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Jon Favreau: Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson



  • Matt Murdock : Her name's Elektra Natchios.

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Well, she sounds like a Mexican appetizer.

    Matt Murdock : It's Greek, genius. Her father's Nikolas Natchios.

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : The billionaire?

    Matt Murdock : Yeah, see? Yes, the billionaire.

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Well, then, as your attorney in this matter I advise you to marry the woman immediately.

    Matt Murdock : I'll take it under consideration.

  • [Matt sniffs the air and turns his head] 

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : What? What? Where? Where, where?

    Matt Murdock : Front door. Not yet, soon.


    Matt Murdock : Now.

    [Elektra walks in] 

    Matt Murdock : Tell me.

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : You want the truth?

    Matt Murdock : Absolutely.

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : She's hideous. I don't know if it's a fungus or some sort of congenital birth defect. But, as your attorney in this matter, I advise you to take no further action.

  • [Director's Cut only] 

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : I hate to bring it up again, but I spent 3,000 dollars on that seeing eye dog...

    Matt Murdock : I didn't ask you for the dog, I didn't want a dog!

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Can I tell you something else? Seeing eye dogs bond for life - yours ran away. What does that tell you about how emotionally available you are?

    [Matt laughs] 

  • Matt Murdock : What is your problem with our clients? We have good, honorable clients. Decent people. What's your idea of better? Define "better". Huh? What would be a "better" client?

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : "Better" means "rich and guilty", okay? Remember when they taught us in law school how to create a moral vacuum so that you can represent people who aren't all necessarily innocent?

    Matt Murdock : That was your best course, as I recall.

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Yeah, well, you don't have a moral vacuum, Matt. You are completely vacuumless.

  • Franklin "Foggy" Nelson : Your client, Mr. Lee - he made his first payment.

    Matt Murdock : Oh, that's great. You should be very happy.

    Franklin "Foggy" Nelson : Yeah, it's fantastic. He paid in fluke. Fluke is a fish, Matt. Did you know that? Because I sure as hell didn't.

    Matt Murdock : Mr. Lee is a good man, and he... doesn't have a lot of money, and he goes fishing on the weekends, so I guess that's...

    Franklin "Foggy" Nelson : Yeah, well, I go salsa dancing on the weekends, but I don't shake my ass to pay my phone bill, you know what I'm sayin'?

  • [Foggy is reading a New York tabloid to Daredevil at a restaurant] 

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Listen to this. Eyewitnesses say that Quesada was singled out by the demonic vigilante known as the Daredevil.

    Daredevil : I don't know why you read that trash.

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : I been hearing stories about this guy for years; there's gotta be something to it!

    Daredevil : Like the alligators in the sewers?

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : There are alligators in the sewers! Don't ride my ass about the alligators. I got a friend in Sanitation, okay? He's seen them.

  • Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Natchios owns the Grand Hotel. And Elektra's the reason you were invited to the ball.

    Matt Murdock : She's out of my league. I'd rather just end it before it starts.

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : That's gotta be some kind of record, Matt. You just completely bypassed the whole relationship phase. You went right into the breakup. Trying to save some time, huh?

  • Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : That place is gonna be crawling with people, rich people, people who pay their legal fees with money, not with fish, or with-with-with wheels of cheese, or with sports supplies! I'm gonna fill you in on a little secret, Matt. This doesn't look like a law office, okay? It looks like the set of goddamn "Sanford and Son". Every time I walk in, I'm waiting for Lamont to come down the stairs!

  • Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Look at me, Matt. I'm a 'Plus One'. Plus Ones don't get anywhere by themselves. They need somebody to bring them. That's why it's 'plus one'!

  • Karen Page : [to Murdock]  This just came by messenger. It's your invitation to the Black and White Ball at the Grand, plus one.

    [smiles expectantly] 

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Plus one? All right! Guess I gotta rent a tux!

  • Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Oh-oh-oh! Look at that! Wilson Fisk is in the hizzie! Come on, we might never get a chance like this again. Come on, let's go!

    [drags Murdock over to Fisk] 

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Mister Fisk? Mister Fisk, it's Franklin Nelson from Nelson and Murdock...

    Wesley Owen Welch : Excuse me. You want to talk to Mister Fisk, you make an appointment. Okay?

    Fisk : It's all right, Wesley... I know who you are. You're the blind lawyers from Hell's Kitchen.

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Actually, actually he's the blind one. I'm deaf.

    Fisk : [chuckles]  Give them a card, Wesley. I'm always on the lookout for new blood.

    Matt Murdock : I'm sorry, Mister Fisk, my partner's a little overzealous. We can't represent you.

    Fisk : Why's that?

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Yes, why IS that, Mister Murdock?

    Matt Murdock : Because we only handle clients who are innocent.

    Fisk : [laughs]  "Innocent", he says. That's pretty funny. You know, I've learned one thing in all my years in this business.

    Matt Murdock : What's that?

    Fisk : Nobody's innocent. Nobody. Have a great time at the party.

    [Fisk and Wesley walk off] 

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : I just... Matt, for one night I just wish, I just...

    [sees Elektra] 

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Matt, I just wish I could give you my eyes for one night.

  • Franklin Nelson : What happens to that lie detector of yours when it detects your own bullshit? It must really bury the needle, huh?

  • Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Do you or do you not concede that there are alligators in the sewers? Please answer the question.

  • Matt Murdock : Her name's Elektra Natchios.

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : She sounds like a Mexican appetizer.

  • Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : It's in black and white, how can you be a skeptic?

    Matt Murdock : If there's no eyewitnesses, I mean, you know, Bigfoot has eyewitnesses.

  • [from the Director's Cut] 

    Dante Jackson : Who are you?

    Matt Murdock : We're your attorneys. If you're innocent. So, are you? Innocent?

    Matt Murdock : Yeah.

    [Matt uses his senses to listen to Dante's heart beating] 

    Dante Jackson : Hell, yeah!

    Matt Murdock : I believe you.

    Dante Jackson : ...You do?

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : You do?

    Dante Jackson : You got yourself a defence.

    Dante Jackson : Thank you. Thank you, sir!

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