seemingly obvious (from match pacing) that Bret Hart would win, all the matches here are full-go. You won't be able to guess the winner until he is crowned.

Easily the best match of the event is Bret Hart vs. Diesel, a fast-paced affair from beginning to end. Hart knows how to carry a match, obviously, while the WWF finally found a headlining "big man" who can carry a match and isn't just a fat guy. Diesel is a legit wrestler, and wages an epic battle with Hart here.

So, despite a finale that lacks any punch, there are enough fun matches here to make things entertaining enough, as well as some decent setup headway for the future. Only time will tell if those opportunities will be capitalized on.
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About time.
SlyGuy215 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
1st Match: Razor Ramon vs Bam Bam Bigelow. An entertaining start to the show. Nothing really outstanding, but the crowd's into it, so I guess that's something. Rating: 3/5

2nd Match: Mabel vs IRS. The weakest match of the night. The crowd's into it, but it's over in like 5 minutes and it just comes off as phoned-in. Rating: 2.5/5

3rd Match: Owen Hart vs Tatanka. A good back and forth match. Almost all of the matches on this show are less than 10 minutes, so I'm sorry if my match descriptions aren't that detailed. I really liked the last half of this. Rating: 3.5/5

4th Match: The 1-2-3 Kid vs Jeff Jarrett. Again, not much in terms of match quality, but watching Jeff Jarrett lose is always fun. Kid gets the tar beaten out of him after the match. Rating: 3/5

5th Match: Bret Hart vs Diesel, WWF Championship. This match is fantastic, the best match of the night. It's also the longest match of the night at almost 23 minutes. I really wish this didn't end in a DQ, but it was probably there to set up the Hart family feud. Rating: 4.5/5

6th Match: Razor Ramon vs IRS. I'm starting to realize that IRS had a really one-note character. At least Razor wins in a pretty definitive manner, if I'm correct, IRS has absolutely no offense. Rating: 3.5/5

7th Match: Owen Hart vs The 1-2-3 Kid. This match is less than 4 minutes, and they cram as much action in it as possible. If you remember Angle/Mysterio from Summerslam 2002, then you'll get where I'm coming from when I say "This match rocks!". Rating: 4/5

8th Match: The Headshrinkers vs Crush and Yokozuna, WWF Tag Team Championships. Once again, the crowd loves the match, but there aren't a lot of memorable moments. It is interesting to see Rikishi as a different persona though. Rating: 3/5

9th Match: Razor Ramon vs Owen Hart. It's a shame Hart steals this, but if this didn't make people hate his guts, then nothing would. Rating: 3/5

10th Match: Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Jerry Lawler. I feel good match to end the night. Everyone loves to see Lawler beat up because 99% of the time he deserves it. Rating: 3.5/5

Final Rating: 7 out of 10. About time the WWF got a good PPV for 1994. So far, WCW's been kickin' Vince's butt this year. Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania weren't bad shows, just mediocre. The matches might not have a lot of memorable moments, but they're short and at least watchable. That's a winner compared to the 2 PPVs they did before this.
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Oh no, Piper is back....
amanwhorocks26 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
1. KoR: Bam Bam Bigelow Vs. Razor Ramon - Match better than average 6.5/10

2. KoR: I.R.S. Vs. Mabel - Weaker match but I'm glad, that I.R.S. get advanced 5.5/10

3. KoR: Tatanka Vs. Owen Hart - Average match because of that jerk Tatarka. 5.5/10

4. KoR: 1-2-3 "Mullet" Kid Vs. Double J - Speedy match. 6/10

5. WWF Heavyweight Title Match: Diesel (IC Champ) Vs. Champ-Bret Hart - Diesel is stiff, even wasn't able to catch Hart when he had jumped from turnbuckle. Match was kind' slow. Nothing special . The end was better, but DQ. 5.5/10

6. Semi-KoR: I.R.S. Vs. Razor Ramon 6/10

7. Semi-KoR: 1-2-3 Kid Vs. Owen Hart 6.5/10

8. WWF Tag Team Titles Match: Yokozuna/Crush Vs. Champs-Head Shrinkers. Champs retains. 5.5/10

9. FinalKoR: Razor Ramon Vs. Owen Hart - Yeah, I thought Ramon will win, I'm really surprised. Great King. 6/10

10. Jerry Lawler Vs. Pajpá - Worst match of the evening however. Non-wrestler aka "Punch" Rod didn't forget eye poke and cheap shots. After 15 minutes of suffering, this terrible match finally ended. Pajpá was the winner, of course. 3/10
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