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great series
indianman11 December 2002
This was a great series especially the multiple red ranger episode. The story line was good and it had great action i am ready to see the new series and to see how they can bring these rangers back into action as they have done since power rangers in space when the blue turbo ranger got to shift into turbo one more time.
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Pretty Good
SimpsonsRock1110 November 2002
I really like Wild Force. Although my favorite PR series will always be the campy and stupid, but ultimately lovable Mighty Morphin Rangers and the hourlong drama-esque Time Force, Wild Force ranks up there with Space and Lost Galaxy. The characters and villains are very well developed and although the monsters are still stupid, they're much more interesting than the ones in MMPR, Zeo, or Turbo. I also think that the acting is really good here. Practically the entire cast is newcomers, and I think they do a good job. I hope to see them in other acting roles, especially Cole...he is very cute! All my friends think I'm insane for still watching the Rangers but oh well. I think it beats the pants off stuff like Jimmy Neutron or Rocket Power.
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(Round 2) Check it out
dtm66612 October 2002
It is rare that I make a second review on something I'll already reviewed. However, after having seen more of PRWF, I've had a change of heart concerning this series.

Of the episodes shown as I write this, the best ones happen to be the three crossover episodes, including two episodes with last year's Time Force group and the 10th Anniversary episode which has ten Red Rangers (each coming from a PR season) join forces to fight a common enemy. These episodes did comprised of little or no stock footage from the Sentai sources; all fight scenes were done by the American producers. To say the very least, the US-made fight scenes were very impressive and very well done. One has to wonder what a full American-made Power Rangers series would look like without any source sentai to rip off of.

The storyline is starting to improve and become more interesting. Then again, this is always the case with a PR series when it is reaching the end of its run.

I still can't stand CGI zords. I admittingly prefer grainy Japanese footage over the clean stuff, but this doesn't distract from the central product. Each year, the Power Rangers series make slight tweaks and improvements in their productions and have gone a long way from the early Mighty Morphin Power Rangers days where the show didn't take itself seriously. Ten years later, love it or hate it, the series has matured. Check the show out if you get the chance. You will be surprised.
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Give the Show a break for crying out loud!!!!
Kaine-216 October 2002
I've been reading some of the comments on ALL the PR series. And my main comment to some of you (mainly the ones that don't like the shows) is SHUT UP!!! Nobody said you had to watch the dang show for cryin' out freakin' loud! If you don't like the show fine. Simple answer . . . DON'T WATCH IT!! Easy enough?? Granted almost all the monsters are cheesy (it's a KID'S show for cryin' out loud!) but no one is forcing you to watch it are they? No one is twisting your arm and tying you to a chair are they?? Now then, now that I've said my peace. Personally, I like all the shows, some more than others, but . . . (like Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, and Wild Force). I'm not too keen on changing casts every year, but it keeps it interesting. I was slightly disappointed in the "Forever Red" episode, but the fight scenes more than made up for it. I don't know if Saban ever checks these comments, but, in case he does, Release a longer version of that episode to video, PLEASE!!! Preferably one that explains it a little more. To all the guys and gals that don't like the shows consider this . .. ALL of the Power Ranger shows are adapted from Japanese Sentai. The only way to stop Saban from making Power Rangers is to stop the Sentai, which is going to be impossible because it is so popular out there. Also, in regards to Sentai, which I would like to see some if it ever gets subtitled and released in America, consider that it has been running (with the 5-hero format) FOR 25+ YEARS!! THAT'S ANOTHER REASON WHY THE MONSTERS ARE SO CHEESY. I don't mean to diss Sentai (like I said, I would like to see some), but think about it for a second people! If Saban does read these comments, DON'T EVER STOP making the shows!!! I'm looking forward to the 11th (can we count that high???) season of Power Rangers entitled Power Ranger Ninja Storm. 11 seasons!! THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE!!! LONG LIVE POWER RANGERS AND HAIM SABAN!!!!!
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*** out of 4 stars
bclayton124 May 2003
Solidly entertaining (though a considerable notch below "Time Force") show that concerns a new team of Rangers picked by a ancient Princess to defend the Earth from ancient Org monsters. The show is bad in the first few episodes, but vastly improves when the Zenaku saga comes along.

The show is then boosted with a superb teamup with the cast from Time Force and a special 10th anniversary episode which marks all the past and present Red Rangers teaming up to save the world from the remains of the Machine Empire.

Besides all the high points, "Wild Force" is disappointingly panned by a lot of people, just because of the first few episodes. Once you get used to it, this is a entertaining little show that gets more fun as it progresses. Tight-pacing, decent acting by 3/4's of the cast (Volok, Guzman and Jeanmarie's acting sucks), and a somewhat solid storyline help moves things along.

Followed by "Power Rangers Ninja Storm."
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It's not time force, but it's still one of the better rangers shows
gohmifune6 October 2002
This is not the best PR show ever, but it would be 4th out of ten. Time Force being the best, then Lost Galaxy, and Lightspeed. The story is pretty good, characters are way better defined than they have been in the past, and you can see and apprecialte all the rangers as individuals as well as a whole. When going into this, I had just come off a Time Force high, and I kenw that no show could ever top that one, but this one comes close. The shinnign point is the lack of the original Gao Ranger footage. In comparison to the original MMPR, this one has come along way. As I am writting this WF is comming to the end of the season, and many plot twists, three crossover episodes( TF/Wf, and Forever Red), and an abundance of incredible and well done wire work later, I am enjoying this series and am looking forward to what will be an awesom finale.
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Another really good season and an epic conclusion to the Saban Era
Now, some of you are wondering, what does this title mean? Well, I just want to say that even though ABC Kids later owned Power Rangers Wild Force in Sept. 2002 before the season ended, this became the last Power Rangers season made by Saban before Disney did the last few episodes before they distributed Ninja Storm and ended their rights with RPM in 2009, resulted in a six year deal while Saban and Fox concluded their ten year deal from 1993-2002. Anyway, on to the review.

Power Rangers Wild Force did really blow me away and while it's not nearly as good as the first three seasons of Mighty Morphin' and Power Rangers In Space, which is still the best season in my opinion, it's another good season. Here are the list of the things that made it worth while I can get to the two problems.

THE STORY: It's very similar to Power Rangers Lost Galaxy with humans living with ancient animals on a fight between good and evil, but more jungle-themed. While it does patronize the "humans are evil" problem in one of the episodes, it makes up for it with some very complex characterization, some strong writing, and has an emotional resonance.

THE ACTING: Sadly this is one of the two problems with this show. It is that corny. It's not the characters. It's just that the dialog made it unbearable. I don't mean to rush to what I think about the acting, but that's all I have to say about it.

THE MUSIC/VISUALS: The music score is really excellent. It fits the jungle theme really well and does have some strong action writing. Also, the Wild Force theme song is just awesome. It's fast-paced, energetic, and has a rock beat to it, which the some of the previous theme songs in Power Rangers had. The scenery is beautiful; the look of the jungle command center is beautiful and has some decent CGI effects on the animal Zords.

THE CHARACTERS: Despite the corny acting, at least the characters are likable and they're developed really well. Elisa, Taylor, Max, Danny, and Merrick are really good and the villains are much better than I thought. Toxica and Jindrax, despite their silly moments, do have their sinister moments as they serve Master Org, who is by far one of the best Power Rangers villains since Lord Zedd. Then, there's Cole Evans, who is by far the second problem of the show. He does have his empathetic moments, but his hamminess really overshadows it, which makes him the weakest Red Ranger, sadly.

Before I end this review, there are some other stuff that I really need to mention. The two crossovers and the two-part finale "The End of the Power Rangers.

Power Rangers Wild Force VS Time Force (Reinforcements from the Future): This is another Power Rangers team-up done perfectly and it's certainly up there with "To The Tenth Power" from the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy/In Space crossover and an improvement over Trakeena's Revenge (which was also a good team-up, but suffered from it's lack of development for the Galaxy Rangers and not enough interactions between them). It managed to tie up loose ends left in Time Force, but not only that. It gives some time to make the two groups interact with each other. The pacing is brisk and never drags; the writing is exquisite and the action is just freaking awesome!

Forever Red: Another great team-up. Although the writing could've used a lot more work and the ending feeling anti-climatic, it makes up for it with some great interactions between the Red Wild Force ranger and the previous Red Rangers and some great action to make it stand out.

The End of the Power Rangers: Man, what an epic conclusion! It sets up the end of Wild Force perfectly. The pacing is well done, the writing is great, and some gives some development. Then, came the speech, which was an epic way for the Wild Force rangers to resolve their final battle against Master Org, showing that when humans and animals work together, good will prevail. And when the characters parted their ways after the end of their journey, it makes you teary-eyed as much as the destruction of the Megazords in Part 1.

Overall, Power Rangers Wild Force is another good season and an epic conclusion to the Saban-Era from the early 90s to the early 2000s. Recommended to those who haven't seen it yet.
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Power Rangers Wild Force is the best
jrrogers12 June 2003
Power Rangers Wild Force is the best season I ever saw. Ricardo Medina Jr, Jack Guzman, Jessica Rey, Alyson Kiperman, Phillip Jeanmarie, and Philip Andrew were the best Power Rangers. The best episode I liked was "The end of the Power Rangers parts 1 and 2". I also liked Power Rangers In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue. Tracy Lynn Cruz, Melody Perkins, Alison MacInnis, Sasha Williams are all hot actresses. Also I'm very upset that there won't be a Power Rangers Wild Force/Power Rangers Ninja Storm teamup.
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The best season ever
dc22225 September 2002
I think "Power Rangers: Wild Force" is THE best PR season ever. The first season was of course the original, but after watching it again it seems too dumbed down. Wild Force and also Time Force are a huge step forward from the first few seasons. Great cast, better stories. Overall entertaining show.
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A love-it or hate-it type show
dtm66613 August 2002
I kinda have mixed feelings about this one. There are some good things and bad things that leaves me wondering about this recent set of Rangers.

The most significant improvement is the fact that the Japanese footage has been cleaned up to the point where it blends nicely with the American footage. Sometimes it is often hard to tell which is which, although there are still the little differences.

The storylines are so-so. Although it is not up-to-par with "Time Force" or "In Space", it's not "Turbo" quality either. We'll see what the rest of the show has to offer.

My only complain is the CGI zords (the giant robots). They do not fit in a Power Rangers show and are more suited for a Transformers show. Also, even though the Japanese footage has been cleaned up, the visual effects now look somewhat weak. It could have been liked this before, but it's kinda sad now.

The final verdict is: watch it once and see if you like it. I watch it once in a while, but not enough to follow it. Chances are you'll like it or you'll hate it. It's worthwhile for a sample viewing at least.
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Not That Bad, Still Better Than Samurai
kiti225 July 2014
I Still Don't Understand why Any Power Rangers Fans Hated that Season? I Thought it was a Decent but OK Season along with Season 2 of MMPR, Turbo, Mystic Force, Jungle Fury and Megaforce

The Zords are Pretty Good because it was the First Season that Features CGI Zords The Rangers are Cool The Villains of Wild Force are Better than the Villains of Ninja Storm the Theme song was Great and the icing on the cake is this season has the best team up episodes of the franchise such as forever red the Finale was pretty epic

the problems of that season, the Acting was not that good, the first four episodes are weak and Let's Not talk about the whole Kit/Animus arc cause it's a Bit Boring and that kid actor is beyond awful!

but a lot of fans called wild force "one of the worst seasons ever made" but i think it's not that bad, well wild force is still better than samurai and ninja storm
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Good start of new PR show
bclayton110 February 2002
Warning: Spoilers
As being a Power Rangers fan, I watched the two-parter on Fox. As understanding the importance of Saban switching to a PR show to keep it fresh and exciting every year, I was pleased at this beginning for a new show.

An orphan named Cole (newcomer Richardo Medina Jr.) is chosen by his tribe to go and venture out into the undiscovered world, as he is the "Chosen One." Upon arriving in an unchartered land, which looks like the New York or California shoreline, he goes in search of the two people in a mysterious black and white photograph. Saving a lovable golden retriever from being destroyed, Cole has a nasty encounter with the two animal control officers, which turn out to be two villains, Jindrax and Toxina.

After a restless night, Cole is abducted by four young adults--Taylor, Matt, Alyssa, and Danny (Alyson Kiderman, Philip Jeanmarie, Jessica Rey and Jack Guzman)--and taken to a mysterious floating island. There, he meets a beautiful woman, Princess Shayla (Ann Marie Crouch), who turns out to be the mentor of the four people he was abducted by, who are the Wild Force Rangers. He learns that he is had been chosen to be the Red Lion Wild Force Ranger, leader of the Wild Force team.

I will step in to avoid any spoilers of the episodes, but as it goes, it seems to be a nicely constructed beginning to yet another Power Ranger saga. Keep your eyes on this one, as this seems to be a promising PR show. But you like the old episodes (Morphin, Zeo, Turbo, Space, Galaxy, Lightspeed and Time Force), ABC Family will start airing repeats this March.

But for all Power Rangers fans, this recent incarnation is worth a peek.
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Not as great as Time Force, but still another favorite one of mine!
kylemcdavid-2739914 June 2018
This season that followed the ever-so-awesome season of Time Force was bit of a couple levels down of awesomeness, but it still part of my Top 5 and I still do recommend this season. Let get into the Premise.

Over 3000 years ago, these ancient monsters known as "Orgs" have been extinct thanks to these legendary heroes that were known as the "Wild Force Rangers", but in 3000 years later in 2002, they rises again and continues to ruled the world with the help of their returned leader, Master Org. But eventually the Mentor Princess Shayla, who have been resting through-out all the years on the unknown island known as Animarium, contacted five people whose personalities matches that of the Rangers and their animal spirits, Cole, a kind-spirited young man with a passion for animals and was raised in the Amazon who came to the States to find his parents that he never met, Taylor, an strict Air Force pilot who went missing due to a plane about to clash but was saved by the Animarium, Max, an playful and goofy aspiring Bowler, Danny, a Strong but yet kind man with a passion for Flowers, and Alyssa, a caring and kind girl who is attending College. The five were chosen as the Rangers with Cole being the Red Lion Ranger, Taylor the Yellow Eagle Ranger, Max the Blue Shark Ranger, Danny the Black Bison Ranger, and Alyssa the White Tiger Ranger, together as Rangers, they helped take down Master Org and his entire army once and for all, but on their way they met another powerful Org, a wolf-like Duke Org named Zen Aku, who strangely have everything the Rangers have especially Zords, and even have a Heart, which all of our heroes by then knows that Orgs do not have a heart, but eventually they look into his background and learns that he use to be one of the original Wild Force Rangers named Merrick, but is under a curse, which means there supposed to be six Rangers, not five. Eventually our five heroes helps broke the Curse and finally met Merrick and welcomed him as a new member of the team. Merrick, however, tends to refuse but upon receiving his morpher back after all of those years being trapped in the Zen Aku's curse, becoming the "Lunar Wolf Ranger", he comes to help the Rangers at everytime there is a Org in town, and with six Rangers now, they all tries there hardest at stopping Master Org's biggest plan of World Domination.

Wild Force was a fun and interesting Season, interesting with some of the Characters and bunch of the Episodes. I'm going to begin talking about the Characters with Cole, a very interesting character as his arc is fascinating with searching his parents only to eventually find-out they were actually murdered in cold blood by no other than Master Org, who actually had an connection with his parents, a very somewhat disturbing one which I shall not get into due to this being Spoiler-free. Cole had a great personality of caring for others and a kind relationship with Animals as equal to that of Humans, the interesting nature of Cole that he like the Season version of Andros from "In Space" as due to him being someone who grown-up in the Amazon Jungle, knows nothing about what people do in a country like the United States, which makes him and Andros great characters as they're both learning characters which means they try their best to understand what certain things they never grown-up knowing, with Andros knowing nothing what they do on Earth due to him being a Alien, and Cole knowing nothing what they do in a first-world Country. Taylor was fascinating as she seems to be her own leader as after-all she is the first modern Ranger of the team, and had a mixed relationship with Cole with him being actually chosen by Princess Shayla as the Leader and seen certain parts of Leadership different then that of Taylor which leads to her being quite Jealous of him, a-lot like Eric and Wes which I'll get to that actually later-on in the review, but anyways Taylor eventually would accepts Cole as a Leader and renounced her original views on him. Max and Danny were two great characters, I'm putting them together as they are both common characters as they are the comic reliefs of the Season, and it no surprise that they're best friends. Max's comic moments is always him being the Kid of the group due to his playful attitude. Danny's comic moments are when he with Max and Alyssa just comes up quite hilarious. Max and Danny's motto is always the three words "Never Gives Up!" which is the season's theme, it all about Teamwork which is what Cole believes in when it coming to be a leader of a group. Alyssa wasn't much of a interesting character, just a college girl, that all she is to me. Merrick now is a-bit of a less interesting character as well, he just comes up being a watered-down version of Eric from Time Force, as he also an Reluctant team-member, but his evil counterpart, Zen Aku, is something I'll definitely get into. Before I can get to Aku as now I'm talking about the villains of the season, I think it'll makes sense to talk about the main one first, Master Org. He was a pretty creepy character, plus with a dark origin story which summed up more greatness to this guy, but like I said already, I won't get into the character's background, you have to check that out for yourself. After the episode we discovered who Master Org was and got beaten by Cole who destroyed his Org half, a new Master came around named "Mandilok" who is just a god-awful villain who I literally didn't care for and his episodes that just shows how much this character dreads I'll get to when I speak about the episodes, but when Master Orgs returns in 10 Episodes later, was awesome, especially how he went from being what he originally was which is being a Human to an actual Org, which shocks everyone, and eventually destroys the ever-so-worthless Mandilok, just epic. Zen Aku, his story arc is what makes up the best of the season, with the character of Zen Aku just an interesting awesome character, with stealing all of the Rangers' zords and having his own Megazord just like the Rangers just makes him an awesome villain, but yet let makes him and his arc more interesting is that he knows he not a full org as he does feels for others and even he actually destroys an Org which is a broken rule, he knows there something wrong, and him searching for his memories was nice to see, and with the Rangers being a-bit confused of discovering what Zen Aku been doing makes them feel something different about him which led to them to ultimately learns the truth about him. The other good episodes beside the 7-part long Zen Aku arc, are the crossovers in this season which are "Reinforcements from the Future" and "Forever Red". Reinforcements from the Future was the Time Force crossover which I got to say, is one of the best crossovers that this entire show ever presented, only second to "To the Tenth Power" from "Lost Galaxy", the Relationships in this particular crossover with our heroes from Time Force and that from Wild Force are fun to watch, especially that with Taylor and Eric which is something I said I was going to get into and here I am, their relationship was nice as it presented as a "Love-hate" one with Taylor being strict like always with Eric who in the beginning of the episode gives her a Speeding ticket and once him and Wes were fighting as Rangers against the Mut-Orgs who are the main antagonists of the crossover, and once the Wild Force Rangers came along for help and discovered who they are, Taylor recognizes Eric from earlier and hate it as he didn't seems to appreciate their back-up, that what makes these characters worked-out with together with them both despising others because of what they are with Personalities with Eric always being reluctant to fully joined the Time Force Team and Taylor always disliking the others with their beliefs of Friendship, especially Cole. As I promised from my Time Force review, I would continued talking about Ransik's story and now I am with this crossover, how he portray in this was once again done well by Action legend, Vernon Wells, and his story's continuation in this episode was perfect as he decide to fully renounced his evil ways and joined the Rangers' in their mission of stopping the Mut-Orgs, whose Ransik have a connection with about how he got his powers, and how his story ended was just amazing, the best way of ending a Sympathetic who they cleverly made him turned into a good guy. "Forever Red" is no doubt one of the most coolest episode in the entire series, it a shame they didn't bothered making it a Two-parter, but the episode contains all of the Red Rangers shown in the previous seasons along with Cole is just an awesome thing to watch and the episode is a-lot of fun seeing all of these Red Rangers even Cole. Other episodes in this season are good in their own ways, especially the first three which I absoultey loved. However the Episodes I can complain about are the episodes with the little kid Kite, just a terrible character and a stupid development, really, a kid who loves Kites and is named Kite, just dumb, and these were the Episodes that Mandilok was horribly memorable for. This was yet again, another season with a great Finale, "The End of the Power Rangers", just awesome with the most powerful appearance of Master Org or I should say, more badass then ever, and the Rangers' final fight scene which was set in the rain was just amazing, definitely in my top 5 favorite finales, just like this series being in my top 5 favorite seasons.

Over-all this Season was nearly great, it just doesn't have the vibe that Time Force with being a-lot serious, but still I do recommend this season to anyone who haven't see this season of Power Rangers or have but only a few episodes.
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Not that good but ok
lpeople23 June 2018
My favorite episodes were the cross over with time force and the red rangers unite and work together.
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Not the best
lpeople23 June 2018
The best episodes were when all the red rangers United and the cross over with time force. The rest were cheesy but ok.
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power rangers just got better
bradleygranz27 April 2018
Power rangers wild force was awesome show great fights good storyline i love power rangers
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It's not the best season of Power Rangers, but it's certainly not the worst.
Goldwaterproductions8 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The good: *Well developed characters *Good acting from most of the rangers *AWESOME costumes *AWESOME theme song *Memorable villains *Pretty interesting mythology *A very intriguing 6th ranger despite being poorly acted *Some great crossover episodes including the Time Force Power Rangers in one episode and EVERY SINGLE red ranger from every power rangers series from Mighty Morphin, to Alien Rangers, to Zeo, to Turbo, to In Space, to Lost Galaxy, to Lightspeed Rescue, to Time Force, and of course Wild Force in a 10th anniversary special.

The bad: *The mentor (Princess Sheila) is acted very poorly and very annoying (I know Power Rangers isn't known for it's acting, but seasons prior to this have had some really good acting (especially Time Force) *Merrick (the 6th ranger) is a really cool ranger, but his acting is wooden *The environmentalist message grates on my nerves and when the god of this mythology (in the form of a little boy) comes to complain to the rangers about how the Earth is being polluted, how mankind is evil for this, and when he takes away the rangers powers because they don't agree with him, that just came off REALLY fascist and really made me angry.

Overall the series does have some really high points to it, and some really, REALLY low lows. It's kind of a mixed bag for me, but the high points save it from being terrible.
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Kind of boring, but watchable
Tenchi645898 April 2007
Now that I'm able to see PR Wild Force again, I noticed a lot of disappointments in the series, but I'm not going to count out its good points.

Let's start with the bad so I can get them out of the way: at the start of the series, every battle seemed the same, the Time Force team-up was sort of out of sync, and a lot of the story arcs wore a bit long.

Now the good: Forever Red was one one of the best episodes anyone has ever seen, the change of finishing weapon was appreciated, and I liked the concept of having so many zords to work with... especially when so many at one time finish off the main villain.

The series itself wasn't painful to watch, but I only recommend it in small doses.

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great show but need a little work
altmc24 October 2002
the show is great, the plot is ok, the character is ok, the background of each rangers is ok, CGI is also ok and the story is also ok.

the show itself is great but face it who want to see new faces every year and after year but the same character never stay in the show for long. i guess the production want to keep the new faces to get the power rangers fans attention and so forth on.

all of the power rangers show is great and has a great story along with it, their zords is improvement and their history as well. i hope power rangers ninja storm will be better and hoping the character's will stay longer on the shows to teach us some matters and i am hoping that the production would bring " zordon " back to the show to boost their rating, i am hoping that they would bring " justin " the kid from turbo movie and the show back in the series as well in power rangers ninja storm. again that i am hoping.

i hope the abcfamily and disney will see this and hoping that they will think it over. plus i am hoping that they also will see the show of turbo power rangers about a kid name " justin " and how he learned and help about himself and his peers of the power rangers. i am also again that they will bring zordon back on the show and help the power rangers ninja storm to fight the new evil. let's see what the abcfamily and disney cooking up for us power rangers fans.

again this is just my opinion and my theory about zordon and justin, i am hoping that other fans of the power rangers will see this and hoping they will agree with it.
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A step back? Maybe. Too soon to tell.
Anus Individual 720 March 2002
Power Rangers has had an interesting history here in North America. Power Ranges is actually a Japanese series called "Sentai" or something. Saban just decided to take the costumes, action scenes, special effects and whatnot, and add English actors and their own plot. And, amazingly enough, they had a national phenomenon on their hands. But phenomenon can last only for so long. A show about five (then six) teens who put on flashy costumes, did some martial arts against rubbery monsters and used gigantic robots (Zords) to fight can only go so far. Not to mention the poor acting and pathetic plots. So Saban tried to add new Zords, change Rangers and villains, and make a movie. Still, that could only stir interest for three years. So Saban tried to change both zords and ranger costumes. Thus came "Power Rangers: Zeo" But little had changed. Saban then decided to get in the habit of changing ranger themes every season, in sync with the Japanese series. Thus, "Power Rangers: Turbo" came next, as did another bad movie. Interest was seriously waning. It seemed like Power Rangers had ran it's course. FINALLY, Saban got it's act together and made "Power Rangers: In Space", a season that didn't focus entirely on flashy moves, spiffy looking Zords, but on overall plot and development. Power Rangers was actually watchable by people other than mindless little children now. And it had an awesome season finale that wrapped everything in previous seasons up. Now, Saban would do precisely the same as Sentai and change cast, plot, ranger themes, zords and everything every new season. It might help to keep interest alive. So next came: "Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy" It wasn't quite as good as "In Space", but showed that Saban at least still knew what they were doing. However, a big step back was taken with "Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue", a season that went back to the needless flashiness and pointless crap of the first five seasons. I didn't bother watching most of it. But things looked bright again with "Power Rangers: Time Force", where the focus was actually on the overall character development that took place over the season, mainly between the dilemma of the Pink Ranger (Jen) slowly learning to soften up and falling in love with the ancestor of her fiance, and the Quantum Ranger's (Eric) development into a less solitary and spiteful character, as well as understanding that Wes (Red Ranger) never did look down on him. And Now... Power Rangers: Wild Force. Verdict? So far: Not good. It seems as though Saban is AGAIN returning to the habit of having the rangers do needless flashy things, such as poses, and adding new Zords every six seconds to try and make it interesting rather than use character and plot. And what plot there is seems to wrap up in one episode rather than be strewn out over the whole season. But, it is fairly early, so it may be too soon to judge. "In Space" had a rough start, so this one may turn out for the better. Let's hope so. If Power Rangers can maintain genuine interest, I wouldn't mind seeing it go on. Otherwise, let it die and see if we can get something better in it's place.
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Not so good, not so bad
wesjordao55717 February 2002
Well, let me see. "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" was good, "Power Rangers Zeo" was ok, "Power Rangers Turbo" sucked, "Power Rangers In Space" was great, "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy" was good, "Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue" was ok, and "Power Rangers Time Force" was the best (so far). The question is, can "Wild Force" be better? I think It could. The series just started, so I think it still has a chance. Usually, since "In Space" started, the show has gotten alot more better, some people don't think so just because they miss the old Rangers. I say, "who cares" it's time to move on. The old show had no plot. "Power Rangers In Space" and present has a plot. Now for those Power Rangers fans who thinks this sucks, just wait. The only Power Rangers series to get a great start was "In Space" and "Time Force" So give "Wild Force" time to get better.
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"Do you believe in Magic?!?!?!" No, I did not believe in magic!!!
xgray-038735 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers

Well, after a year of one incredibly awesome Power Rangers series in the Disney-era set in not-too-distant future, we finally return to the present-day where this time the protectors of Earth are now the protectors both worlds; the Mystic Realm and the city of Briarwood. Power Rangers Mystic Force, the 14th installment of the Power Rangers franchise and man, this was a very divisive series and I can totally see why. It's not really a Power Rangers series that is focused on the mythology of magical arts and mysticism. But, rather a fantasy kids' show that just happens to have Power Rangers in it. And, that's kind of very sad for most die-hard Power Rangers fans such as myself.


-The setting and background of the show is very reminiscent to more of the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons than it is on Harry Potter. -The characters of Xander, Chip, Claire, Phineas, Toby, and Leelee are very watchable. -Episodes such as "Strangers Within", the "Gatekeeper" and "Dark Wish" are by far some of the absolute best episodes that the show has to offer. -The Rangers' suits look pretty awesome and very flashy in their own ways.


-This is yet another "Red Ranger"-centric series. But, unfortunately...the character of Nick Russell is very bland, arrogant, and not that interesting at all. He's always the first to call it quits for no reason and he doesn't really do anything useful for his character arc. And is always acting like such a jerk to everybody around him who wants to be his friend. -The forced romance between Nick and Maddie was just completely pointless and didn't really amount to anything. -Udonna's character as a mentor is okay, but the fact that she just blew off everyone else just to chase after the ghost of her "dead" husband just really made me mad. Not to mentioned that she's always putting herself in peril and is constantly getting kidnapped all the time. -The show is also more focused on the side-prevalence characters and less on the main Mystic Rangers themselves. It's just like the Smurfs movies and the Michael Bay Transformers movies all over again. -The villains aren't really that interesting of characters and they are all completely wasted and terrible. -The theme song isn't really fitting for the tone and motif of this series. -The finale felt too rushed to reach towards a resolution what-so- ever.

If you're looking for a show that focuses more on the side characters and less on the main heroes, themselves or if you're a huge fanatic to Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings, you might actually like this series. But, if you're looking for an actual fantasy that focuses more on the actual aspects of magic and mysticism, but at the same time focus on the five main Power Rangers, themselves...you're not gonna get that with this season.

Overall, Power Rangers Mystic Force is not a very balanced season to me. It's got some good ideas, but it's lacking actual concentration on who should be the main focus characters.
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Complete Garbage!!
darkchick84321 June 2005
Okay I know Power Rangers is a "kids" show and the acting isn't suppose to be Oscar worthy or maybe it's the fact that I'm not a kid anymore so I noticed it.. but the actors of this series were completely awful.

They couldn't act their way out of a cardboard box.

I tried to give them a chance time after time but they disappointed. I can not see any reason anyone could sit through this series entertained.

The only episode worth watching is "Forever Red" that's when the Pros come back to show the newbie how it's done.

Any way, just skip this series and move on to Nija Storm.
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they should have stopped after the first one
cgaela14 September 2002
These Power Ranger shows get worse everytime. A couple seconds into watching this and I laughed because it was so corny and awful. Why do they even keep making them? They get more awful every time. The original was ok and the one after that was enough. The people should stop making these. They all have bad acting and the same storyline. One more time, stop making power ranger shows!
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