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Derrick O'Connor: Father Everett



  • Matt Murdock : Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been a week since my last...

    Father Everett : What the hell are you playing at, Matt? You didn't come here for forgiveness. You came for permission, and I can't give you that.

    Matt Murdock : Justice isn't a sin, Father.

    Father Everett : No, but vengeance is. You see it every day on the street: violence begets more violence. Is that how you want to live your life? A lawyer during the day, and then judge and jury at night? Is that what you want?

    Matt Murdock : Somebody has to do something.

    Father Everett : But why you?

    Matt Murdock : Because I can. Because I'm not afraid.

    Father Everett : Well, I'm afraid FOR you, Matthew. Look, a man without fear is a man without hope. May God have mercy on you for your sins and grant you Everlasting Life, Amen.

    Father Everett : I'm not too crazy about the outfit, either.

  • Daredevil : [Director's Cut Version]  This is my confession, Father.

    Father Everett : [whispering]  God's mercy is infinite. All you gotta do is ask.

    Daredevil : Everything I had has been taken from me. Now I'm supposed to ask for mercy. I don't ask for mercy - people ask me!

    Father Everett : Oh, is that a fact?

  • Father Everett : [watching Daredevil go after the Kingpin]  Good luck, son.

  • Father Everett : [from the Director's Cut, Matt is sitting alone in the church]  You know the great strength of the church? Its sense of community.

    Matt Murdock : Morning, Father.

    Father Everett : Good morning. This may come as a surprise to you Matthew, but we are open on Sunday.

    Matt Murdock : I like the quiet.

    Father Everett : I don't think so, son, I think you like the solitude.


    Father Everett : And you find it in here, do you?

    Matt Murdock : Sometimes. Sometimes not.

    Father Everett : You don't have to go it alone. My confessional is open to you all the time. There's no keeping secrets from God, son. I tell you Matthew, spend thirty years in one of those boxes, and there's nothing I haven't heard.

    Matt Murdock : Well, let's keep it that way.

  • [Father Everett finds Daredevil, badly wounded, in the church; Bullseye enters in pursuit and sends a throwing star into the wall above the Father's head] 

    Bullseye : The first one's a warning... padre.

    Daredevil : Is there a back door out of here?

    Father Everett : Yes.

    Daredevil : Take it!

    Father Everett : What about you?

    Daredevil : I'm gonna finish this.

    Father Everett : You can't fight like this, son!

    Daredevil : Have faith, Father. Isn't that right?

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