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Michael Clarke Duncan: Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin



  • Kingpin : Now how did you get past my security?

    Bullseye : Oh, you mean that guy?

    [points to dead man with pencils in his throat on floor] 

    Kingpin : Was that really necessary?

    Bullseye : Necessary? No. It was fun.

  • Bullseye : He... made me... miss.

    Kingpin : There's an old saying that too much pride can kill a man.

  • Kingpin : How do you kill a man without fear?

    Bullseye : By puttin' the fear in him.

  • Kingpin : It's a shame you came here wounded. I would've loved to fight you in your prime. They call you the Man Without Fear. If that's true, why are you afraid to show your face?

    [pulls off Daredevil's mask] 

    Kingpin : [laughter]  No, I don't believe this. No, no. The blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen?

  • [deleted scene] 

    Kingpin : Wesley, did you know that in ancient times they would cut the tongue out of their bodyguards their first day on the job? You think that's awful, don't you? You don't like that... I do.

    [kills his bodyguards] 

  • Kingpin : I don't understand.

    Daredevil : I'm not the bad guy.

  • Wesley Owen Welch : There's been a problem...

    Kingpin : Bullseye failed.

    Wesley Owen Welch : Correct.

    Kingpin : Send the guards home.

    Wesley Owen Welch : [confused]  But, sir...

    Kingpin : I was raised in the Bronx, Wesley. This is something you wouldn't understand.

  • Daredevil : You killed the only two people I ever loved. Why?

    Kingpin : Business. That's all it ever is, is business. I was working for Fallon at the time, your father was supposed to throw a fight. And your girl was in the wrong family at the wrong time. It's all business... and you've been in my business for too long!

  • Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Oh-oh-oh! Look at that! Wilson Fisk is in the hizzie! Come on, we might never get a chance like this again. Come on, let's go!

    [drags Murdock over to Fisk] 

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Mister Fisk? Mister Fisk, it's Franklin Nelson from Nelson and Murdock...

    Wesley Owen Welch : Excuse me. You want to talk to Mister Fisk, you make an appointment. Okay?

    Fisk : It's all right, Wesley... I know who you are. You're the blind lawyers from Hell's Kitchen.

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Actually, actually he's the blind one. I'm deaf.

    Fisk : [chuckles]  Give them a card, Wesley. I'm always on the lookout for new blood.

    Matt Murdock : I'm sorry, Mister Fisk, my partner's a little overzealous. We can't represent you.

    Fisk : Why's that?

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Yes, why IS that, Mister Murdock?

    Matt Murdock : Because we only handle clients who are innocent.

    Fisk : [laughs]  "Innocent", he says. That's pretty funny. You know, I've learned one thing in all my years in this business.

    Matt Murdock : What's that?

    Fisk : Nobody's innocent. Nobody. Have a great time at the party.

    [Fisk and Wesley walk off] 

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : I just... Matt, for one night I just wish, I just...

    [sees Elektra] 

    Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson : Matt, I just wish I could give you my eyes for one night.

  • Kingpin : Is there anything else?

    Bullseye : Yeah, I want a bloody costume.

  • [watching Elektra dance with Matt] 

    Fisk : I think she's happy. I haven't seen her smile like that since her mother was killed. Poor girl, right in front of her eyes.

    Nikolas Natchios : Why do you have to bring that up now?

    Fisk : History has a way of repeating itself.

    Nikolas Natchios : What are you saying?

    Fisk : Just saying goodbye, old friend. Just saying goodbye.

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